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May 2018
May can be a month of many improvements. It can also be a month of many challenges. The improvements come because you use the challenges to see what is not working and change it. May can actually be a great month for progress if your attitude is one of changing for the better. Otherwise it can feel like 'bummer karma', too stressful or even overwhelming in what comes at you. If you try to deal with everything that is occurring like its business-as-usual then it will be easy to get overwhelmed. May can be a month of many new and creative ideas but the ego, which doesn’t want change will throw forth ideas to try to normalize what’s happening. It especially wants to block the thoughts of God, which show the ego is unnecessary. The ego is full of bad ideas that can soon bring disaster. If chaos occurs for you, take some quiet time and invoke your own higher mind letting it choose for you so you can get back on track. Your higher mind is in charge of change. Your ego wants the status quo even if its bad.

There’s an ancient saying I made up a number of years ago. “You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up your independence.” Your hidden or not so hidden desire and choice for independence is the subconscious desire that keeps your mind split. The way the mind works is that whatever you fully want comes to you easily and naturally. But if you have other agendas or beliefs, which are part of the ego, it can take a very long time to achieve your goals if at all. To have what you want, it is necessary to let go of the dissociative independence of the ego, see what it is that you value more than your goal and relinquish it. Your trust, the power of your mind turned to the positive and your giving yourself fully to your goal moves you along toward your goal quickly. What you really want is partnership as it brings success and intimacy. Your ego wants you to covet what is outside so you don’t realize that your power, gifts and happiness are really inside you buried under your ego. Your ego wants you to get and to take what is outside you but this only leads to disillusionment and pain; it is your ego, which you have chosen to preside over your mind that wants scarcity. In this way you don’t realize that in God’s eyes you are the anointed one who has come to lead the way back to a world of partnership by your own happiness and good example. In scarcity the ego tries to make itself indispensable with schemes of 'getting and taking'. This attitude leads to disappointment, grievances and more self-concepts that separate us. It thus sets up barriers to receiving. If God is, as A Course in Miracles states, “That Which gives all to all,” then something in our receiving has gone 'haywire' and this is the ego’s machinations. Yet just as the ego seems to use you, you use it because you value separation in your desire for specialness.

We were created as light and spirit but through dissociation we keep our ego and our light apart. In the light all illusions fall away and if the dissociation that keeps the ego and the light separate were removed then the ego would dissolve. In the unconscious there are Great Wars that represent duality. The ego wants dichotomies because every conflict delays you and makes you afraid. These wars hide your mastery mind, which is profoundly peaceful and connected both to others and to Heaven. There are many Great Wars but the one most applicable this month is the Great War of Pleasure and Pain. If we were not dissociated everything would be pleasurable. Everything would be Heaven. The ego has promised to dissociate our pain for us but by dissociation it keeps the pain inside us eating away at us and using up vital energy to keep it at bay. This dissociation has also cut off love, joy and the gifts that could change everything for the better. The pain dissociated inside comes out later as problems, more pain and illness. As psychiatry, Psychology of Vision, Gestalt Therapy and A Course in Miracles state all of our pain is from the past. It is transference of the past to cover the joy of the eternal present and darkly color the future and our perception.

We can be 'graciously indebted' to everyone and for everything in our world as A Course in Miracles states because it is either showing us light or the darkness within us that has been projected outward and needs healing. The light brings joy and the darkness needs to be known before it can be healed. Where we find darkness in our world is where we have hidden darkness within ourselves. When we know what the darkness is we can heal it and as a result bring back greater wholeness. The more whole we are the more happy we are. Let us experience gratitude for whatever comes up in our life so we can enjoy everything as it is or if it’s negative through transformation to experience the miracle that hides behind it. Gracious indebtedness opens the door to love and self-love and when that occurs there is no problem or pain. The following are Words of Power that if stated with strong intention toward any negativity can transform it. If your experience of the event will begin to change within seven declarations unless you are secretly using the situation for some payoff. The following statements come from A Course in Miracles, which has the strongest Words of Power that I have found.

The first is:
“This need not be.”

 And the second is:
“I will not look there because I know these images are untrue.”
Our experience comes from the images of our mind and are merely beliefs that keep our mind split and in conflict. They are from the past and the past is over unless we keep it alive for some payoff.
May this month be a month where you come alive and are so much more happy.        
May you be graciously indebted to all and may your life be smooth, full of flow and ease.         
Make the most of May and have a wonderful month.

Chuck Spezzano
Kaneohe, Hawaii

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