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To my nearly 500 readers - here's a bit of a summary of a lot of my thinking as regards our universe! Remember it is growing like a fractal, and I believe that at a future time, we could possibly travel outwards... perhaps even into the brain of our bigger self! Who knows? We may even initiate some processes in the 'giant's brain, to perhaps steer him away from some of our unpleasant experiences! No doubt, the 'giants' will perceive us and our crafts, as "high powered cosmic rays" - just like we notice such things in our level, obviously coming from the Quantum World!

The Meaning of our Existence and the Universe! And no it has nothing to do with the number 42!

Frank Pio Russo - Wednesday January 23, 2019.

Is our existence purely fleshly or do we really have a shadowy immortal soul? Who or what is God? Why do I say that most modern science and religion, is pure garbage and should be flushed down the toilet! Also what is my thinking which is causing me to reassess and endorse, a great many of the beliefs of the ancients? Why do I no longer believe that such so-called "primitives", had no idea about the real world?
I've never been very vindictive about having been drugged with LSD a number of times, and having to put-up with the label of "mental patient" for a number of decades, right up to early last year, when my doctor reappraised the situation and removed the offending label.
Well for one, I haven't wasted any of those years at all, but have instead made many great scientific advances! Look if I'd still been working in a lab, I would have wasted all my time on routine goings-on that would have - most probably - amounted to a big fat zero ! And when a 'Principal Hospital Scientist' was telling me - some 25 years or so ago - that it was all true as he'd seen the bastards do it, I replied saying that I was sure it was meant to be! I told the chap that those dishonest culprits, were merely being exploited by the Force! Yes the latter used their hateful jealousy, to accomplish Its own will, and then even went ahead and punished those bastards whom he'd used!
As far as choosing between having an immortal soul, or simply being fleshly beings - I feel that simple common sense can give you the answer almost by itself alone! Put it this way, who would you feel was more honest and open, with its members? Was it the big churches of Christendom, like the Vatican and the Church of England? Or was it possibly the smaller denominations which in many cases claimed death was a form of "sleep", and were disparaged by the former "Big Boys", as being mere 'sects' or 'cults'? Well if you've followed the news in recent years, no doubt you'd be aware that in most of the big denominations, the priesthood was merely the ideal occupation, for homosexual-gays to take up, so as to prey on all the children and parishioners in general... without being pressured by society to get married and start a family - which naturally they had no intention of doing!
As far as I am concerned, those who believe in an immortal soul are simply deluding themselves, as there is no evidence for such an existence! Even if one was to resort to the Bible - which these days I consider very compromised - well all existence in there was actually bodily! For example, the two angels that supposedly helped Lot and his 2 daughters, to escape the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, well they had bodies and Lot made a feast for them - no doubt including lots of food and wine - and there's no mention of anything out of the ordinary! Why even Satan the Devil, is spoken of as walking all over the place, in the book of Job! And apparently it's not him, with supernatural powers to cause death, as the latter is accomplished by moving Yahweh into doing his dirty work, by simply throwing accusation around and imputing evil motives to people! The biggest example of course, was the great lengths to which the mythical J.C. went, to dispel the fears of his disciples, that he may have been a phantasm...!
Of course, we may well evolve into some sort of immortal supermen, as we go on existing for trillions of years in our future! Furthermore, I don't believe in a simpleton Almighty God, who has to be subjected to temporal processes, and is as such limited by time! My best guess for who or what God is, is an intelligent Force - similar to, or perhaps actually Gravity - which is responsible for all changes in the universe! And being as such, both invisible and intangible, this Force chooses some visible representative, as his surrogate or sort of visible "replacement"... hence the idea of a God the Father as opposed to the Force or 'Spirit', which is the "real" GOD!
In practice though, God is best thought of as as a sort of complex 'Borg' creature like the type portrayed in "Star Trek Voyager"! I've had these sort of views, right from my very early smartest periods of my life, at 9 years of age! Here's how I expressed it to Nature Magazine way back in 1988 as recorded in one of my guestbook on my website
"As one moves down to the sub-atomic level of organization, the physiological meter becomes one divided by ten to the forty... but gravity is not diluted hence the 'electromagnetic' force between electrons and protons will appear stronger than gravity, by ten to the forty! Whereas in actuality it's the same force! Hence gravity in the subatomic world will go to 9.8 times 10 to the 40 meters per second squared (physiological meters of course)...hence everything will take place much faster! Therefore: elephants live a long absolute time; mice live a shorter time; bacteria live hours; viruses a bit less; and people inside atoms a great deal less again. SUCH LIFE-SPANS ARE NEVERTHELESS COMPARABLE PHYSIOLOGICALLY!!! These numbers have been noticed by great scientists in years gone by, but they just put them down to "cosmic coincidences" eg in E.R. Harrison's "Cosmology".
Frank Adelaide, SA AUS - Wednesday, February 28, 2001 at 14:00:58 (CST)
 In a paper to Nature dated June 24 1988 and entitled "The meaning of time (and cryogenics)", I made some interesting comments which "illustrate" my previous entry very well! I quote "another aspect of time is its physiological value : it could speed up physiologically as one steps down through the infinitesimally decreasing atomic sub-structures of our brain so that when we make a decision, an infinite number of "earths" have contributed their so-called freedom of choice. By the same token, it could slow down physiologically as one moves up the infinite array of macro-atomic structures due to the greatly increased relative motions required for life functions. This would in turn mean that either the earth is in the brain of an embryo who has not developed enough to make use of his facultative powers or we may be a part of other structures (eg bone) or of inorganic compounds. FAR-FETCHED! YOU MIGHT EXCLAIM- NOT ANYMORE THAN EINSTEIN's RELATIVITY!" (End of quote)...Of course this could simplistically mean that at 'the next level down' one of our Kg might relatively weigh approximately [one/10 raised to the 40th power]...likewise the there conscious being would have a similar relative meter and a similar 'relative' speed of light. A TRUE RELATIVITY! Perhaps we are the architects of consciousness for the levels 'above' us! PERHAPS THIS IS WHY GOD (ELOHIM), IS A PLURAL TERM IN HEBREW! 
Frank Adelaide, SA AUS - Wednesday, January 19, 2000 at 15:25:24 (CST)

Had an interesting exchange regarding the Aether, through this site's's an extract: "Mark! I think you read my message but did not understand all of it... the old "aether" sounded like magic... I choose the benefits without old-fashioned terminology... if space isn't a "vacuum" then there's something there whether one chooses to call it "aether" or subatomic particles. My analogy to "up or down" was not in reference to 3-dimensional space... obviously for strong gravity to become the strong nuclear force you have to move "up" a stage to the world where our stars or "universe" is the equivalent of an atom to the there "conscious" world. Conversely, for what we observe as the strong and weak nuclear forces to manifest themselves as the strong and weak gravity you have to move down a stage to the world where our atoms are "universes" to "conscious" beings of that world. I've had this view since 9 years of age but I then had to abandon it because of the then inappropriate speeds." i.e. the electron was travelling at near light-speed whereas planets and stars are going at negligible speeds: my "absolute speeds" recently came to my rescue! Bingo! A UNIFIED THEORY! 
Frank Adelaide, S.A. AUS - Saturday, January 08, 2000 at 13:38:37 (CST)"Here's some further reference to our real "composite GOD" in the Quantum World:
"Neuro-plasticity and the 'little people' theory.
Frank Pio Russo - May 23, 2014.
My physics has shown that there are an infinite amount of smaller and smaller particles in the universe, and these are in turn constantly aggregating themselves to build bigger and bigger entities... (see )... it therefore stands to reason, that we as living beings are simply aggregations of smaller and smaller living conscious entities!
In my many writings I've often referred to the next level 'down' as being the world where our atoms would be the equivalent of universes, and where gravity would be 10 to the 40 times stronger because of the much smaller physiological meter, hence their world would - to us - appear much faster! This concept is not that strange at all... and it's very similar to what the Star Wars movies expound, namely that we're all made-up of 'little creatures'... I've often called these "10 to the minus 40 gnomes".
My theory says that it is these "10 to the minus 40 little people", that generate our consciousness. This explains why today's scientists are finding that injured people display "neuroplasticity". People who injure their hands can develop great control of their feet... also people who are hopeless with their left hand can develop great skills there, if their right hand is injured! Furthermore, it is well known that people who lose their sight can greatly enhance other senses such as that of hearing!
Well I now have indisputable evidence for these 'little people' as a mobile entity for consciousness! Years ago someone I know - who had perfect vision in his left eye but hopeless vision in his right eye - injured his left eye and suddenly his right eye had perfect vision! Obviously the 'little people' concentrated their actions on the other eye! As the left eye improved, it regained its 20/20 vision and the right eye reverted back to poor acuity. This happened again to the same person in recent days: his left eye got conjunctivitis and very bad vision whilst the right eye dramatically improved... the vision reversed itself again as the left eye got better!
In conclusion though, I must caution the science world: it is the "little entities" that control us rather than the other way round! Yes there is neuro-plasticity and another good term for it would be neuro-mobility!
Frank Pio Russo."
Here's a bit more info along similar lines:
"Responses to feedback on recent work.
Frank Pio Russo - September 28, 2015.
Response no.1
Joining the flat earth society: no I haven’t considered it … but everybody used to say that to vinyl/records enthusiasts and yet they don’t say that anymore!!
Current thinking says that things can only get so small and then the laws of physics break down… I say they don’t break down but it’s just that physiological time speeds up! Anyway it’s not that big a deal to say that the earth could be near the centre of this universe… there’s an infinity of other universes where presumably it’s not… it mightn’t even exist there! Look the smaller things get, the more space becomes available to them… for example neutrinos can go straight through the earth without bumping into anything! ‘ Zero’ doesn’t really exist!
 Regards: Frank Russo.
Response no.2
Hi to you all:
look some of you might have similar concerns to the feedback I received, i.e. why don’t electrons slow down eventually and what gives them their incredible rotational energy?
“Look I always had similar concerns to you. I had to abandon my 9 year old view as I grew up, because of the great difference between the speed of electrons and that of planets. But then in the past couple of decades or so, I resurrected it because I measured the absolute speed of the earth as 53,198,115.45 m/sec as opposed to the normal relative speed that we have always known about i.e. 29.8 km/sec, (I forget the exact figure). Also in 1988 when I theorized these speeds before looking for them, I envisaged it all as gravity… in other words, the electrostatic  force between the electrons and the nucleus is none other than gravity: only 10 to the 40 times stronger, because the physiological meter is much smaller !
So you see, if you put yourself as alive and deep within one of those atoms, at the same ratio of us to our universe: then the 2000 km/sec that you quoted becomes  (2000 times 10 to the 40  km), a truly amazing speed… but you’ve got to remember that one of our seconds is equal (10 to the 40) seconds to such a small person! Hence a ‘true’ relativity! The electron doesn’t actually slow down because, being under gravity, it obeys Kepler’s laws: especially the one about the areas: thus affecting the orbital speed… once you accept that everything has mass, then gravity automatically follows from that, keeping everything in motion!
 I can refer you to my gravity paper which explains this: 068 The truth about Gravity: unmasking the mystery! Investigator Magazine; September 1995; pp42-47. ISSN 1032-4704; Frank Russo
Please get back to me if I can be of any further help.”
P.S. - I've also received many other positive messages from members of the Astronomical Society!"
So, in view of all these foregoing quotes of some earlier work of mine, what can we deduce about the various beliefs and concepts of the Ancient People? Well, after one takes on board, that virtually most of the modern science, is not only suspect but actually indeed very incorrect, it's truly an easy matter to reappraise some of the ancient concepts that have existed in times gone by!
If you've actually followed some of my work over the past 30 years or so, you'd know that I've virtually questioned the veracity of just about everything in not only Physics, but also in Medicine, Chemistry, and Religion - just to name a few areas! Not only was stellar aberration wrong and misinterpreted, gravity was also wrong - with me even questioning the value for G (the gravitational constant), all the relativity was no more than science fiction and wishful thinking, the Michelson-Morley had totally been misrepresented and misunderstood, and we could go on and on!
However, I truly love and appreciate, the fantastic good sense of the ancients to realize that our True God in our neck of the woods, is none other than our beautiful Sun! And not only that, I actually believe that it's overflowing with oodles of life! Obviously not people like us, but '10 to the minus 40' in comparison to our size! Your incredulous objection that it's too hot for life in the sun, has been dealt with before in my body of work on my website... I quote from my article about ACTH written on the 30th of October 2005:
"In conclusion you might wonder about the magical 37 degrees Celsius: What’s so special about it, when most of the universe is so incredibly cold?! Well the people at the lower level, (where our atoms are universes), with their tiny physiological metres, kilograms, speed of light and their own ‘everything else’ … not only do they have to heat-up a much smaller body than ours (one in ten to the 40), but also for a much shorter duration … their second being one in ten to the 40 of our long seconds … a true relativity! (See my guestbook for a further elaboration of this concept.)
Life is a wonderful privilege and the more knowledge I gain the more I appreciate the Force!
Frank P Russo.
p.s. Of course Vitamin D would fit somewhere in this scheme of things, being a  means of storing light energy and using it... thus preventing disease."
Hence the little people in our sun, would absorb very little heat in such an incredibly much shorter second in duration! Yes! And now with my concepts focused in our minds, we can also appreciate why most important and epoch-changing events, have always reputedly happened when our planets or celestial bodies were in some sort of conjunction... i.e. lined-up, such that they were closer and could better communicate and liaise together! Yes! And I think the very ancient people understood all this!
It also logically follows, that what the ancients understood about the nature of comets, is also true! Basically, when let us say the centre, or a ruling area of our galaxy, wilfully sends a comet on an errand somewhere - well you'd better beware! It is virtually the equivalent of Margaret Thatcher, sending that powerful armada, to the Falkland's Islands! "Everybody Beware!!"... 'Don't cry for me Argentina".
Frank Pio Russo.
P.s. My illustrious predecessor Immanuel Velikovski, analysed all the historical records of the ancient people around the world, and also verified that they considered the planets as living beings or entities and much more! But the no-doubt satanic Sagan greatly opposed and obstructed him - (Sagan is the one, on whom the Force inflicted a haematological death - following him wanting to steal a great chunk of my work! In a similar way that it struck the Director of an Astronomical Observatory - who was giving me a very hard time - with instant death... I don't recall now - I think it was a cerebral haemorrhage!). One usually obstructs the Force at his own peril !!




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