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Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Studio In Bloom!

Pictured: The SPCW Class Of Winter 2015 upon wrapping their Capstone studio project. Clockwise from left - Joshua Jones, John Campbell, Mike Kasper, Jayson Wynkoop, Dan Lehner, San Boyce, Jeanette Bournival. (Front and center is RVTV student programming assistant Alex Mesadieu. Not pictured is George Cerneskie.)

It's been a very busy kick-off to the sunny season here at Rogue Valley Community Television, with a record number of studio productions underway by both our newer producers and folks from the days when RVTV was situated on the third floor of the Hannon Library.

Speaking of those newer producers -- they have flooded our Studio Production Certification Workshop series the last two consecutive quarters, filling the class to capacity. Thanks to the flexibility afforded by the summer break at Southern Oregon University, our next round will be held on Wednesday evenings, starting on August 19 and continuing on September 2, 16 & 30. If you or someone you know would like to get into the swing of our bustling studio or even make a brand-new live or recorded show, please contact Charles as soon as possible to secure a seat in the class. Remember, you must take Studio Certification in order to crew studio shows!


Congratulations to the nine public access producers who have completed our two-part Intermediate Directing series this year, indicating their commitment to reaching that 'next level' of studio production quality. They are San Boyce, Rik Burns, John Campbell, Kayla Elrod, Dezra Guthrie, John Guthrie, Mike Kasper, Michael Rhoades & Gary Mark Roberts. These studio producers join Michael Ball, Dan Barklind, Wanda Borland, Britt Ivy, John Letz, Denise Ross, Bob Schropp, Peggy Siders, Dean Walker and David Wilson from 2013-14.

These nineteen producers are especially distinguished as they are the only ones eligible to take our growing Advanced Workshop menu of workshops -- the first three of which we have now scheduled:


Thursday, August 20th 6-8pm
Wednesday, August 26th 6-8pm

  • Dive in to the principles of compositing video layers.
  • Study examples of why you would matte objects into a set, versus using a purely digitally projected one.
  • Learn the tricks of separating lighting of your talent/studio space and the green screen
  • How to use the tolerance, smoothness and color sampling tools to fine-tune your image.
  • Exploration of the virtual set templates available and advice on set-up.
  • Integration of the Proc Amp and Crop tools for specialized virtual sets.

NOTICE: As previously announced in this newsletter, and as spelled out in the Community Access Policy, "Use of the Green Screen & Virtual set capabilities is only permitted under the direction of a producer who has completed the Advanced Workshop entitled 'Green Screen Fundamentals.'"


Monday, August 24th 6-8pm
Monday, August 31st 6-8pm

  • Look at the types of studio lights and their distinct uses.
  • Learn how the lighting appliances are put together and why.
  • Study the principles of focusing, angle and intensity.
  • Exploration of the use of color for mood, effect and color correction.
  • What a gobo is and how the textures affect composition.
  • How to make humans look human!
  • Demonstration of set-up and integration of the lighting grid
  • How the lighting panel works and what those 'do not touch' buttons do.


Tuesday, September 29th 6-8pm
Tuesday, October 6th 6-8pm

  • A look behind that TriCaster rack and get a hands-on demonstration of how all the studio equipment is hooked together.
  • Demonstration the use of and best practices advice for the "Aux Out" function of the TriCaster to feed any available video sources to the stand-up widescreen Samsung display.
  • A how-to walk-through with the Matrox scan converter system works to translate the feed from our studio-dedicated Mac ProBook laptop to the TriCaster system and how these sets of devices can be tied together so you can run your own Powerpoint set-up, display websites and even play streaming or recorded media from the host's chair.
  • Exploration of the benefits and pitfalls of using Skype and other video conferencing software, with an emphasis on maximizing quality and coaching your remote talent.

NOTICE: As previously announced in this newsletter, and as spelled out in the Community Access Policy"Use of the On-Set Display, the studio laptop, the scan convertor and associated equipment is only permitted under the direction of a producer who has completed the Advanced Workshop entitled 'On-Set Networking.'"

The cost for all Advanced Studio Workshops is $40, and we must emphasize that all workshops are subject to cancellation if there are fewer than three confirmed, pre-paid sign-ups at least 48 hours in advance. So register now!


Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive for these sequential workshops -- Production Design and Production Process -- team-taught by RVTV production coordinator Brandon Givens and public access coordinator Charles Douglas.

With that said, we have no plans to hold further rounds of Intermediate Directing in the next few months... but if you're feeling left out of the Advanced Workshop offerings, we are willing to schedule another set of these this summer. If we get three sign-ups for Intermediate Directing, an all-powerful SurveyMonkey poll will determine when the timing of these will roll out so that everyone can make them.

Please drop a line to Charles at or call (541) 552-6898 to get your space reserved.


Our ever-popular Field Production Certification Workshop series is filling up fast!

Taught primarily by RVTV mentor and uber-prolific producer David Bruce, the FPCW series 
will give you the basics on the principles of film & video, run through an introduction to the equipment on hand for public access producers and open the door for you to use our Public Access Edit Lab, which is seeing more and more use now that our upgraded Mac terminals offer the full range of Adobe Creative Suite software as well as Final Cut X & Premiere video editing software.

Participants will film and edit a final project for this workshop, either a Public Service Announcement (PSA) or short film between 2-5 minutes in duration. Remember, only Field-Certified Producers can check out equipment from RVTV! These workshops will be held on August 15, August 22, August 29 & September 12, all Saturdays from 12-2 p.m. in the DMC Classroom. Seating is limited due to the need for participants to check out gear for their projects and access the edit lab for, well, editing. Check out the website for details and come by the DMC to sign up.

- Charles


Our normal weekly equipment checkout time is on Tuesdays between 3:30-6:30 p.m. Producers are highly encouraged to reserve the equipment they need IN ADVANCE. To do so, please e-mail Charles Douglas at or call (541) 552-6898. Please turn in equipment during this time and notify us in advance of any time conflicts – do NOT leave equipment at the front desk, the back counter, or with anyone other than Charles, Brandon or Alexander.

Pictured: RVTV Public Access producer Rik Burns gets a shot of touring band 'RGB' in the RVTV Studio, with Gary Mark Roberts crewing in the background.
Photo by Charles Douglas.




LIVE: 6:30-7:30


Meditation, The Art Of Loving
Producer: Gokul Gokani
Director: Mike Kasper
Technical Director: Zachary Jee
Graphics Manager: Michael D. Fox
Audio Engineer: Joseph Kauth
Lighting Designer: David Wilson
Floor Manager: Amanda Hare
Camera Operator: Dan Lehner
Camera Operator: Gary Mark Roberts



Ramping Up Your English
Producer: David Wilson
Director: Denise Ross
Technical Director: Mike Kasper
Graphics Manager: Donna Anderson
Audio Engineer: Alex McGlasson
Lighting Designer: David Wilson
Camera Operator: Lisa La Pierre



Clowning Around
Producer: Michael D. Fox
Director: John Letz
Technical Director: Amanda Hare
Graphics Manager: Wanda Borland
Audio Engineer: Joseph Kauth
Lighting Designer: David Wilson
Floor Manager: Denise Ross
Camera Operator: Dan Lehner



Animals Matter
Producer: Wanda Borland
Director: Wanda Borland
Technical Director: TBA
Graphics Manager: John Letz
Audio Engineer: Dezra Guthrie
Lighting Designer: David Wilson
Floor Manager: Amanda Hare
Script Supervisor: TBA
Camera Operator: Carol Voisin
Camera Operator: John Guthrie
Camera Operator: TBA

Studio Production Times
for Summer Quarter 2015

REMINDER: All cancellations must be made with 7 (seven) days notice, at the peril of losing all production timeslots for this quarter and the next. Yes, we really mean it -- no exceptions aside from documented death in the family, serious illness or other actual emergency. A guest cancellation is not a valid reason -- have a Plan B in place! Cancellations must be made in e-mail format and followed up for confirmation with RVTV staff.
Fri. Aug. 7

Maureen Battistella - Southern Oregon History Show
Sat. Aug. 8


Jasmine Karcey - Southern Oregon News Network [ADULT]
Jasmine Karcey - Southern Oregon News Network [ADULT]
Jasmine Karcey - Southern Oregon News Network [ADULT]
Fri. Aug. 14

Maureen Battistella - Southern Oregon History Show

Sat. Aug. 15


Denise Ross - Tech Talk
Gokul Gokani - Cooking With Kumud
Mike Kasper - The Shakespeare I Love
Fri. Aug. 21


Maureen Battistella - Southern Oregon History Show

Sat. Aug. 22


Robert Ayres - Ashland Moments
Gary Roberts - Anything Goes
Mike Kasper - The Shakespeare I Love
Fri. Aug. 28
(LIVE at 6:30)


Michael Rhoades - Dr. Mike Live

Sat. Aug. 29


Denise Ross - Astrology, Symbolism & Myth
Michael D. Fox - Clowning Around
Alex Mesadieu - Rogue Valley Comedy [ADULT]
Sept. 4 & 5

Fri. Sept. 11
(LIVE at 6:30)


Wanda Borland - In Their Words

Sat. Sept. 12

Mike Kasper - The Shakespeare I Love
Nancy Bloom - Life Passages
Wanda Borland - A Focus On...
Fri. Sept. 18
(LIVE at 6:30)


Michael Rhoades - Dr. Mike Live

Sat. Sept. 19


David Wilson - Adventures In Education
Gokul Gokani - The Art & Awareness Of Happy Health
Therese Swenson - Tough Times
Fri. Sept. 25
(LIVE at 6:30)


Nancy Bloom - Life Passages

Sat. Sept. 26


Denise Ross - Astrology, Symbolism & Myth
Gary Mark Roberts - Anything Goes
John Campbell - The Shakespeare I Love

The next RVTV Studio Producers Quarterly Meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 9 at 7 p.m. at the DMC Classroom, where we will bid out studio production timeslots for October, November & December.



(This space is provided for local producers to ask for help with their field shoots, so long as the 'final product' is aired on RVTV Voices. Drop Charles a line if you would like to reach out to the 300+ e-mail subscribers -- as well as website-based readers -- to this newsletter.)

Hello fellow producers,

I am requesting volunteers to assist as camera operators for Saturday night video productions at the Medford First Church Of The Nazarene. The services run from 6-7 and are livestreamed and rebroadcast through RVTV. It's a pretty high end production and is live on livestream as well as projected on 2 jumbotron screens. I volunteer as one of their camera producers and cam operator. After some time on the cams we would be open to train you on the camera switcher. It is a data video unit and a lot easier to use than the TriCaster.

Please contact me at please if interested.

Thank you.

Bob Schropp


Above, the Ashland City Band with conductor Don Bieghler perform on a sunny afternoon at the Butler Bandshell in Lithia Park. A community institution since 1876, RVTV has been bringing City Band concerts to local viewers for 25 consecutive years! In partnership with the City of Ashland, it's the longest-running remote production going strong on Rogue Valley Community Television.

This year it's been thanks to public access volunteers 
David Wilson, Amanda Hare, Jim Falkenstein, Elijah Sanchez, Mike Kasper, Dan LehnerWanda Borland, Gianna Cammarotta, Gary Mark Roberts, Denise Ross, Kumud Gokani and Gokul Gokani that this show goes on.

We'll be out there in the expected-record heat this Thursday, July 30th for our final Band filming of the season if you'd like to join us!

Ashland City Band: July 23, 2015

Ashland City Band: July 16, 2015

Ashland City Band: July 2, 2015

Ashland City Band: June 25, 2015

Ashland City Band: June 18, 2015


Community Access Policy, Version 1.01

After a month-long public comment period, your Public Access Advisory Board met this spring for a second hearing on these proposed amendments to the Community Access Policy, and consequently recommended to RVTV Staff that they be adopted.

The RVTV Community Access Policy is now on version 1.01, as you can read on-line or by picking up a fresh copy at the DMC.

The Public Access Advisory Board is your voice in this process should you wish to provide any feedback on the Community Access Policy. Please contact PAAB Chair David Bruce or write to us on staff at RVTV with your suggestions.

Changes in Version 1.01

(new language is in italics, deleted language is crossed out)

Article IV, Section H is amended to read:
“…on the second Wednesday of the month proceeding a new quarter, a Studio Producers Meeting will be held which is open to any Studio-Certified producer…”

Article IV, Section C is amended to read:
"The high definition RVTV television production studio may only be utilized during designated public access production times by RVTV Studio Producers to make their local programs; likewise, studio production crews shall only consist of Studio-Certified producers and those pursuing certification. No persons are allowed to enter the Studio Production Control Room other than RVTV Staff, those specifically designated by RVTV Staff, and those Studio-Certified producers who are specified by the Crew Director on the Crew Sheet to engage in Control Room-related technical production activities during that specific production."
Section E is added to Article III to read:
“E. A professional and calm work environment must be maintained in the RVTV Studio. Any guests, observers or audience members invited to the studio to witness a production shall refrain from interfering with the production or distracting studio crewmembers. The studio proper and the area immediately outside the doors of the RVTV Studio and the Studio Production Control Room are a quiet area when the Record Light is activated and all persons (except for talent) must maintain conversations at whisper-level.”
Section M (and associated subsections) is added to Article IV to read:
“M. Studio Producers are permitted to produce content of an adult or mature nature, intended for scheduling on RVTV Voices during “safe harbor” hours, in the RVTV Studio so long as the Program Restrictions in Article V, Section B are strictly adhered to.
1. Studio Producers with a secured production timeslot must notify RVTV Staff in writing (printed or electronic) no less than one week in advance of their production that they will be creating one or more programs with Mature Content in the studio.
2. Due to the sensitive nature of producing such programming at the Digital Media Center, producers should expect RVTV Staff to ask them for specific details via a Production Plan as to the nature of the content; RVTV reserves the right to reject this Production Plan, either outright or pending further amendment.
3. RVTV Staff shall be responsible (via the RVTV Newsletter or by other means) to notify prospective Studio Crew and other community members that the scheduled studio production timeslot in question will produce Mature Content programming.

4. No persons under 18 years of age shall be admitted under any circumstance to the studio proper or the studio production control room during a Mature Content production; it is the responsibility of the producer in question to ensure compliance with this restriction.
5. Throughout the studio production timeslot with adult or mature content, the following sign shall be posted at all studio doors: WARNING: The current studio production has Limited Access due to Mature Content - Persons Age 18 & Over Only.”


Above, RVTV producers Amanda Hare, Wanda Borland, Alex Mesadieu and David Wilson run the control room during a live studio production of A Focus On.. featuring blues musicians Harpo De Roma and Dan Tiller of Rogue Rage Duo (which you can see here on-screen as well as in the reflection with floor manager Gary Mark Roberts). Every Friday evening this summer is once again a studio production time at the DMC, and every single one is reserved by a local producer!

A Focus On.. The Rogue Rage Duo - Set 1

A Focus On.. The Rogue Rage Duo - Set 2


Due to staffing issues at the DMC, we are asking producers to submit their field productions, promos and any other programs to Charles or Alex during these particular hours:

Tuesdays 3:30-6:30pm
Fridays 4-6pm
Saturdays 9am-6pm


This also applies to “walk-in consultations” – while we want to be open to inquires at all hours, the realities of limited staffing hours and increased operational demands make this a regrettable, but necessary request. If at all possible, make it a habit to call or preferably e-mail in advance to make an appointment. This will make for more efficient and successful outcomes for all concerned.

Please note that these program submission hours do not apply to any special appointments you’ve set up with RVTV staff – another incentive for pre-planned meetings – and your reservations to use the Public Access Edit Lab can be accomplished during any time of day that the lights are on at the DMC.


We’re just going to keep belaboring the point: Social media tools are a key way for you to get the word out about YOUR programs to build YOUR audience on the Internet, which is quickly becoming the most important mass media platform in the world.

Those are our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please, ‘like’ in the former case and ‘follow’ in the later one. If you don’t have accounts on either or both, take five minutes each and set them up; you don’t have to give out personal information if you don’t want to in the process.

We’re counting on you to help us get the word out about your programs!


Save money save the environment! Quit using plastic DVDs and get a re-usable thumbdrive to give us your program. You won’t have to pay for submitting local programs (a charge still applied on imports) and we’ll off-load your programs while you wait. It’s good for the Earth and good for your pocketbook, as well as saving RVTV staff a significant amount of time spent ripping DVDs.
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