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August 2018
August is a mixed bag of themes but the bag itself is meant to be one of abundance and opportunity. Some of the other patterns that are there to influence this month are soul lessons and the opportunity to learn them. These may begin with trauma but if you keep a healing attitude learning the lesson could be a game-changer in your life. Remember everything is for healing and once you remember that, you can simply turn whatever needs healing over to Heaven to be undone. Only attachments, guilt and self-attack would hinder Heaven to completely heal your issue so also turn them over completely to be undone.

At the deepest spiritual level we are called to learn that the body and all that can perish is really part of the illusionary dream of the world. It is not real and exists only on this level of illusion, which is simply meant to be a life-size video game for soul learning, healing and advancement. Who we really are cannot be harmed in any way. The ego uses trauma and violence to try to prove that we are a body and this is the only reality.

On a human level we are called to be grateful to all those around us. To love and savor our lives and what people have given us and who they are to us. And if they have acted out of lack of love we can be grateful that they have shown us self-concepts buried within us that are compensated for and projected. Only by knowing that these buried beliefs about ourselves are there can we forgive ourselves easily. And if we forgive another we are released and made innocent to the same extent. This is why A Course in Miracles uses these words of forgiveness when facing a loveless act, “I won't condemn myself for this.”   
There is an exercise to help you appreciate and enjoy all those around you. Simply take a minute and imagine this person is missing from your life. As you recognize how much your life is diminished you can enjoy them while you are together in the here and now. Love and appreciate the people around you as if there is no tomorrow.

Remember that if you are in the present all negativity, emotions and problems dissolve in peace and joy. You can always ask to be carried by your higher mind back to the present. When you are in the present moment the painful past dissolves as well as the fearful future. Make this request as many times as you need to in order to reach the bliss within. And if you get anchored enough in the present you can Awaken. Before you do you will experience once more the Garden of Eden that is Heaven on earth.

You can use this exercise to heal any negativity and to shed many walls of your ego. As you do so you become more essential and more whole and you thus become more peaceful, loving and joyful. Your happiness in life has to do with a few simple factors: how much you love, how much you give of yourself and how much you live your purpose. How happy are you? What’s missing in this regard of the elements that make you happy?

Remember that the world is the mirror of your mind. The subconscious mind shows that the movie of your life comes from your own self-concepts playing out before you as you want and choose them to. On this level nothing is by accident; it is all by design. It is all by our choice. The highest and happiest perspective with which to reflect on your life is a spiritual one. Otherwise a healing perspective helps you get to a spiritual perspective. If you realize that everything happens is for the best either in order to be happy or to show what needs healing then you naturally realize that the Tao and the Holy Spirit have the world well in hand. If you take responsibility (no guilt, please) you can turn everything over to Heaven for undoing. Let yourself be helped. Everything that occurs this month can make your life richer if you view it in the right way. It also helps to turn your mind over to the Holy Spirit whenever you face any challenge. When you wake up in the morning and just before you go to sleep it helps to remember to look for what needs healing, trust the unfolding and finally turn everything over to be undone. Give your mind over to the Holy Spirit and your ego and body over to Christ.  

This month there may be some surprising moments showing up of both romance and experiences of light that help you understand and see the way forward. If you are prepared and ready for them you can revel in the revelations.

There is still a retrograde going on in terms of what is unfolding in the world that comes from the collective unconscious. Since last year the collective has been flowing into our lives with its ancient emotions, unhealed patterns and challenges for us to heal.

Remember to welcome in Heaven’s gifts and abundance this month.
Remember the world you see comes from who you think you are. When you look at the world, it’s all you.  
Remember gratitude and enjoyment.
Remember to welcome and be ready for the light.
Remember how you treat others and what you wish on them is what you wish on yourself.
Remember in regard to others, if it’s not love, it’s a call for help.
Remember you are here to heal and become more happy and whole.
Remember you are not a body but an eternal spirit. You are God’s precious child.
Remember to value everyone in your life.
Remember to bless instead of judge if you want to be happy.
Remember to welcome in the flow of creativity this month because as much creativity as you have shows how much you are actually welcoming in.
Remember to turn everything over to the Tao and the Holy Spirit for undoing.
Chuck Spezzano
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