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To my 460 readers - thank you for helping me to get motivated about providing some new aspects, of how some of our recent scientific developments, can apply to old biblical concepts!

Contents -

1) - What a good stats day looks like on

2) - Some Scientific considerations as regards some more biblical concepts!

What a good stats day looks like on 

 Frank Pio Russo - January 27, 2019.

Every week or two, Frank Pio Russo has a very good day of statistics for his website! We are here displaying his latest good day on the provided link... (BTW I wasted a great deal of effort in making Google Analytics a part of my website, however I feel that to have very accurate stats, one must derive the results from the raw logs, rather than from the triggering of some sort of script, embedded in the various pages! The latter can easily be blocked by people who know what they're doing, and you end-up with a fraction of your real traffic)

Ps. Notice that it's the US and Australia that are the most interested in Scientific and religious truths!

Some more interesting scientific considerations that bring great meaning and realistic possibilities to some biblical concepts!

Frank Pio Russo - January 27, 2019.

The meaning behind the 'seed' of the woman and the 'seed' of the serpent, and what is actually meant by "seed".

1 - Introduction about the credulous aspects involved in Bible-belief!

No matter how credulous you are in believing that faith is supposedly a great disposition to be blessed with, I think you should be alarmed at the so-called prophets and holy-men of antiquity, accepting everything that they were told, without questioning very much at all!? This being the case especially with the Jews, who did not become aware of the existence of Satan the Devil - i.e. an evil dark power - till they were relocated to Babylon! I suppose that's why the original Book of Job in the Septuagint version, lacks about a quarter of the modern version... plus this might possibly be the reason why Job's Satan, was reputed to be not much more that a plain man - walking all over the place, and accusing fellow believers of bad selfish motives for worshipping God, and urging God/Yahweh against them! Of course the actual truth - according to me - was totally different... and I have both maintained and defended, that the Devil was none other than the actual original 'God the Father' in the primeval magical world, where things simply happened by uttering the appropriate spoken "Word" or "spell"! Hence the Devil or Satan was also the "Word"!

I have also always been very conscious of the fact that the Bible was the equivalent of a Grand Piano! This was very obvious - for example - when a Jehovah's Witness and a Christadelphian had a debate of some sort. They both had their many favourite passages, which backed their particular point of view, and yet quite clearly they could not be both right!

Well it's much the same story with all the other hundreds of Christian religions - they all go "Ta-Ta-Ta-Tahhhhhh!", as if they were all giving their own version of Beethoven's 5th Symphony! The way I see it, is that it was all apparently written by many different men, into some 66 scrolls or books... with the actual canon or accepted constituency not becoming formalized till about 98 AD at the Council of Jamnia! This referring to the Hebrew Scriptures only... whereas for the Greek side of things, I recall that things were not really formalized till the 5th century AD! And as far as things go for such books as Revelation and many of the supposed letters of Paul, well not many people consider such things as authentic even today, despite considering themselves Christian!

Now Paul - or was it Apollonius? - Said that "God is a God of order and not of disorder!". I easily conclude from such a statement that it was Satan who was the Bible's author! And this is why our planet has been full of wars and hate! The prime evidence for such a fact, is that the Bible can be used to totally efface both the Devil and its Demons out of the picture entirely - and the Christadelphians do this reasonably well! However as I commented to the Benevento Archbishop when I was only 9, "sure the donkey spoke to Balaam, but its mouth had been opened by the angel... likewise in Genesis, it was the Devil that caused the snake to speak! And 'Nahas' in Hebrew doesn't just mean snake, but it also means to 'divinate'!"

2 - What is the theme of the Bible supposed to be? (According to the Christadelphians).

As far as the Christadelphians go - being very prominent servants of Satan - they have a great command in explaining the Bible, since its author was Satan the Devil himself, and it is him who gives them their interpretative powers! Naturally, in view of the fact that they line themselves up with the literal Jews - even contributing many funds to Jewish causes - they tend to explain that what the Bible is fundamentally about, is to do with The Jews who are supposedly still God's people on Earth today! They start with the first so called prophecy in the Bible, which going by my memory is supposed to be in Genesis 3:15,16, and it there talks about the seed of the woman and the seed of the snake! These seeds - or descendants - were to be at enmity with each other... eventually the Devil would wound the woman's seed in the heel - i.e. not mortally -  but in the end the woman' seed would smash the serpent - or its seed - permanently on the head thus destroying it!

Obviously, all the Christadelphians' outlook is of a fleshly and simple nature, highlighting the military strength of modern Israel! A great deal of the rest  of the emphasis is placed on the other so called covenants or contracts. E.g. the Abrahamic Covenant, and the Davidic Covenant... plus supposedly the Melkizedekian Covenant with Jesus! However they lack any rational common sense, as according to me all those covenants were meant as an excuse, to constantly punish the Jews! If anything, the fact that the Romans with Titus, massacred them all as they were gathered for their major festival in Jerusalem in 70 AD, would tend to prove that it was the Romans that were God's people, rather that the Jews! The latter of course, being victims of a huge Satanic scam! Now according to Josephus 1,100,000 Jews were killed in Jerusalem alone! And according to the scholar Albert Barnes, I think that close to about 350,000 were killed in the peripheral areas! SO MUCH FOR ALL THEIR COVENANTS which weren't worth the paper they were written on!

3 - What do Jehovah's Witnesses say the theme of the Bible is about?

The JWs have always placed their thematic emphasis elsewhere, mainly to do with the lineage of the supposed Messiah. Tracing the supposed line to the pagan mythical Christ Jesus, and being totally blind to how the New Testament was fabricated by Constantine and his plagiarizers, with most of it concocted to have happened in the missing generation that had been eliminated by the Romans. The so-called pseudonymous writers of the New Testament, didn't even know the geography of Palestine! Making big blunders about roads that hadn't existed! And also talking about many anachronisms... e.g. "Synagogues" did not really exist in Jerusalem till after the Roman destruction... hence they came to be built so as to replace the missing temple!

4 - Some further evidence for human mistakes!

Not only were synagogues an anachronism, but so was the city of Nazareth which presumably didn't exist in the first century! Most of the terms were apparently originally to do with the sect of the "Nazorean", which was mistranslated as Nazareth or Nazarene!

As for the "pool of Bethsaida" with 5 porticoes...5 porticoes built by Hadrian where some healing was supposed to have taken place, these did not exist before the Temple for Asclepius! The Bible implies that actual healing took place with the stirring of the water, and it was a Christian attempt to usurp the pagan healings! (Some manuscripts even implied that an angel made it stir)!

Another false concoction that is clearly evident, is the fact that in some of the N.T. Jesus was made to be born before Herod's death of 4 BC, and this is linked with Quirinus' Census of 6 AD! Now not only is there a discrepancy of 9 or 10 years, but it is a historical fact that taxation had nothing to do with one's place of birth! Furthermore, there was no evidence for Herod the Great having slaughtered many babies in an attempt to kill the mythical Jesus baby!

As I have highlighted once before, Christians had hardly any persecution and very few died... but rather it was the pagans that were persecuted by the Christians! With the latter having the backing of the authorities... having been formed to become the state religion!

Another blatant fact that shows the concoction of the mythical Jesus, is the fact that the Septuagint Greek translation - (i.e. done by the 70, and which was mainly used in Alexandria of Egypt) - was the source of many of the dialogues in the gospels, and very often the contained mis-translations in that version were used as clever "punch-lines" in the arguments of the Gospels! This of course was a ridiculous and embarrassing fact for us to discover today!

One final point under this sub-heading, is the fact that many Christian "zealots", do all of this arguing about a very tiny fragment which they claim was from the Gospel of John... with most of the disputing over the many years, having revolved about the dating of such a fragment. The 'credulous zealots' like to believe that it was written at about 125 AD plus or minus 25 years, whereas Schmidt dated it as 170 AD plus or minus 50 years. (Uncial dating; book format not that early).

However, with the benefit of one of my recent newsletters, all of you readers of mine can be much smarter than all these Christian scholars! This is because many such documents, were found at a rubbish dump in Oxyrhynchus - (Egypt) - where the dry sand tended to preserve the papyrus. Well did you notice where it was found? Why in Egypt of course! And as you all recently learnt, most of the Gospels were plagiarized from Egypt, hence the material concerned, had in many cases already existed for thousands of years in Egypt, regardless of when the Christians chose to appropriate it for themselves!

I could of course go on to discuss the spurious genealogies and also how the Virgin Birth developed, But let's move on to the next subheading.

5 - The truth about the real "seed" and what it's all about!

As I've recently mentioned, our universe is growing like a fractal, repeating everything at multiples of "10 to the 40", and as it grows outwards there would be many processes that we may have never considered! For instance, a scientist by the name of Fritz Zwicky, introduced the theory of "tired light" meaning that light would lose some energy as it travelled across big distances. Well I did a lot of speculating about this idea, as I was not very comfortable with the notion of light being able to travel forever at such a very high speed. My suggested idea in 1998, was that perhaps as light tired out after a very long travelling spell, it might precipitate and become a matter particle... e.g. similar to an electron! And I went further, with even claiming in about 2004, that both the photon- and the electron were different expressions of the same particle! I was also misled by the activities of all these bogus spies, well I supposedly had no power at the meter and yet everything electrical was working in the house!??? Look the interference I was receiving from those bloody spies was out of this world! Apparently they thought that it was my place that was a special location and were trying to get me to vacate the place! With AGL spies at the time, frequently telling me that I was allergic to both power and civilization, and should move to Kangaroo Island or somewhere similar!

For instance 2 Telstra employees came sometime before I eventually cut my phones. Well they maintained that my old alarm connection was still active and causing interference! I was incredibly suspicious as their height was superhuman  and they were spending most of their time chatting on the mobiles at the top of ladders, probably getting more instructions. Anyway the f---ing c--ts, not only sabotaged my new alarm which was a very functional Dick Smith version, but managed to generate all this intensive black smoke in the house! I'm not entirely sure , I guess it was some sort of electro-chemical stuff that smelled horribly! I think they had come with the intention of smoking us out of my own house! Well my son was choking and left the house... but I at the time was sort of superhuman in all sorts of ways, and chose to put-up with the poison regardless! All my hate was concentrated to an astronomical level, against that bastard John-Paul the second! I could see the obvious link between that bastard Polish moron in charge of Telstra, and that big bastard in the Vatican! Nothing short of permanent second death for that bastard in Rome, was enough to placate my incredible anger, for what was going on!

Anyway, getting back on topic... the mentioned bit about travelling photons getting tired and maybe eventually transforming into an alternate sub-atomic particle, is indeed extremely relevant to our topic under discussion. In a way, I could use the discovery to do with the "cosmic background radiation source", to illustrate what I am sort of hinting at. In that special case, sure light is moving outwards very fast at the speed of light, but that is not the case for the actual source of this radiation, which presumably might only be travelling at 369 km per second. The result of all this, is that as the universe expands, the outer advanced areas of the universe would presumably be devoid of any concentrated life forms! The latter would only be present in the core, as they would have been unable to travel outwards at the speed of light! Well not all of them of course, otherwise they would have to abandon their base altogether!

I would like to now make use of my vast lateral thinking! Did you watch "Men in Black 1"? I haven't been watching many movies but I did see that one! Well the evil bastards there, were not much different from the Pope and all his rich paedophile empire, that he was trying to protect! Apparently they were trying to destroy a miniature galaxy of some sort... very similar to where the supposed little "10 to the minus 40" people might actually live in reality, rather than in the silly movie! Now of course they had no idea where this galaxy they wanted to destroy was located! Actually all of us watching realized that it was on the collar of that beautiful cat, that I think was called "Bingo"!

Well I suspect that it is this inner living core, where the actual "lower level" concentration of life is located, which is termed as the "seed"! Now this "seed" might be passed down from generation to generation, and it would of course be a great privilege for one to be such a privileged host! Now I've said it before, that it's the lower level's little inhabitants that generate our consciousness at our level, so the Devil has "Buckley's" - or no hope Whatsoever -of affecting them in any way. Nevertheless he still tries in the hope that he might score some sort of Pyrrhic victory of some sort!

Yes! That evil moron even set-up his own bogus transmission of the seed, but really those 2 different genealogies  in the NT, are riddled with inconsistencies. And one thing stands out like a sore thumb: would it really be true that the force would choose the product of David's adultery with Bathsheba, as a vehicle to transmit Its precious "seed"!

In conclusion then, the time has come to combine very primitive ideas from the myths of the ancients, with modern science and arrive at the truth of the matters!

Frank Pio Russo.




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