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1 - Analysing how the spread of religious ideas actually moved along... from Horus to Dionysus in Greece, and then onto the whole Mediterranean - leading to the syncretisation of Christianity!

Frank Pio Russo - January 15, 2019.

There is an incredible similarity, not only between the very ancient Egyptian Horus and Jesus, but also between all the ancient "God-men" and the mentioned Jesus! The dependence of the flow of ideas on what preceded them, makes it obvious that the argument advanced by the church Fathers - namely that it was a "diabolical case of anachronistic mimicry" - is total nonsense!

I guess one could say that just like humans supposedly moved out of "central" Africa, onto the rest of the world, likewise so did their religious ideas! Like we mentioned in an earlier discussion, there were at least 16 crucified saviours, according to Kersey Graves' book. Now the main thing to remember was that most of these if not all, were born on December the 25th. I guess the original story about Horus, Meri, and Osiris, might have been around for many thousands of years before our Christian era! It stands to reason because it is well known that the sphinx predates ancient Egypt by a large stretch!

Apparently before the so-called "global flood", there were a number of civilizations that were global! This simply because our seas were rather small and insignificant, at that stage of our planet's development! The latter becomes obvious, if one were to consider that the bulk of the water was then high up in the sky - in our thermosphere - rather than down here, in earth's seas, lakes and rivers.

One of these global civilizations that springs to mind from my past readings, is a race of negroid pigmies of some sort, with remains of these having been found all over the world. This was reason enough for one intellectual, to assume that some of these pre-diluvium people would have also been in Australia! And if the idea of the Australian Aborigines being responsible for very ancient drawings, might seem rather fatuous, in view of the fact that the latter had not constructed any houses not invented the wheel, well perhaps it might have been these "global" people that were responsible for them!

However, please allow me to make one attempt at rebutting some of these thoughts. It has quite often been said that "invention is the mother of necessity"! And to me this is very pertinent to the progression of Aboriginal culture! Simply put, this Australian land was so 'special' that one could really enjoy a "subsistent", "nomadic" existence ... moving from place to place... i.e. from one 'food locality' to 'another', with the land providing a constant smorgasbord for the natives! Hence because they never needed anything much... there was no driving necessity to invent new things. Yes! And as far as I'm concerned, we can observe this phenomenon in today's "rainbow lorikeets"! They move from one food source to another all throughout the year... (although I'm not really sure how well they fare in winter)... and they always seem to know when things are ripe for the picking!).

Well, let's get back to the spread of religious ideas from ancient Egypt to the rest of the world. The Greeks developed their own special version based on "Dionysus"... and the latter became known by many names in Greece... i.e. Zagreus, Yhyoheus, Lenaios, Eleuthereus, Iacchos, Bassarcus, Bromios, Euios, Sabazius ! This picture of a "messiah" character, also came to be known by many other names all over the Mediterranean, with each culture forming their own version!

Furthermore, even the festivities that were held to honour these so-called GOD-men, were very similar! And apparently it was Pythagoras, who helped a great deal in bringing the Egyptian Mysteries of Horus and Osirus to Greece, to become transformed into the Mysteries of Dionysus, which inspired the glory of classical Athens! (Whereas by contrast, Christianity brought the death of Rome, and the onset of the Dark Ages!).

Now what followed, is that the other cultures - (around the Mediterranean and nearby) - followed the Greek example and also transformed one of their indigenous deities into the dying and resurrecting "Mystery God-man"! Asia Minor developed the local "Attis", Syria developed "Adonis", Italy developed "Bacchus", Persia developed "Mithras"... now people in these areas recognized the same "God-man"! And the collective identity of these local "heroes" was known as "Osiris-Dionysus"!

It must now be pertinently stated that one ancient philosopher and satirist who was called Celsus, actually accused the Christians - (that next developed along similar lines as we've been discussing) - of trying to pass-off their Jesus Story as a new tradition, when it was in fact quite inferior to a lot of the pagan myths - and rehashing the same "pagan" ideas!

Naturally, any smart Christian would have wondered, how so many pagan myths that pre-dated Christianity by many hundreds of years, could have so many similarities to events that supposedly took place much later - in Jesus' life!

The ridiculous Catholic Church Fathers - (or Apologists) - were seeing this phenomenon for the first time, and therefore chose to maintain the stand that the Devil had enacted diabolical mimicry, by anachronistically plagiarizing the details of Jesus' life! However, we today should see through this ridiculous statement very easily! Simply because we have seen the Catholic Church take over many heroes' identities from around the world, and declaring them as Catholic saints! What's more, in most of these cases they also retained the local associated feasts, to honour such humans! ("Oh! Were they pagan in nature? Well all we had to do was Christianize them, like we did with the pagan custom of wearing a wedding ring, which everybody innocently does today!").

Interestingly, in Asia Minor Attis' mother was the virgin Cybele; in Syria Adonis' virgin mother was called Myrrh; in Alexandria, Aion was born of the virgin Kore; in Greece Dionysus was born of a mortal virgin called "Semele". Furthermore, popular early tradition said that Jesus was only in Mary's womb for 7 months! Likewise the pagan historian Diodorus also claimed that Semele's pregnancy with Dionysus was only for 7 months!

As a summary, I would like to illustrate how similar the supposed "facts" between Dionysus - who came first and Jesus who came much later - are! Keep in mind that what we saw between Horus and Jesus was separated by many thousands of years! Whereas what we are currently considering, are 2 personages that are not quite as remote to each other... therefore the similarities may be even more bewildering and astounding!

1 - Jesus was born in a cave on December 25th - (or 6th of January according to whichever calendar one wants to use)... the same was also true of Dionysus and Osirus!

2 - The birth of Jesus was announced by a star... so was the birth of Osirus and Dionysus! Jesus was born in Bethlehem which was shaded by a grove dedicated and sacred to Osirus and Dionysus!

3 - Jesus was born of a mortal virgin who after her death ascended to heaven and is honoured as a divine being... naturally as we've discussed the virgin birth idea runs through all of the biographies of these "God-men" like Osirus and Dionysus!

4 - Jesus was "God made man" or "the son of God" equal with the Father... similarly so were Osirus and Dionysus!

5 - The Magi bring Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh - exactly as an ancient pagan tradition said that one should render homage to God!

6 - Jesus was baptized - regardless of the fact that this had been a ritual that had existed and was practiced for centuries in the Mysteries of Osirus and Dionysus!

7 - John the Baptist who used water to baptize Jesus, had the same name as the pagan god of water, and furthermore was  born on the summer solstice which was a pagan water festival!

8 - Jesus offered a special baptism to his followers - one with water, air, and fire! This was also a feature of the "Pagan Mysteries"!

9 - Jesus was portrayed and represented in pictures as a quiet man with long hair and a beard! So were Osirus and Dionysus!

10 - Jesus first major miracle was the turning of water into wine at a marriage feast. Well apparently, on the very same day of the year Osirus-Dionysus was believed to also have turned water into wine and it was also at a marriage feast!

11 - There were a multitude of various different miracles that Jesus performed... e.g. the healing of the sick, also the miraculous feeding of crowds, expelling of demons, the calming of the waters ... etc. Well all of these miracles and much more, were also performed by many pagan sages!

12 - In a similar fashion like the pagan sages, Jesus is a wonder-miracle worker - wandering all over the place and yet not honoured in his home town!

13 - Jesus was accused of being a sort of glutton who fraternized with many sinners! Similarly the followers of Osirus and Dionysus received similar accusations!

14 - Jesus rode on a donkey in triumph, and into town with massive crowds waving branches! This is also reported in reference to Osirus and Dionysus!

15 -Jesus did many similar things to the pagan sages, and like them willingly goes to his death like a lamb to the slaughter, and also predicts his resurrection following 3 days - just like pagan sages talked about!

16 - Jesus had 12 close associates or apostles... so did Osirus and Dionysus!

17 - Jesus' associates or apostles are not initially aware of Jesus' divinity, but eventually see a transfiguration with Jesus showing his glory! This pattern was also true in reference to Osirus and Dionysus!

18 - Jesus was a good man unjustly accused of heresy, and of forming a new movement... so were Osirus and Dionysus!

19 - Jesus was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver - just like it happened in the case of Socrates!

20 - Jesus sets up a ceremony with bread and wine as regards his body (and blood)  - this was also true of the followers of Osirus and Dionysus!

21 - Jesus was hung on a tree or crucified as were Osirus and Dionysus!

22 - Jesus' death was viewed as a sacrifice for all of mankind's sins - so were the deaths of Osirus and Dionysus!

23 - The body of Jesus was wrapped in a linen sheet and anointed with myrrh, exactly identical with how the corpses of Osirus and Dionysus were "treated"!

24 - After his death Jesus supposedly descended into Hell, then resurrects on the 3rd day, and eventually ascends to heaven to take-up a throne-in-waiting... for him to reappear to judge mankind at the appointed time! All of this is supposedly also true in reference to Osirus and Dionysus!

25 - Both the presumed death and resurrection of Jesus, took place on exactly the same dates that the death and resurrection of Osirus and Dionysus were celebrated!

26 - The empty tomb of Jesus was visited by 3 women followers - (according to the content of the Gospels); well Osirus and Dionysus also had 3 women followers who visited an empty cave! All of this was presumably to enhance the belief into a resurrection!

27 - Jesus offered his disciples the concept of "being Born Again!"... so did Osirus and Dionysus!

28 - One final point that most people could have actually worked out all by themselves! If they were very expansive and independent thinkers! It's regarding the supposed powerful resurrection of Lazarus, and about his 2 sisters: one who absent-mindedly only had ears for Jesus and neglected her household duties, and the other who was very practical! Well this is totally and wholly, an ancient Egyptian story, as is rendered obvious by the way that Lazarus was sort of all wrapped-up! Much more in the style of Egyptian mummies rather than what was common in Israel about two millenniums ago!

In conclusion, I would like to make you aware, that Jesus was simply just another of the mythical "God-men", who was specifically syncretised by a special council chaired by the Emperor Constantine himself! To unify the Roman Empire, and bring an era of peace for everybody! This is rendered quite obvious, by the fact that there were well over more than 20 historians, and famous writers, as well as rhetoricians, philosophers, poets etc in the general area and in the right time, AND YET NOBODY MENTIONS JESUS OR HIS  MOVEMENT!

Sincerely: Frank Pio Russo. 

2 - Some recommended good books!

Frank Russo - May 25, 2013.

1- 'The Jesus Mysteries' by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy. (Element)

2- 'The Christ Conspiracy' by Acharya S. (Adventures Unlimited Press)

3- 'The Pagan Christ' by Tom Harpur. (Allen & Unwin)

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6- 'Suns of God' by Acharya S. (Adventures Unlimited Press)

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26- 'On the Historicity of Jesus' by Dr Richard Carrier (Sheffield Phoenix Press)





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