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December 2018
Decembers are deep months in that unconscious issues seem to abound. This December is no different. The depth of issues and challenges that have been patterning our lives since September continues into December though hopefully by now we have learned to contend with this deep pattern through healing and our spiritual practice. If you have opportunities for healing by all means take them. It is not a time to hunker down in your bunker. This would only reinforce the idea that you are being attacked when in truth it is a projection of your own self-attack. The world is a mirror of your mind and you are getting to see old and ancient patterns surrounding you. This is so easily forgotten and when we forget it we become part of the conflict rather than using it for healing. At times like these, opportunities for becoming more whole and leaping forward in consciousness abound. Where we have had compensations to hide old pain and valuelessness these defenses tend to get ripped off. What is underneath are old losses, depressions and where we were in survival in this life that we haven’t as yet fully addressed and healed. Old feelings of abandonment and being an orphan emerge. The orphan is a family role we all played in order to try to save our families. It rarely if ever accomplished that. It was just like the martyr role, which led to all kinds of sacrifice, illness and abuse of every sort. We are now called to examine the hidden places in our mind that projected both abandonment and being unwanted. These experiences were our excuse to be independent and the subconscious shows that we emotionally abandoned them and didn’t want them. This was where our emotions of feeling abandonment and being unwanted began. It was our ego’s way of building itself and being independent.
Two of the powerful healing tools that can help us accelerate whatever we are going through in life is using spiritual healing and blessings when we recognize as the Buddha did that this world is a dream and an illusion. We can say Words of Power like, “This is an illusion. It is not real.” Or, “This is meaningless, it does not exist.” These words used with strong intention and asking Heaven’s help can peel back the onionskin of painful perception until we get to higher consciousness. We can repeat it time and again in the face of what we are experiencing until we become joyous. It is important to recognize that if how we feel at first seems to get worse as we do this exercise, the situation has unconscious or even collective roots. We only see or experience what we think of ourselves. Every character or situation in our lives is how we think of ourselves. We people our world with our past and sometimes our ancient past. Chronic problems today are showing deeply denied and defended ancient stubbornness, bad attitude and authority conflict. This is at the root of present misery, devastation and chronic illness. It is a level we all are called to heal so why not now? It is defended and denied and kept about many layers down in the mind. It is rarely apparent and many times fed by the dark astral. This is the toxic energy of our ancient ego that sometimes showed itself as demons, devils and dark gods. But really it was just our own negativity as we turned away from the light after “The Fall” into the dream of separation. Most people don’t want to even know about this area of the mind. It is full of dark nights of the soul that hide the light. It is an area of great rewards if we have awareness and rely on grace.
Another great healing tool is that of blessing. The alternative to blessing is judgment, the root of all of our suffering. Whatever we see outside ourselves that is negative is our beliefs about ourselves. It is our projection and it deserves to be blessed. Negative people around us show old or ancient beliefs about ourselves. We can bless them and ourselves. Negative situations reflect many people and dark self-concepts about ourselves. We can bless these situations and people over and over every time we think of them. The alternative is judgment, which is attack. Attack and judgment bring conflict and hides our guilt, our authority conflicts as well as the desire to be superior which throws us into a vicious circle of superiority-inferiority. Nothing and no one gets better without help and blessing creates flow for all; it makes a real difference for the one that helps and the one that is helped.
In the last month the negativity that was about to erupt as cataclysm has been transformed but as of this last edit the energy for catastrophes around the earth is still at about 56%. The more healing, facing our fears with love, trust and transformation the more this possibility dissolves until it can be completely relinquished. This is an issue of the collective unconscious and it is meant to the pivotal for the earth either positively or negatively. This may turn out to be a major event in our lives. It could be catastrophic or even cataclysmic but know as A Course in Miracles states that, “This need not be.” (These are more great Words of Power.) Catastrophe is not Heaven’s Will for us and we don’t want it consciously either. This could be a turning point for us and the earth either up or down. There may be lots of attack and anger leading up to this dip as we project out guilt and judgment instead of love or extending ourselves. What happens in December could be the defining point for the rest of our lives. Now is the time to muster our mind and receive Heaven’s grace and miracles to transform this dark possibility. This could be a time of dissolving hundreds of lifetimes of karma. We can use our manifesting ability for love, happiness, forgiveness and miracles. This is Heaven’s plan. Let it be ours. Let us join our mind with Christ, Buddha or Quan Yin and supersize our ability to heal, transform and bring miracles. Be a peacemaker and a time-saver. Let this be a time of ease and bonding. Let us forgive instead of hate. Hatred brings self-hatred. And what we send toward anyone we send toward everyone, ourselves included.
It is a big time and a big opportunity. Let us do the healing now that lessens any eruption or transforms it completely. Everything after the middle of December will be according to how well we dealt with the middle of the month. Everything will change after mid-December either for better or for worse. Let it be for the better.  
Do not get caught in old family roles of the hero, martyr, scapegoat, charmer or orphan. It won't help. Do not introject or try to swallow the pain. It is too big and we could lose you. Instead partner with Heaven and the people around you for a better way. Let us make the middle of December a nonevent as a result of our present healing, willingness to learn the lesson easily and courage to change. Let us not have the middle of December be a collective undoing in the world but instead let us rely on the Holy Spirit and the Tao for a spiritual undoing by our sincere request for help. The Tao is the Flow of the Universe unfolding back to Oneness. Let us let the river of it run through us for the sake of everyone we love. Buckle up. Let us have the big one be a little one and the little one be at best a hiccup. Heaven is counting on you. Your loved ones are counting on you. What is impossible for you is nothing for you and Heaven. Let this time be a natural ascension in consciousness.  
Forewarned is forearmed. One person who is that pure and that dedicated can make this month a nonevent for everyone. It is time to lay it all on the line and give it all not for dissociated independence and your ego but for love and what you came here for.
Bless. Forgive. Help. Manifest. Want the truth with all your heart. Put the power of your mind toward trust that we experienced the easiest of all possible births in December. Ask for miracles and manifest that you be the bringer of them. Know that you are not a body but that it is merely your learning vehicle in this video game of life meant to raise your consciousness until you realize that you are eternal, unlimited spirit. Turn your mind over to Heaven to be untwisted in every negative circumstance. Manifest every morning and night for the kind of day you want and the kind of December you want. Heaven is on our side. Let us be on Heaven’s side.
Since I wrote this first draft over half a month ago I have watched the healings occur one by one. With our stepping up and transformation the possibility for disaster has greatly reduced. My trust is going toward a peaceful December that is not quite but almost the beginning of a new era of peace. May December be full of blessings and joyful tidings. And may your self-love increase to 100% so you can share the joy and shed the sacrifice.    
Chuck Spezzano
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