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October 2018
The process for October may prove to be a busy one. If it is not busy on the outside it will still be busy on the inside. The key is to have islands of peace to rest, relax and unify our mind. We are called to learn how to “up the ante” or raise the bet in terms of consciousness. Our soul is asking if we can grow in spite of the demands around us, “Can you be peaceful now?” Life will be coming at us at a whole new level no matter what our path is. We are being asked to not just cope at a new stage but to shine as we learn how to reach deeper within ourselves and at the same time to let Heaven help us more. Where we are not at peace shows us an attachment to our ego and where we are called to heal.                      

Decisions will be made this month whether we are conscious that we are making them or not that set the tone for 2019. Let us be as aware as we can choose a transcendent 2019.

An important issue to consider in October is how much we are giving ourselves in everything we do. Any place there is difficulty or deadness in any experience demonstrates that we are not giving ourselves fully. Giving 100% time and time again opens a pathway to vision and creativity just as giving ourselves 100% time and again to our partner builds a loving relationship. Commitment brings ease, authenticity, freedom and truth. Giving ourselves completely is the key to partnership. Giving to take or trying to get are forms of greed and lead to distance or heartbreak in relationships.

Heaven is reaching down this month to provide gateways of initiation to higher consciousness. Also, there are stairways of transcendence for those who can see them. These openings are a great gift. The more willing we are, the more we see these possibilities that can change everything. They give us a higher perspective and a new goal for greater happiness.  

Many people experienced being stuck in the last few months. Many times we cannot solve a problem on the level it occurs but must seek the perspective of a higher level to solve the problem. In the last three months many of these answers are coming down from a spiritual level. To gain this perspective makes our life easier and simpler.

Some of the setbacks we experienced in the last month were set up by our own soul for ego annihilation. We are called to dismantle the walls that the ego has built through separation because it is not true. Joy awaits us if we do. The Voice for Heaven is another great gift that we are being asked to receive. The Voice has gifts, guidance and grace. It contains answers to problems we and others around us are experiencing. It opens doors of opportunity that we didn’t even know were there. It brings blessings and the flow that comes from our best self.

While the next two months may be quite strenuous there is a chance for many victories, new understandings and higher levels achieved. While October is not for the fainthearted we can't be stopped if we remember Heaven walks with us and will help us every step of the way. At the root of every problem there is fear but if we pay attention to Who walks with us the fear melts away and we can take step after step forward. We may be so caught up in the busyness of October that we miss the beauty of the light shining down through the clouds. Gifts like this will open our heart and inspire us.

A subset of themes going on in October is that of beauty and the feminine. This could bring grace to us if we are peaceful enough to allow, accept and appreciate it.

The key to a happy life is living our purpose – our special calling. While we aren’t special because we are all children of God our purpose is. We attempt to protect our ego specialness by all kinds of demands for attention, fights and deadness. Yet all of us have a special function that only we and Heaven together can bring about. These are besides the general purposes of happiness, being on a healing path and helping to save the world. All of these fulfill us.

The key to October is being able to take shortcuts with integrity. Without integrity we can win now but we will lose later and it will take much more time than we ever saved. Heaven will show us ways to save great amounts of time this month. We can learn what works to accomplish more with half the effort. This is the key to the next stage of our success. We can become less busy saving time and accomplishing more.

With every lesson, trial or challenge that we face, we can save the day, Heaven’s gift and love are also there to help us every step of the way. We are meant to learn ease and use our exquisite sensitivity not to demand attention and specialness but to birth through us new levels of gifts that unify our situation and the world.  

Give it all and be at peace. Where you are not at peace you are called to heal and dismantle your ego in favor of who you really are as light and love.    
Chuck Spezzano

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