First producers meeting of 2016 tomorrow night!
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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


It's time to put your chips on the table and raise production values for your programs in 2016.

As a "Word To The Wise Is Sufficient" -- our staff of professional television producers (with literally thousands of hours of production time in the can) are willing to share their industry secrets with local producers, but it's up to you to step forward and sign up.

Please remember that classes are subject to cancellation for low enrollment -- we must have three registered participants at least 48 hours in advance to hold any workshop, or it WILL be rescheduled or outright cancelled. 

We've heard from producers who said they had intended to take a course, only to find out late in the game that it had been cancelled. RVTV Staff take your feedback seriously and we are developing a Producer Portal to share this information with you on-line (details of which will be released at tomorrow's Producer Meeting).

With that said, we need you to take our feedback seriously as well: RVTV cannot hold classes based on wishful thinking. We need folks to register for a class in order for us to hold said class in order for you to be able to take said class. Period.


scheduling TBA...

This two part workshop is designed as the immediate follow-up to our basic Studio Certification process, not only for those producers who also wish to Direct, but for any producer who wants to up their game and learn advanced techniques to 'win the game before ever stepping onto the field.'

Production Design covers topics such as: Team building, coordination, pre-production elements, art direction, set design, plan for sound, plan for graphics, music selection. “The accompaniment parts.” Good practices. Planning to tell the story visually & with audio. Packaging and wrapping. Crew communication. Art & Sets, Camera & lights, Sound & Music, and Fonts/Colors/Graphics all coordinated.

Production Process covers topics such as: Developing the plan with your team, clear communication, shot progression, keeping it dynamic, moving the camera, where you would move it and why. Intercutting and transitions, using the rules to maximum effect. Speed & pacing, anticipating the conversation, increasing your rate of cutting. Talking fast & multitasking. Communicating with your on-set crew, differentiating this from communicating with your control room crew. Comparison of coordinated elements in action vs. divergent elements.

Completion of Intermediate Directing is required to take any Advanced Studio Workshop.


Monday, March 28th, 6-8pm

Monday, April 4th, 6-8pm

  • Develop your skills in safe and sane use of rigging in studio grip work.
  • Understand what is necessary vs. overkill in construction your audio plan.
  • Learn about Diegetic and Non Diegetic Audio and understand the uses of each in sound design.
  • Explore how you would best deploy microphones for more complicated studio set-ups (two sets, live audience, teleplay/theater, live music).
  • Share best practices for a clean and well-running physical studio environment.

NOTICE: As this is the first time this workshop is being offered, we are offering a discounted price of $20 to enroll. As this is an Intermediate-level course, only Basic Studio Certification is required.


Tuesday, March 15th, 6-8pm

Tuesday, March 29th, 6-8pm

  • Dive in to the principles of compositing video layers.
  • Study examples of why you would matte objects into a set, versus using a purely digitally projected one.
  • Learn the tricks of separating lighting of your talent/studio space and the green screen
  • How to use the tolerance, smoothness and color sampling tools to fine-tune your image.
  • Exploration of the virtual set templates available and advice on set-up.
  • Integration of the Proc Amp and Crop tools for specialized virtual sets.


Thursday, April 7th, 6-8pm
Thursday, April 14th, 6-8pm

  • A look behind that TriCaster rack and get a hands-on demonstration of how all the studio equipment is hooked together.
  • Demonstration the use of and best practices advice for the "Aux Out" function of the TriCaster to feed any available video sources to the stand-up widescreen Samsung display.
  • A how-to walk-through with the Matrox scan converter system works to translate the feed from our studio-dedicated Mac ProBook laptop to the TriCaster system and how these sets of devices can be tied together so you can run your own Powerpoint set-up, display websites and even play streaming or recorded media from the host's chair.
  • Exploration of the benefits and pitfalls of using Skype and other video conferencing software, with an emphasis on maximizing quality and coaching your remote talent.

NOTICE: As previously announced in this newsletter, and as spelled out in the Community Access Policy"Use of the On-Set Display, the studio laptop, the scan convertor and associated equipment is only permitted under the direction of a producer who has completed the Advanced Workshop entitled 'On-Set Networking.'"


scheduling TBA...

  • Look at the types of studio lights and their distinct uses.
  • Learn how the lighting appliances are put together and why.
  • Study the principles of focusing, angle and intensity.
  • Exploration of the use of color for mood, effect and color correction.
  • What a gobo is and how the textures affect composition.
  • How to make humans look human!
  • Demonstration of set-up and integration of the lighting grid
  • How the lighting panel works and what those 'do not touch' buttons do.

The cost is $40 for any advanced workshop, and once enrolled, you can re-take them as many times as you like. We do require three advance sign-ups to hold these courses or they are subject to cancellation. To register, contact Charles at or (541) 552-6898.



Our normal weekly equipment checkout time is on Tuesdays between 3:30-6:30 p.m. Producers are highly encouraged to reserve the equipment they need IN ADVANCE. To do so, please e-mail Charles Douglas at or call (541) 552-6898. Please turn in equipment during this time and notify us in advance of any time conflicts – do NOT leave equipment at the front desk, the back counter, or with anyone other than Charles, Brandon or Eli.

Pictured: RVTV Public Access producer Rik Burns gets a shot of touring band 'RGB' in the RVTV Studio, with Gary Mark Roberts crewing in the background.
Photo by Charles Douglas.



LIVE: 6:30-7:30


Jewish Voices For Peace
Producer: Andrew Reilly
Director: TBA
Graphics Manager: TBA
Audio Engineer: TBA
Floor Manager: TBA
Camera Operator: TBA




Adventures In Education
Producer: John Letz
Director: Denise Ross
Graphics Manager: Wanda Borland
Audio Engineer: Alex McGlasson
Lighting Designer: David Wilson
Floor Manager: Michael Rhoades
Camera Operator: TBA



Higher Ground
Producer: Joshua Jones
Director: Wanda Borland
Graphics Manager: John Letz
Audio Engineer: TBA
Lighting Designer: David Wilson
Floor Manager: TBA
Camera Operator: TBA



Girl Talk
Producer: Regina Ayars
Director: Wanda Borland
Graphics Manager: John Letz
Audio Engineer: TBA
Lighting Designer: David Wilson
Floor Manager: TBA
Camera Operator: TBA


Studio Production Times
for Winter Quarter 2016

REMINDER: All cancellations must be made with 7 (seven) days notice, at the peril of losing all production timeslots for this quarter and the next. Yes, we really mean it -- no exceptions aside from documented death in the family, serious illness or other actual emergency. A guest cancellation is not a valid reason -- have a Plan B in place! Cancellations must be made in e-mail format and followed up for confirmation with RVTV staff.
Fri. Mar. 18
(LIVE at 6:30)


Michael Rhoades - Dr. Mike

Sat. Mar. 19


John Letz - Adventures In Education
Mike Kasper - The Poet's Eye
Fri. Mar. 25
(LIVE at 6:30)



Sat. Mar. 26


Aubry Hollingshead - Puppeteers For Fears
Steve Dreben - In Their Words
Wanda Borland - A Focus On...

The next RVTV Studio Producers Quarterly Meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 9 at 7 p.m. at the DMC Classroom, where we will bid out studio production timeslots for April, May and June.



All RVTV Producers in good standing are invited to join us for our first Quarterly Producers Meeting of 2016 on Wednesday, March 9 at 7 p.m. in the Digital Media Center Classroom (Room 121).

In addition to updates on developments at Rogue Valley Community Television, a report from the Public Access Advisory Council and an appearance from a surprise guest, we will be handing out our Awesome Award to the top studio volunteer for the most recent three months of public access productions.

As always, our modified lottery draft pick system will round out the meeting where Studio Certified Producers will bid for production timeslots in Spring Quarter (April, May & June).

See you tomorrow night at the DMC!


The following studio production timeslots are currently open and available to any Studio-Certified producer in good standing:

Saturday, March 20th, 12-3 p.m.
Friday, March 26th, 5-8 p.m. (LIVE at 6:30)

These are the only available times in the RVTV studio for the remainder of Winter Quarter 2016, and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contact Charles Douglas at to make your reservation.


(This space is provided for members of the PAAC -- or one of its committees -- to share information with the RVTV producer community.)

Hello RVTV Producers,

Some of you may have heard about the RVTV Awards Ceremony 2017 event that is being spearheaded by Alex McGlasson.  

We are forming a planning committee and would like to know if you would like to be on it.  

If there is space available on the evening of Wednesday, March 16, 2016, we'd like to hold our first planning committee meeting at the DMC, 7pm.  

[Editor's note: The DMC Classroom has been set aside for this meeting to take place.]

Please email me and let me know if you can make it, or let me know if you'd like more information.

Thank you,

Wanda Borland

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow...


RVTV has been going strong for 25 years and, like any other network, there have been many unique programs as well as series which have come and gone over the years – a process of creative destruction that matches the evolving passions of our producer community as well as the tastes and interests of the greater community.

In that same time there have been steady upgrades in the media technology standards, both in the wider world and even here at our humble community access operation. From VHS tapes to Super VHS to DVD to digital files, the march of progress has steadily allowed for greater audio & video quality, for more reliable program scheduling and for reduced staff costs given the increasingly foolproof automation of tasks – the nightmare of spending hours a day stacking tapes or arranging DVD carousels is thankfully behind us!

Upon recommendation of your Public Access Advisory Council, RVTV staff in early 2013 eliminated the submission fee for submission of local origination content – which is what our RVTV Voices channel is primarily here to provide – so long as it is provided in a digital format. For the most part, this has been a smooth transition, with 100% of studio productions and well over 80% of field productions in the first year coming in to us in digital – in 2015, we’ve received no more than a dozen DVD submissions and zero in VHS or other formats.

With the digital transmission upgrade and HD streaming standard nearly upon us, the Advisory Council met last fall to review the fee structure given the October 15, 2015 sunset on acceptance of standard definition content. They recommended, and staff now announces, that local submissions will continue to be free to RVTV, so long as they continue to be in digital format (MPEG-2 or MOV files) -- and that they also must be in High Definition (720p minimum).

Any Standard Definition content previously in circulation on RVTV Voices is no longer being aired as of 2016, and any future SD content submitted will have to undergo an up-conversion process as substandard file formats simply will not work in the new programming sever configuration. This up-conversion process is one which will tie up scarce computing resources and staff time, which is why the PAAC recommended and staff have authorized the imposition of a $25 fee per local program ($30 per imported program) undergoing this ‘extra work’ by staff.

As your author was well aware that these changes were on the horizon, the ‘spring cleaning’ of our older programming and non-current series – announced over six months ago – was belayed by RVTV staff as this SD-to-HD conversion process will automatically create much the same result.

Whether automatic due to technological upgrades or as a matter of dutifully enforcing Community Access Policy provisions, staff is well aware that we may be saying goodbye to a number of long-standing series

If you have questions, concerns or just want to find out more, please inquire with DMC staff.

- Charles


Above, Southern Oregon News Network reporter Aspen Arrow (aka Angela Mackay) sits in as guest host for the latest Studio Production Certification Workshop Class Project, which this quarter featured the work of Bill Jennet and the Jackson County Fuel Committee as they address poverty in our community and the need to stay warm in the winter. Tune in to RVTV Voices on Friday at 5pm for the television premiere, with replays Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 11pm.

SPCW Class Project: Jackson County Fuel Committee


Due to limited staffing at the DMC, we are asking producers to submit their field productions, promos and any other programs to Charles or Alex during these particular hours:

Tuesdays 3:30-6:30pm
Fridays 4-6pm
Saturdays 9am-6pm


This also applies to “walk-in consultations” – while we want to be open to inquires at all hours, the realities of limited staffing hours and increased operational demands make this a regrettable, but necessary request. If at all possible, make it a habit to call or preferably e-mail in advance to make an appointment. This will make for more efficient and successful outcomes for all concerned.

Please note that these program submission hours do not apply to any special appointments you’ve set up with RVTV staff – another incentive for pre-planned meetings – and your reservations to use the Public Access Edit Lab can be accomplished during any time of day that the lights are on at the DMC.


We’re just going to keep belaboring the point: Social media tools are a key way for you to get the word out about YOUR programs to build YOUR audience on the Internet, which is quickly becoming the most important mass media platform in the world.

Those are our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please, ‘like’ in the former case and ‘follow’ in the later one. If you don’t have accounts on either or both, take five minutes each and set them up; you don’t have to give out personal information if you don’t want to in the process.

We’re counting on you to help us get the word out about your programs!
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