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To my many readers - (close to about 460) -
I am glad to announce to you all that I am having a definite impressive effect on the top country of the world, namely the US! On some days, like the recent one that I sent out as a link, I have received close to about 800 hits from the US alone, on my website -   and  on my blog - and I believe that these are very high quality hits, as the provenance of most of them is from the North-East corner, with a great deal of them from Cambridge Massachusetts, where Harvard University is located - actually hundreds of hits from there everyday as of late! And I hope you all realize that significantly, Harvard is the top University of the whole world!!!
Some of these visitors to my website, have apparently been sending suggestions for me to appear on a US YouTube show, for about an hour and a half. The  Show contacted me during last night, and of course being a true 24/7/365 individual, I was able to instantly respond! It will be at 8 pm the coming Tuesday the 5th of February, that's Eastern US time (North Carolina) - which means it would be about 11:30 AM Wednesday Adelaide time!
From: Kyle Curtis []
Sent: Tuesday, 29 January 2019 2:32 AM
To: Frank Pio Russo
Subject: Re: Invitation for interview on Nonsequitur
We usually go for an hour and half. How does Tuesday the 5th sound?

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On Jan 28, 2019, at 10:48 AM, Frank Pio Russo <> wrote:
Okay Kyle,
Your show sounds rather good!
You’d probably be a bit familiar with my website which is getting a huge amount of hits from your US!  So there’s many, many, things we could talk about!
Please arrange a time for Skype and I’ll try to make myself available.
Frank Pio Russo.
Ps. how long would you envisage our segment with myself to go for?

What is the strong relationship between diabetes and arthritis, and how can one go on to cure his arthritis after curing his diabetes?

Frank Pio Russo.

Besides all my diabetes work that I have carried out over the years, I have also done a lot of thinking about arthritis. I have now identified the link and how it all fits in, to form a combined overall picture.

To put it in a 'nutshell', the link between diabetes and arthritis is a nutritional one! As I recently pointed out, most people are oxymoronic, when they claim that it is the high blood sugars that damage just about everything! Whereas in actual fact, the sugars are usually only high in the blood... and the reason for that is simply because they're not being absorbed by the many body tissues.
It naturally follows that the joints of a diabetic will deteriorate without the proper nutrition. This fact was very difficult to ascertain, for the simple reason that fully formed joints, do not need very much nutrition. Yes, once one progresses from childhood onto being a mature adult, his joint nutrition and metabolism, goes from one of growth to the much simpler one of maintenance!
Nevertheless, it can become a very severe problem in a diabetic, if one has some slightly injured joints. This is because the acidity which a diabetic's metabolism causes, will severely impede the healing! In actual fact it will make the joints retrogress and begin to hurt all the time.
I recently became aware of this nutritional link between these two major illnesses, simply because I had eliminated most of the joint pain, through the implementing of my diabetes cure, last September the 1st. Once the intensity of my hip pain was reduced, I was able to perceive whenever it became problematic again.
This did happen recently, when I made a major alteration to my diabetes treatment regime. And I was thus able to clearly notice, that in the initial period, the hip pain became greatly reduced, whenever I had one of my unsaturated meals with the temporary ability to actually temporarily dispense with my walking stick! Furthermore, if I sometimes neglected to have my frequent snacks of various foods throughout the night, with my usual nocturnal cups of coffee, well I was a total cripple by the time I got up in the morning!
Now the key to working-out what was actually going on, was to have enough IQ to decipher the various observations, whilst being totally aware of everything that was happening. One key detection, was the great disparity in how a reduction in insulin injected, had a differential effect on both eyes and joints, that was very different to the effect on the rest of the body! My conclusion was that any insulin reduction had a non-linear effect such that the joints and the eyes would reach an intolerable low sugar, much more readily that the rest of the body, possibly due to the somewhat inaccessible nature of these tissues to the blood circulation... (i.e. I didn't think that the vitreous humour of the eyes, nor the inner bits of a hip ball-joint, would be getting huge amounts of sugar and other nutrients, let alone of any accompanying insulin to facilitate  the absorption of any of these sugars, that had actually made it there regardless of any adverse impedance!
In view of the foregoing, one could be seeing very "acceptable" sugar levels in his testing with finger-pricking, whilst his joint and eyes might be suffering from a "hypoglycaemia"!  Hence my conclusion was that one should, at least aim to get his blood sugar down to between 4 and 5 mmol/l - some of the time - and once one gets it that low, then have some food to raise it somewhat! Thus not remaining close to a debilitating "low" all over the body for very long, which could be debilitating. The truth in this regard, is that many are quite happy even with having their sugar at about 10 mmol/l ! For example I recall famous British scientist Dr Jack Cohen, once commenting that a level of about 10 mmol/l should be accepted as normal in a diabetic! Well I'd have to comment on this remark, as "no wonder he had to have both of his hip-joints replaced!"... as there was insufficient insulin to effect the entrance of lots of sugar into his tissues, with thus lots of it remaining in the blood! Meaning that his hip tissues would have had incredibly low sugars available, to metabolize!
As I've said before - besides the damaging acidity which the diabetes causes when one does not use an unsaturated diet - most of the rest of the damage is caused by the tissues being starved of energy!  In other words no availability of sugar to metabolize, so as to be able to generate the essential energy or heat etc.! And I should tell you that most medicos think exactly along similar lines! Even I myself, was advised by a doctor not to keep the sugars too low, because I should avoid running the risk of incurring a hypoglycemic attack!
Getting back to my clever deduction as regards the eyes and the joints (etc) - naturally in order to investigate this further, I recently cut out my regular slice of Helga bread, that I was having with every meal of mine that had little sugar or carbohydrate, which would have amounted to about 4 or 5 slices per every 24 hour period. I was hopeful that most of my body would not be affected, simply because I was sure that I had by now trained both of my liver and my pancreas! My liver would have realized that I could now be trusted not to allow the sugars to drop too low  in concentration! And my pancreas would have also improved and regenerated to some extent, without  all the former acidity which had been eliminated! Plus I guess that having had to deal with that bread, for close to 5 months, it would now have some extra capabilities for sure! A bit like how muscles grow bigger when having to cope with exercises!
However, if I was right with my deductions and conclusions, I expected a drastic deleterious effect on my joints. And sure enough! That's what's recently happened... an outbreak of intense arthritis in both my feet and all the rest of my body. So much so that yesterday I restarted my bread program, and I'm now slowly starting to improve! Obviously there's a principle at work there that's been hidden from our view, for the simple reason that the sugar or glucose results, have appeared to remain at a stable and steady level. So what could this observed principle actually be?
Well it's reminiscent of the problem I had with my incredible hifi system, which I had in the 1980's and early 90's, before selling it. I had actually managed to melt the glue in my beryllium tweeters, not once but on two separate occasions! Now those speakers were supposedly the "indestructible" Yamaha NS1000M, and were extremely well built with the last price-list that I remember, being a retail price of $5,000! And I doubt that there had been any clipping by the amplifiers, as these were also very, very exceptional, being Luxman CO5/MO5 which had retailed at about just over $14,000! After considering all the parameters involved, I had to conclude that it was due to the massively powerful "transient peaks", which would not have been all that observable, being only of a brief milliseconds sort of duration! Eventually I managed to work-out that it was all caused by this "unnatural" Telarc synthesized "Star Tracks" CD, which was sending virtually 100% of the very strong Class A signal, to the tiny tweeters! No wonder the glue melted! Back then I was  a full-blooded audiophile!
In conclusion, this obvious lateral analogy that I've considered, is that some of the body tissues would feed by receiving a great deal of their sugar or glucose allowance, through their being distributed or pumped-out through the "transient peaks" of glucose, that resulted following every substantial meal that one might have! Now if you know a lot about diabetes management, you'd know that virtually everybody would be unaware of the 'quantum' involved to do with these latter peaks! Why? Well simply because the practice that was developed, was to only measure the glucose once the peak had disappeared - (i.e. at 2 hours after a meal) - and I of course have questioned this a couple of times in the past!(???)
I recall once mentioning in an article, that many diabetics are encouraged to eat a lot of salads, and that sure one would keep the sugars low in this way, and there certainly was no problems as far as any glycemic index went! However, I pointed out that the supposed peaks that should be there post-prandially, might actually be totally absent! Sure the patient would have 'beautiful' low sugars... however he'd have almost zero glycogen with no muscle strength, and would eventually probably either have a heart attack - as hearts need sugar - or just simply fade away and sort of starve to death! This is the sort scenario that Dr Josie Pyle was trying to maintain in my case... till I rebelled! Because I knew  a lot more than her stupid non-sense that she'd learnt at her stupid Med-school! For starters, I was always proud of the fact that I could definitely think for myself... and with my high IQ I rarely needed suggestions from others!
To conclude then, the upshot of this article is that whilst one can damage a joint, it is also very easy to starve one's joints of most of the nutrition that they need, though the acidity that an active diabetes causes (in the absence of an unsaturated component to one's meals)! True this effect would only be of a secondary nature, and would follow any damage by the pancreas, which is incurred by the same acidity. However, the direct damage from the acidity would also be quite significant! Just like the acidity can damage the pancreas, well it can also damage just about everything else also! All you've got to think of, is the power of some acids that are around.. sure they're quite good at gobbling-up all the concrete stains from bricks and driveways - but in a similar manner, they can strip layers off our organs and do much more, as they can naturally diffuse inside and throughout the organs, and everywhere else! SO DO FOLLOW "THE FRANK RUSSO DIABETES CURE", AND I GUARANTEE THAT YOUR ARTHRITIS WILL GET MUCH BETTER!
Frank Pio Russo.
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