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To all my almost 500 or so readers, read why perhaps crime is flourishing... we should make much better use of our resources!
The problem with our Police Force here in South Australia!
From: Frank Pio Russo []
Sent: Monday, 21 January 2019 7:32 PM
To: 'Steven Marshall'
Subject: Some clever advice for you, Steven, on how you can trim off a lot more of the money being wasted!
Importance: High
To Premier Steven Marshall.
Hi Steven,
I have given you some very good advice in the past, and I hope that these current suggestions live up to my usual good standard!
Look, don’t believe the common misconception that by having a lot of Police Stations open on a 24-hour daily basis, you’re actually fighting and reducing the amount of crime in our suburbs! What you’ve got to realize is that having a Police Station open, is very similar in nature - and not much different - to having a Post Office open!
All that will go on is that more and more of these problem people – e.g. drunks, drug addicts, criminals etc. – will have more of an excuse to be up and about at night, for all sorts of mischief, whilst also claiming to visit your open stations! Look it’s virtually all paper-work, what goes on in these stations… and you should hire a lot more civilians on low wages, to carry-out this sort of work!
In recent years I have noticed many very senior policemen - such as Senior Sergeants who are already on massive wages - being rostered for after-hours shifts, holidays etc.! Why was, and is that sort of thing happening? Do these very senior people not earn enough already?! And is it appropriate for such senior people to be doing very junior menial tasks?
Look why don’t you send some more people “on the beat”… this is how you would be fighting actual crime, and allowing some of these officers' experience to come in handy! Yes and more patrolling of our suburbs and city would also be in order!
Finally, I hope you take all of my suggestions on board, and make things very difficult for all of the criminals in our society!
Frank Pio Russo.
P.s. -  In case you don’t fully believe me, why don’t you have a “stock-take” of your Police Force… I reckon that out of about 4,000 or so officers, you probably only have about  a ‘miserable’ 800 doing actual Police work! Why don’t you go ahead and reclassify most of them as just simple “office workers”!
And about Police Stations, are you aware that if I ring one of them to report a crime going-on, the personnel answering the phone does not do any responding to the issues presented, but in actual fact, he himself goes on to ring “000”? Well tell me, what’s the point of having all these trained professionals, to just ring for help? We may be better off just circumventing them all, and ring “000” to begin with !
Let me give you a further example… a station is run by a Senior Sergeant, yet are you aware that apparently earning over $130,000 per year - I don’t have the actual figure – is chicken feed for these guys! So what they do is roster themselves on Saturdays and Sundays at double time with their massive hourly rate! And apparently not even that is enough because, they go on to also frequent the place on public holidays at two and a half times per hour! So with the aid of their penalty rates, they end-up raking a massive salary, and still apparently, skip and are unavailable for some of the normal week, when people might actually need them – simply because they’re too busy chasing the dollar!?
Also, apparently it’s already a ‘published fact’ in Victoria, that Police Stations do nothing to fight crime! Furthermore, it’s interesting that in Italy it’s only patrolmen and CID that are recognized as policemen! For example, traffic policemen are classified as mere council workers!




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