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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pictured: Frederick Berger and Jeff Nichols sit down in the RVTV studio to discuss their work to provide outreach and assistance to the homeless and to veterans in our area.

The ranks of active studio producers continues to grow as the word spreads about the high definition equipment upgrades and new volunteer energy here at Rogue Valley Community Television.

Congratulations are due to Lisa La Pierre and Gary Roberts for completing their Studio Production Certification, joining Robert Ayres, Ginny AuerRik Burns and Jack Lanni from earlier this year.

Lisa & Gary's project, "Inside the Ashland Community Resource Center" focused on the ACRC and partner organizations and their work to help those community members most in need of assistance. It will premiere on RVTV Channel 15/182 this Wednesday at 4 p.m. and replay on Friday at 5:30 p.m. It's a great example of the public service demonstrated by many local residents -- as well as showcasing how RVTV can help local organizations get the word out and raise further support for these efforts.

If there's someone you know who would like to join in the fun and crew the Friday night live or Saturday recorded studio sessions, please make them aware of the final Studio Production Certification series of the year coming up this fall, starting on Oct. 10 -- visit for details.

The Gauntlet Is Thrown Down...

It's up to you to engage in skill-building to raise the quality of your production

Pictured: Wanda Borland, David Wilson and Chris Brass run cameras in the RVTV studio during the production of 'Southern Oregon Music.'
Photo by Charles Douglas.

We've had a busy summer of new media experiments in our studio and out in the field here at Rogue Valley Community Television. As our partners at Southern Oregon University have the summer term off, we've used this scheduling flexibility to allow for live productions every Friday night; likewise, we've used mid-week times for studio certification classes and special intensive study sessions with our studio Tricaster.

There's been a lot of interest expressed by producers in developing those 'next level' skills when it comes to using the 'on-set display' & Skype/Google Hangout capabilities, using virtual sets, designing custom graphics and more.

The challenge we present as RVTV staff to you, the producers, is to materialize this interest and help us develop and deploy intermediate and advanced skill-building workshops that reflect your interests and meet your production needs.


  • One of our Public Access Advisory Board members is a graphic design instructor at our local community college. Leslie Wilson has graciously offered to get the ball rolling by offering an introductory "Groovy Graphics for Television" pair of workshops focusing on Adobe Photoshop -- which is available for use by all field-certified producers in our Public Access Edit Lab.

    If you're new to making customized slate graphics, lower-thirds and logos, or if you're an experienced hand at Photoshop looking to sharpen your skills, we do hope you'll avail yourself of this opportunity to learn from a pro.

  • Additionally, RVTV Mentor and prolific field producer David Bruce (featured in "Take 3," the most recent episode of The Jeffersonian news magazine) is offering for the final time this year his 'Creative Process' trio of scriptwriting workshops -- see 'Beyond The Basics' below this article.
  • We'll also be offering up the follow-up to the basic Studio Certification that several new producers have graduated from over the past couple of months -- Intermediate Directing #1 (Production Design) will be offered on Thursday, October 2nd from 6-8pm, followed by Intermediate Directing #2 (Production Process) on Thursday, October 9th from 6-8pm.
  • Lastly, we'll be looking at November & December to cue up Advanced Studio Workshops (for which completion of Intermediate Directing is required) -- we'll once again offer On-Set Networking and we'll launch the new Green Screen Fundamentals!

It's quite an autumn lineup we have planned... but if you're up for the challenge, all of us at RVTV are revved up and ready to offer you the tools you need to raise your production quality and give your show that unique 'look' to set it apart.

Please don't wait to make your reservations for these workshops -- too few reservations will result in cancellations! Pre-pay to guarantee your seat in the class — just contact Charles at or (541) 552-6898. You're also welcome to drop by during Program Submission Hours if you have further questions or any suggestions on a class that you'd like to see us offer.

Beyond The Basics


By popular demand, the follow-up to our basic Field Production series will be coming to the DMC later this summer!

The Creative Process is a three-part series to help producers develop their documentary or short story with the intent of turning their concept into a video. While completion of the basic Field Production Certification series is recommended, The Creative Process is open to any resident of Southern Oregon – though space is limited to ten participants. The objective is for participants to complete a shooting script, storyboard or screenplay for later development -- the all-important 'pre-production' phase in the evolution of a program.

RVTV mentor David Bruce is both the teacher and the developer of the course materials for this series -- and after your survey results were counted, the workshops will be held on three consecutive Saturdays -- Sept. 13, Sept. 20 & Sept. 27 from 12-2pm.

Workshops will cost $40 each and pre-payment is highly recommended to secure your seat as this class is expected to fill up quickly - contact Charles at or (541) 552-6898.

WARNING - RVTV Workshops are subject to CANCELLATION if we do not have sufficient sign-ups 72 hours prior to the first session.


Our normal weekly equipment checkout time is on Wednesday between 3:30-6:30 p.m. Producers are highly encouraged to reserve the equipment they need IN ADVANCE. To do so, please e-mail Charles Douglas at or call (541) 552-6898. Please turn in equipment during this time and notify us in advance of any time conflicts – do NOT leave equipment at the front desk, the back counter, or with anyone other than Charles or Brandon.

Pictured: Robbie DaCosta in the RVTV studio.
Photo by Charles Douglas.



LIVE: 6:30-7:30


Constitutional Republic Now!
Producer: "Biome" Erickson
Director: Denise Ross
Graphics Manager: David Wilson
Floor Manager: Gary Roberts

Audio Engineer: Sean Gordon
Script Supervisor: Lisa La Pierre



Adventures In Education
Producer: John Letz
Director: Wanda Borland
Technical Director: Lisa La Pierre
Graphics Manager: Bob Schropp
Audio Engineer: TBA
Floor Manager: David Wilson
Camera Operator: TBA




Like, Wow!
Producer: Craig Comstock
Director: Denise Ross
Technical Director: Gary Roberts
Graphics Manager: John Letz
Stage Manager: Lisa La Pierre
Floor Manager: Wanda Borland
Camera Operator: David Wilson
Camera Operator: TBA




Media Blitz
Producer: Rik Burns
Director: David Wilson
Graphics Manager: Wanda Borland
Audio Engineer: Biome Erickson
Floor Manager: Shanda Hurst

Camera Operator: TBA

Studio Production Times
for Summer Quarter 2014

REMINDER: All cancellations must be made with 7 (seven) days notice, at the peril of losing all production timeslots for this quarter and the next. Yes, we really mean it -- no exceptions aside from documented death in the family, serious illness or other actual emergency. A guest cancellation is not a valid reason -- have a Plan B in place! Cancellations must be made in e-mail format and followed up for confirmation with RVTV staff.
Fri. Sep. 12

Nancy Bloom - Life Passages
Sat. Sep. 13


Oscar Rodriguez - Un Solo Camino
Rik Burns - Green Machine Television
Fri. Sep. 19

Michael Rhoades - Dr. Mike
Sat. Sep. 20


Oscar Rodriguez - Un Solo Camino
Bob Ayres - Worth Fighting For
Gokul Gokani - Art & Awareness of Happy Health
Fri. Sep. 26

Therese Swenson - Tough Times
Sat. Sep. 27


John Letz - Adventures In Education
Nancy Bloom - Life Passages
Gokul Gokani - Cooking With Kumud


Studio Producers Meeting Tomorrow!

The long and smoky summer isn't over yet here in the Rogue Valley, but it's already that time where we look ahead to fall and plan out our studio times for the remainder of 2014.

All studio-certified producers are invited to our Quarterly Studio Producers Meeting on Wednesday, September 3rd at 7pm in the DMC Classroom (Room 121). Producers must be present in order to bid for studio production timeslots in October, November & December.

We'll also be recognizing our top studio volunteers from the three-month period ending this weekend, including a special prize, The Awesome Award, for the studio producer who has given of themselves the most to support the creative endeavors of others. The winner, and the other Top Five producers, are given first preference in the selection of their production times -- an important part of the 'Producers Helping Producers' ethos that keeps our all-volunteer community access studio shows up and running.

There will be other updates from the world of RVTV and you'll also have the chance to sign up for a new round of Intermediate Directing and advanced production workshops -- and given the trend so far this year, we'll wrap it all up within an hour. See you on the 3rd!


We have ONE LAST studio timeslot open this quarter -- on Saturday, September 12th from Noon to 3pm.

Any studio-certified producer is eligible to bid for this production timeslot, first come, first served. We only ask that you follow through on producing your program if you reserve this time!

Drop Charles a line at if you're interested.

Above, 'Dr. Mike' producer and host Michael Rhoades provides his expert advice to a local resident via live video chat during his live RVTV studio show earlier this summer. Michael, who holds workshops to help people deal with stress & anxiety, has hosted his live call-in (or Google Hangout-in) program on Channel 15/182 on the third Friday of the month for the last six months, and plans to do so again on Sept. 19.

Dr. Mike: Where Our Frames Come From - Episode 8

Dr. Mike: Where Our Frames Come From - Episode 9

Production Support Request From Local Producer...

Producers and help needed to video a public forum at the Higher Education Center October 8 evening where local candidates for county commissioner and state senate will discuss their perspectives on global warming and their intended office in the Rogue Valley.  Ideally, I'd like a three camera shoot plus some lights, so as many as three people, but less would work.   We intend to put the resulting video on RVTV and use it in SOCAN (Southern Oregon Climate Action Now) and Rogue Climate libraries.  Please contact Brad Carrier, (RVTV Producer 0004) at (541) 482-3432 or e-mail to help out. 

Editor's note: You're welcome to put announcements like these in the newsletter too for any non-commercial video production intended for the RVTV audience -- just e-mail your 3-4 sentence statement, with contact info, to Charles at


Due to staffing issues at the DMC, we are asking producers to submit their field productions, promos and any other programs to Brandon or Charles during these particular hours:

Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm
Wednesdays 3:30-6:30pm
Fridays 5-8pm
Saturdays 9am-6pm

This also applies to “walk-in consultations” – while we want to be open to inquires at all hours, the realities of limited staffing hours and increased operational demands make this a regrettable, but necessary request. If at all possible, make it a habit to call or preferably e-mail in advance to make an appointment. This will hopefully make for more efficient and successful outcomes for all concerned.

Please note that these program submission hours do not apply to any special appointments you’ve set up with RVTV staff – another incentive for pre-planned meetings – and your reservations to use the Public Access Edit Lab can be accomplished during any time of day that the lights are on at the DMC.


Save money save the environment! Quit using plastic DVDs and get a re-usable thumbdrive to give us your program. You won’t have to pay for submitting local programs (a charge still applied on imports) and we’ll off-load your programs while you wait. It’s good for the Earth and good for your pocketbook, as well as saving RVTV staff a significant amount of time spent ripping DVDs.


Due to budgetary issues (which are beyond our immediate control), RVTV must announce with immediate effect that we will not supply either SD cards for our Panasonic HD cameras or mini-DV tapes for our Canon Vixia HD cameras & our other standard definition cameras.

SD Cards are available at the SOU Bookstore as well as at many reputable vendors in local storefronts as well as at Internet-based outlets. Tapes are not available at the Bookstore but are also available at a variety of brick-and-mortar and virtual stores.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes…but on the bright side, this means you can retain your own recording media for future use!


We’re just going to keep belaboring the point: Social media tools are a key way for you to get the word out about YOUR programs to build YOUR audience on the Internet, which is quickly becoming the most important mass media platform in the world.

Those are our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please, ‘like’ in the former case and ‘follow’ in the later one. If you don’t have accounts on either or both, take five minutes each and set them up; you don’t have to give out personal information if you don’t want to in the process.

We’re counting on you to help us get the word out about your programs!
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