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A message to all my  readers - expressing my sagacious views as to how prudent and advisable it is, to kick all our terrorists out of our country!
Frank Pio Russo. 

Is our Australian government allowed to strip Australian citizenship from terrorists that possess it ?!

Frank Pio Russo - January 5, 2019.

I could possibly be a very good ABC supporter, simply because I normally do watch a great deal of its News 24 Channel. However this is definitely not the case, when the corporation spends a great deal of its time, constantly criticizing and picking on the federal government!

Look the argument that one's got to get the government to task, and account for its decisions, doesn't "wash" with me! It's quite obvious when watching, that most of those journalists involved, as well as most of their guests, actually enjoy and revel at attacking any government position! It's real sport for them!

Well the other day, they had this very 'stupid' woman on one of its programs - possibly 'the Drum' - well in her defence, perhaps she might be somewhat senile at 67! Anyway she kept raving on that no matter what some of these terrorists might have done, they must always remain Australia's responsibility - and especially so, if they happened to have been born in our country (?) - I wasn't watching for very long, so I didn't catch her name - but she looked like a very old version of Jane Caro, who has something to do with the National Secular Lobby.

Now as far as I'm concerned, with today's mobility, with its instant ability to move from one country to another, where one was born has lost a lot of its relevancy. People can easily divest themselves of their current nationality, and take up citizenship of their new country. Well if they can do it so easily themselves, when the particular government concerned has not offended them in any way, then naturally the converse should also be possible - especially when the subject concerned, is willing to kill and maim its fellow citizens for no reason at all! Except for wanting to express their allegiance to some other foreign entity! Obviously, I say let's facilitate their relocation to wherever they want to be, by expelling them and thus making them happy!

Furthermore, it is often mentioned that most of our ethics and moral values, which characterize our western society, are based on the 'Christo-Judaic' system. Well perhaps some dumb, senile, and uninformed people, mightn't know that Jewish parents, were supposed to have their rebellious and disobedient children stoned to death! Regardless of the fact that they had obviously been born and grown-up in their own household! Obviously such youths had spurned and rejected such a privilege, by their bad and rebellious course of action!

Another fact which well illustrates the position in question, is the fact that the early Christian community, as well as many modern religions and cults, definitely kick members out of their midst - just like Paul - (or was it Apollonius) - is supposed to have advised in his writings or letters! In other words, if members are not wanting to abide by the rules of a community - (or nation) - well they've really "excommunicated" or "disfellowshipped" themselves, from their community - wilfully! What the authority does after, that is really already a 'fait accompli' !!

Here's an email which defends the government's proposed actions, as well as another which was suggesting such a wise course of action to the PM, and many other politicians:

From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: Sunday, 30 December 2018 8:21 AM
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Subject: The question of citizenship, terrorists and "Prakash"!
Importance: High

 Hi there,

Look you had a very stupid woman etc., on yesterday morning, claiming that Prakash is Australia's responsibility rather than Fiji's or his mother's country of birth! Such a ridiculous dumb woman!

As the possible 'driver' of the government’s position in this matter, I’d like to use my supposed highest IQ in history, to expose that woman’s nonsense! If one chooses to align himself with the enemies of Australia, and to also fight for them, against Australia and its interests, THEN QUITE CLEARLY SUCH A PERSON IS NO LONGER ANY CONCERN OF AUSTRALIA!
Frankly we shouldn’t care one iota, as to what happens to such a ‘cretin’! One should assume that his fate should be linked to the entity he’s been fighting for, and with whom he’s wilfully chosen to align himself ! Be it ISIS or whatever such an entity is absorbed to become… e.g. Syria, Iraq, Turkey or the Kurds etc.… we shouldn’t at all care!
Frank Pio Russo.

From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: Tuesday, 13 November 2018 1:17 AM
To: ''
Subject: Australian government shown up as stupid! Whilst Russo’s intelligence shines on!
Frank Russo Blog

Australian government shown up as stupid! Whilst Russo’s intelligence shines on!

You might have seen a terrorist act in Melbourne the other day, and how a member of the public tried to help with a shopping trolley. The news reports highlighted how the Muslim terrorist had been on a “watch-list”, because he was seen as possibly wanting to go and fight for ISIS in the middle-east!

Well I have pointed out the moronic stupidity of the Australian government in this regard, many times in the past! On the other hand, I have suggested to the authorities that a much better course of action, would be to emulate how  the Italians have dealt with similar issues in the past. One example was the one involving Camillo, who was a very strong well-built man – he decided that he did not want to waste his time in the Italian military service, and escaped out of the country to go in the paid French Foreign Legions service.

Well the Italians were not as stupid as the Australians, and said “good riddance” to this troublesome chap! Furthermore they warned him that if he were to ever step foot in Italy, he’d be instantly incarcerated for a very long time!

What does the idiotic Australian government do in similar situations? Well it spends all these resources to stop these traitorous ingrates to our Aussie country! They would much rather want these terrorists to remain in Australia, so as to ‘enrich’ our society with their terrorist criminal activities! And should the latter actually have succeeded and made it to Syria, well the Australian imbeciles would spare no amount of money to get these Muslim terrorists back into Australia, so that they can receive a pointless slap on their knuckles, and become heroes to our Muslim ghettos just like David Hicks did! Whereas they should have been forced to rot in poverty, in the 3rd world that they had preferred to choose!

“No ! No! These terrorists must be brought back to live in our luxurious premiere country of the world, to enjoy all the perks that our stupid governments can dish out to them! And perhaps even sue us for millions for God knows what! And maybe become published authors, or even dissident politicians – thus making total fools of our imbecilic government authorities!”

In conclusion I say: “Well done!” and: “That’s really great!”… as these terrorist acts sporadically spread all sorts of fear  in our cities, and especially where all these stupid politicians have allowed all these unnecessary migrants – or so-called economic refugees – to congregate ‘en mass’ and foment all sorts of plots! If the morons had not brought any of these trouble-makers in, nor allowed these illegal vagrants and vermin to stay – they wouldn’t have to waste all these resources and millions, to watch as plots and mayhem are being planned!

Yes! “Well done! That’s really great!… Maybe our stupid politicians will learn from their mistakes!” However I somehow doubt it, as I haven’t seen any real evidence of much IQ amongst them!

Frank Pio Russo
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