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July 2018
July is meant to be a rosy month but there are many things that could distract you from its sweetness and fragrance as the month shows itself in gladness, celebration and joy. There are meant to be many pleasant experiences this month with gatherings of family and friends and a general relaxation from the stress. The biggest distraction of the month could easily be your idols of hard work. Nothing good ever comes from idols but instead there is pain, disillusionment and shattered dreams leading to grievances and strengthening the ‘panzer’ of your ego. So, drink in the conviviality, love and friendship because it will help sustain you in the autumn months to come when you may be truly busy doing the work you are called to do. From September on there is a whole new level of what you are called to accomplish and if you are not ready to go to a new level of success as well as a new level of spirituality in order to handle things from a higher perspective than stress can drag you down into overwhelm, exhaustion and illness. That would be silly when there is such a lovely month of restoration available ahead in July.

There is a natural tendency to complain about lack of support. Where you feel in sacrifice you want others to be in sacrifice to the same extent as you to support what you feel needs to get done. Your complaints show where you are being stingy and that you are the one who holds the gift of support and whatever else you are complaining about not receiving. Be aware that your idols of hard work, sacrifice and the deadness in your life all hide a place where you are seeking littleness and afraid of your greatness and what you came to contribute. This is never needed and you can relinquish all the traps for a better way.  
There may be a tendency this month to be supersensitive and “touchy” so that you withdraw and don’t want to connect. This is a misuse of your super-sensitivity which is meant to be a part of a unifying redemptive gift. If you find that you are dealing with an issue rather than a place of enjoyment, you can use Words of Power from A Course in Miracles, “There is no gain at all to me in this.” If this is repeated with strong intention it will take layer after layer of illusion off of whatever you are facing. What happens to you in your life comes from your beliefs and choices. You can dissolve old or new mistaken choices and at the same time melt away the beliefs the ego fortifies itself with.

There may be some crucial, even crisis, events this month where you are called to help out. It’s important to know that you don’t have to know what to do or even what to say. There will be guidance whenever you need it if you answer the call for help by following the inspiration.

Also, this month in opposition to the, “Don’t touch me energy,” there will be an upsurge in sexual energy that will provide fun, humor, intimacy, romance and healing. This is really a happy way to heal. Let this energy heal ego defenses and provide the love and intimacy we all wish for.
Anger and frustration this month is just a tantrum that is stopping your gifts and our success. Everyday welcome all the gifts, health and abundance God has for you. Enjoy yourself this month and let yourself be loved. July can be a month in which the adept and master in you grows bringing heartfelt compassion and community to whatever you face this month.
Chuck Spezzano
Kahaluu, Hawaii
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