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A message to all my new readers who haven't seen this letter and the 3 short articles as yet!
Frank Pio Russo - December 26 2018.
A) Letter containing a cure for diabetes that's going to revolutionize Aboriginal Health!
B) A message that is somewhat about both Astronomy and Easter also!
B) An update on my past and current dealings, with the Astronomical Society - (ASSA ).
C) The description of a marriage which amounted to the pitting of a demonic, satanic, woman (or 'Darkness'), against a high calibre representative of "light"! This brief article is titled "On the verge of Immortality!"

A)  Letter containing a cure for diabetes that's going to revolutionize Aboriginal Health!
It was sent to most federal politicians after first going to both Ken Wyatt and Linda Bourney for obvious reasons!
The Best Friend Aborigines ever had!

I have often reflected on the various issues that your people have trouble with, in adjusting to modern life in Australian society. My conclusion of long ago, was that the main two issues were alcohol and diabetes. I wonder whether your more personal involvement with your culture, bears some of my observations out.
Look as far as the alcohol goes, there’s many Europeans that have a similar problem - with some going to AA meetings. However, if the problem amongst Europeans had a similar very high incidence, to what’s true amongst Aborigines, I am totally convinced that governments would regulate the access to such a dangerous substance! I feel that it’s criminal of the authorities to simply ignore what’s going on, because it’s only affecting Aborigines! As if the latter are subhuman and do not matter in the overall scheme of things!
Now I’m not just all talk, but I’m putting myself forward as an example. I’m now 65 years old and was never a big drinker of alcohol, however regardless of that, some 15 or more years ago, I began to totally abstain from alcohol! I reasoned that for one, it destroys ones liver, with some of the liver enzymes quickly reflecting damage, which in the long term would lead to cirrhosis and death! The other obvious thing is that it tends to destroy brain cells, and the intelligence that these cells were facilitating! Furthermore, apparently no level of alcohol is safe, as all sorts of alcohol consumption causes the onset of various malignant cancers. So as far as the alcohol problem goes, I blame our governments for not removing the access to this dangerous poison!
Let’s now consider the other main issue that I’ve mentioned. Apparently Aborigines are dying like flies in the outback, because of diabetes (?). I have many music CDs, and one of my very best ones is “Tribal Voice” by Yothu Yindi… yet if I recall correctly, his talent was snuffed-out by terminal kidney failure - (together with liver disease) - resulting from diabetes complications – ( of course I don’t mean the whole group but simply the talented leader of the group, i.e. ‘Dr’ Yunupingu!). Yes the poor people in the outback need my great medical discovery that I’ve come up with, and which the new RAH has sent to all its doctors dealing with diabetes!
Look the common rule to abstain from sugar and some carbohydrates was extremely bad, it actually encouraged the liver to decide that the person had become an “energy bankrupt” with no sugar, and would therefore pump an avalanche of sugar into the circulation, causing a diabetes that had gone berserk!! What one needs is an unsaturated diet, with a nice slice of Helga wholemeal bread at every meal, with a constant slow conversion of carbohydrates to glucose – this will stop the liver’s interventions!
Look the medical world was wrong about sugars causing all the problems associated with diabetes! In actual fact, the real culprit is the acidity that is generated through the digestion of carbohydrates and sugars, followed by the stripping of all the electrons off the hydrogen atoms - leading to the multitude of toxic, acidic and very damaging Hydrogen ions (i.e. H+) !! This is why one needs the unsaturated diet, because such a diet will have many double and multiple bonds, and these will be able to mop-up the hydrogen ions by virtue of their spare electrons! In this way your aborigine brethren, will not damage their kidneys by excreting the very acidic H+ ions, as the latter will end-up in the sewer through the faeces instead – via the fibre and stroma etc.!
I hope you can publicize my discovery – Ken and Linda – so that your people can benefit from it ! I’ll include some of my articles and research.
I want to be known as a friend of your people!
Sincerely, Frank Pio Russo. 
(Diabetes is also behind many other illnesses simply because the acidity stops a lot of healing processes e.g. to do with joints etc.)
(True some years ago, I used to forward to people some negative news items – however most of these were originating from a Jewish person via a friend who breeds Poodle dogs – all I was doing was passing these on to some of my readers!)

Frank Pio Russo. 
Here’s 3 very good articles about diabetes, followed by a link that contains most of the articles that I’ve done about the illness:
Gigantic advances in understanding type 2 diabetes: how its onset develops and how to best control it and eventually cure it, and why it is that the liver of most diabetics pumps out all this sugar!

Frank Pio Russo - September 1, 2018.

Our bodies are a sort of hydrogen machine and run on electricity generated by stripping hydrogen ions from carbohydrate raw products, however the many acidic hydrogen ions generated tend to overload the body's metabolism unless one sticks to a very balanced diet with a major component of vegetables.
1 - How the onset develops.
I've been a diabetic for a number of decades and have been working towards finding the elusive cure for this debilitating disease - well I believe I've finally reached my goal! Now in order to counter and solve diabetes, one must first understand how and why it develops. The main reason that it tends to disrupt one's metabolism is usually when one makes a big change in his or her diet - it may be following a divorce or marriage separation when one decides that it's pointless to cook 'extravagant' meals for just one person and may start indulging in take-aways. Now there's nothing that bad about most take-aways, the key though revolves around the variety and nutritional value of the food involved - obviously the more varied and more nutritional it is, the better for you, and it's good to include a lot of different coloured foods.
Naturally though, a great many of the people in these situations often end up cutting out on variety - some simply because of cost so as to economize, and others simply for convenience as some take-away places are only specialists of certain things, e.g. a fish and chips shop may not have many salads available on display. I am convinced that I have correctly outlined how the onset comes about, now for the reason as to why this is so.
2 - Why lack of variety gives rise to diabetes.
Naturally I'm not suggesting that one should have a Chinese banquet everyday, but when I used to have something similar to that - that's when I've been the healthiest ever. The reason for this is because our bodies are an electrical machine that runs by stripping electrons out of the hydrogen atoms that it strips from the carbohydrates in our foods, with the digestive enzymes. However the H+ ions are very acidic and have to be eliminated from the body, and this is attempted in most diabetics by their kidneys and this is another reason why the kidneys of diabetics often end-up being terminally damaged! However if one has a very multi-varied diet, a great many of these hydrogen ions can become absorbed by other food constituents, e.g. a lot of vegetable material has a lot of double bonds - especially if it's unsaturated and can easily take on more binding of hydrogen ions: for example whilst carrying some of my research in 2003, I was putting out about at least 11 litres of urine every day and most of that was from carbonic anhydrase activity - I was running a glucose level of over 30 mmol/l and generating so many hydrogen ions that were joining up with bicarbonate buffering ions to form H2CO3 and of course this was breaking down into CO2 and H2O or carbon dioxide and water! I even had ideas that this could have been an answer for water recycling in interstellar travelling!
3 - Why most diabetics' livers pump all this sugar into the blood circulation!
Many diabetics that have never heard about gluconeogenesis are often perplexed by their high sugars and wonder where it's coming from, as they may be abstaining from sugar. However it's a very bad thing to abstain from carbohydrates and this is why the liver steps in to flood the body with sugars - remember sugars are the equivalent of US dollars in the US economy... so the liver steps in to stop the body from becoming energy bankrupt! The other obvious repercussion if one abstains from carbohydrates, is that one will always have extremely weak muscles because his glycogen storages will be somewhat exhausted! So if you had thought that most diabetics are very big weaklings, I don't think you were mistaken in most cases, as a great many of them avoid carbohydrate like the plague - but why do that when the liver comes to the rescue in most of these cases and actually compounds the problem by giving you an avalanche of sugar causing all sorts of problems! Therefore, a must in one's diet is a good quality bread of some  sort - wholemeal or multigrain of course ! I don't think my diabetes is going to be around for much longer!
4 - How to make controlling your sugars really easy and eventually cure your diabetes!
A lesson in this regard comes from my childhood on a farm in Italy, where we used to breed many domestic animals. You just never ate any salami, prosciutto, ham, cheese or anything at all in its pure form! It always had to be accompanied by a "companaio" - usually bread and some vegetables... now in those poor days one may have thought that it was simply to economize, and many people today actually get diabetes from eating these raw products without any bread or other sandwich accompaniments, and this is mainly because for starters, they're avoiding carbohydrates so their liver steps in and floods their bodies with sugar; and secondly there's not much around to absorb all the toxic acidic hydrogen ions!
Now I hardly have to try at all to control my sugars since I re-introduced bread into my diet! And I love having beautiful sandwiches, where you can add all sorts of vegetables, e.g. lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber, and anything that you desire! My sugars have never been so easy to control... in actual fact I don't even have to try! And they're so consistently low - I don't think my diabetes is going to be around for much longer!
Frank Pio Russo.
Ps. - It is obvious then that with a complete meal all the time, the "toxic" acidic hydrogen ions will be mopped up by the double bonds and multiple bonds in the many unsaturated oils and green salads  and other similar foods. This of course would mean that these toxic H+ ions can easily be disposed of in our faeces without leaving our bodies in a damaging acidosis! I guess the kidneys would be very fine, as all that would happen is that the 'stroma' and fibre would carry them in our faeces to end-up in the toilet!

Frank Russo diabetes cure in greater detail: a practical way about how one would proceed in dive sting himself of the diabetes illness (type 2)

Frank Pio Russo - September 15 2018.

Let's commence with what's happened in my life as regards being cured of diabetes. For a start some of you might recall that I was sort of blind in my right eye, till I applied some of my perfectly "balanced" semen to my eye, and the glial remnant on the optic nerve shattered like an iceberg and I was able to see out of my right eye!
However the vision was not perfect: it hit a peak of 6/12 and then went a bit dimmer than that... however in the past few weeks that I've been enacting my diabetes cure, the right lens of my glasses has become rather nebulous...well I took my glasses off and was amazed at how all of a sudden my vision without glasses had become far superior to when I had my glasses on! So I've made an appointment with an optometrist, so as to update the lens for my right eye and see what has happened to the vision as regards that eye.
Also, I of course have already mentioned that in two weeks I went from being bedridden to walking around! I'm hoping that the hip might continue to improve, and I now have an x-ray to document the improvements. The previous x-ray from January this year (2018) is not very useful, because I got much worse since then to the point that I was an invalid constantly in bed 24 hours a day, till a few weeks ago when I started to improve by enacting my diabetes cure and started to now walk around once again!
You might also want to know what else has improved with my diabetes cure. Well my feet used to be in constant pain, but now I have no real problems with them, despite them being flat and not well shaped! Also I used to feel itchy all over when my sugar got a bit high, i.e. beyond 12 mmol/l ... look now I think it could even go beyond 30 mmol/l and I would not feel itchy, because the troublesome toxic, acidic H+ ions are getting mopped up out of the free circulation, by my regular unsaturated foods that I now have all the time.
Let us now consider how we enact my cure for diabetes
Some of the various nutrients that form the base of my cure have recently been mentioned on my website... for a start I have about 22 supplements and vitamins that I have been taking regularly: most of them in the morning and some in the evening... I have shown all of these and you can even view their containers on my website in a video that has a duration of just over 11 minutes:
> joint remedies (Video)

Furthermore, more recently I have no longer been indulging in many spices in the morning, and I feel that this too has contributed to me greatly improving! I usually get up sometimes between 4 and 6 am and have 2 eggs fried in cold-pressed virgin olive oil, which I fry for about 2 and a half minutes on each side. Straight after those eggs I have one of my sandwiches  with one slice of Helga bread, ( usually with a layer of avocado, with another layer comprising of a type of sandwich meat which I cycle through - e.g. sometimes ham, or mortadella, or chicken, or hot soppressa, or some other type of salami, or turkey; plus usually one slice of cheese on top of that followed by a layer of cucumbers with a final layer of cut up fresh tomato to finish it off, with the other half of the slice of bread to cap it off.)
Naturally if you've been a diabetic for close to 40 years and have no pancreas function left, then you might also inject yourself with about 25 units of insulin... however, if you occasionally forget this last step, don't panic because it is not the sugars that do the damage in diabetes as the glucose molecule is fairly inert - sure it's got some oxygen and -OH groups which are mainly for linking-up, but the molecule chain is very stable!
It's your unsaturated foods that are mopping-up all the toxic, acidic hydrogen ions ... all your green vegetables for example, being unsaturated will take up these troublesome ions into their stroma and fibre, via their mainly double and multiple bonds where they have spare electrons which the hydrogen ions have lost because our body has harvested them as it digested both carbohydrates and sugars.
Out of the mentioned supplements, one gram of vitamin C per day is very necessary, as vitamin C often provides free electrons to the body! Lots of coffee is also a must as I believe it protects our DNA and even helps in repairing it! I have for all my life always drunk huge amounts of coffee and someone recently commented: " Frank how come you haven't changed at all over the years! Most people that get to their mid-sixties are usually very unrecognizable from their school or young pictures - yet you haven't changed at all ?!"
As far as the sandwiches go, if you have your 2 eggs and a coffee and a sandwich at 6 am, after first testing your morning sugar following your night's rest and without forgetting your insulin injection (if you have no pancreatic insulin capabilities), then you may want to test your sugar at about 1150 am so as to gage how much to have for lunch. Myself, I often like something like a very nutritious Chinese meal for lunch with lots of meat and vegetables, and perhaps by now also what might be the 3rd coffee for the day.
Then you may want to test the sugar 2 hours after the meal, i.e. at about 2.30 pm and if it's about 14 mmol/l you may want to inject some more insulin depending on what your sugar value is... (this of course mainly applies to those of us who have no pancreatic activity left) e.g. if your sugar is about 15 mmol/l you might want to take about 20 units of insulin. However do not panic because so long as you're having mainly unsaturated vegetable based foods, all the troublesome toxic, acetic hydrogen ions would have been mopped-up and a slightly high sugar would not cause any problem at all!
You may want to test your sugar again at 5 pm, although once you establish some sort of routine, you can cut-back on how often you prick yourself to test your blood sugar. Your next meal might be another sandwich at about 5.30 pm. Now depending on whether your pancreas is still producing any insulin, you may want to test your sugar again at about  8 pm and depending on how high your result is, you may want to inject some insulin.
I also often like to microwave some broccoli for about 3 minutes 20 seconds at about 2200 or 10 pm in the evening,  and sometimes I use tartare sauce as a dip for the broccoli pieces to make it taste really nice.
Furthermore, if I've had some starchy pasta like lasagne, I also test my sugar at 3 or 4 am, simply because starch or complex carbohydrates eventually convert into sugars. The bread sandwiches are naturally very important because they keep your sugar ticking along and thus preventing the liver from coming to dump massive amounts of sugar into your circulation. One could also try drinking some Lipton ice tea as it has a low sugar and lots of antioxidants: both the mango and peach flavours are very nice.
Finally in conclusion, I suggest not to have any short blacks when it comes to coffee, as they tend to really jack-up your blood pressure... you should stick to lattes and cappuccinos. I also do like Morello cherries a lot if they're locally available all year round... they're very useful to have as the sugars become slightly low, but of course if your body is heading for a hypo you should have some chocolate in your cupboard.
Frank Pio Russo.
P.s. - I expect my hip to continue to improve as my diabetes dissipates away, plus I'll keep you posted as to how my right eye vision progresses ( the left has perfect vision)
 Vision acuity improvements resulting from only a few weeks of putting my diabetes cure in operation !

Frank Pio Russo - September 18 2018.

If you have followed my much varied research over the years, you' d recall how I became close to completely blind with my right eye. This was following my smashing of my face against a wall at about 8 years of age. Many specialists saw my eye over the years - e.g. Landers and many others - and the diagnosis was always the same " a glial remnant on the optic nerve".
Well in 2003 I started applying some of my perfectly balanced semen to my bad eye, and I was soon able to see again! An ophthalmologist from Dulwich said that the nevus had broken up like an iceberg and all the bits and pieces were floating in the vitreous humour! Well it was sure great to have another eye to rely on, however its vision only peaked at 6/12 and had recently dimmed somewhat: last time the vision was measured, was just over a month ago on the 7th of August 2018, and its vision was 6/19.
Naturally I expected great things when I started putting my new diabetes cure into action, just a few weeks ago. And sure enough great things have happened! For a start, my eyes have greatly changed their appearance: they've lost their mainly blue colour with only a hint of green, to become mainly green in colour! Furthermore my optometrist - "Joe" or Joanne - found that my right eye had gone from 6/19 about 41 days ago to 6/9 today which is nothing short of miraculous! And in actual fact, even the non-sick and undamaged left eye had improved from a perfect 6/6 to the fantastic 6/4.5 !
In conclusion, I'm of course very pleased with having put an end to my liver's interventions - it is now no longer dumping 'tons' of sugar into my circulation! Furthermore any toxic, acidic, hydrogen ions that I produce, whilst harvesting electrons from the very harmless sugars and carbohydrates, are being easily mopped-up by my many double and multiple bonds in my mainly unsaturated diet with many vegetables and greens.
Frank Pio Russo.
  •  591 Some Diabetes Articles. Frank Pio Russo - list compiled by Joel Russo (from Adelaide), Posted : August 18, 2014. (UPDATED August 07, 2017).
B) A message that is somewhat about both Astronomy and Christmas.

Frank Pio Russo December 26, 2018.

The ancients used to use the concept of 'personification' very powerfully! Hence they often used to personify many elements of nature, into various myths and even Gods! Therefore it should not be surprising that the same sort of motifs were operating all over our world!
I have followed the example of many religious headquarters of various religions and cults - they tend to split their religious books into 2 categories: a large section where the bulk of the contents are to be found, and a secondary more specialized 'little' library, where all sorts of esoteric and dissident books are present. Obviously, this second library is usually known as a 'Classified' Library which is only accessible by very few people.
In my Classified Library, I have a collection of books that specialize on research that tends to prove that Jesus was, very much only a myth! Apparently it's a very well known fact that virtually all the ancients, worshipped our "Sun" as the giver of life, and they used a sort of what we would call today, a poetic licence to create various Messiahs or Christs that were to reflect the qualities of the Gods they were imagining!
Now most people have no idea - here in the west - that all of our history and culture, was plagiarized and censored by what eventually became a temporal power, namely the Catholic Church or hierarchy. The very early Christians - if you could call them that - were the Gnostics, and there were no real writings as the believer had to experience a sort of "gnosis" or spiritual enlightenment. Well gradually fables and myths were developed, so as to capture the imagination of the uneducated masses! For example it was a Gnostic who wrote the first Gospel, which basically was a sort of passion play. Yes Marcion did that, and the smart Christians knew that only in a Play, could all those events be squashed in sort of one week-end! These were the "spiritual" Christians, whereas obviously the "fleshly" Christians or immature ones, who still needed the "milk" like real babies, concentrated on the various fables which were supposed to only serve as memory aids for the beginners!
Naturally, all these fables eventually took on a realistic existence - especially because it was incredibly hard to experience "gnosis" - and the 'babies' of the church became the dominant fraction, and went on to become a temporal power, which was very well organized. Don't be fooled by all the invented lies: apparently it was the so-called very enlightened "pagans" who were persecuted to be forced to join the Christian movement! And the Catholics would plagiarize the details of such persecutions from pagan tombs, and claim it was inflicted on Catholics instead!
The Catholics also tampered with virtually all the documents of the day, and it was done very stupidly such that no-one for example, believes the bit in Josephus which supposedly talks about Jesus! And there were many, many historians of the day and yet nobody gives a credible account about Jesus!
Finally cutting a long story short, one of my books entitled "The World's Sixteen Crucified saviours" was written by Kersey Graves and it shows that virtually all these Messiahs were basically the same "type" and Jesus was no different from the others. Apparently, they were all born on December the 25th, and they all died at round about Easter time! Why even the Aztecs, in what today is now Mexico, had their own such Messiah: it's been spelled in various ways, and I am now only writing from memory as it's been many years since I've read this book. It was spelled something like "Querzacoattel" and he was apparently crucified to death on the year that the Babylonians were destroying Jerusalem!
So what is this all trying to tell us? Well whilst today's religions frown on, and hate astrology, the Bible and the ancient world was full of it! All you've got to do is look into revelation! Now obviously all of these Messiahs were personifications of our Sun, and it's been said many times that the birth of Jesus - to pick one of the 16 - was linked to the winter solstice - (in the Northern hemisphere) - and denoted the fact that the sun was then starting to win its battle over darkness, as the days started to lengthen!
But this never made perfect sense to me: for most of my life: why was it December the 25th and not the actual winter solstice, such as December the 21st or the 22nd? Well I did eventually solve my mystery, and it revolved around the fact that there were no telescopes or astronomical observatories in the ancient world. Sure, the actual solstice would have happened on December the 21 or 22nd, however the sun had to sort of stop and change its direction! And of course all this was being observed with the naked eye, and it would take about 3 days before any actual movement in the opposite direction would become perceptible!
Finally, why did all these God-men die at the spring equinox? The reason for this, is the fact that the ancient world, considered the sun as it crossed the ecliptic, and viewed it as being "crucified" by the "ecliptic"! Hence why all these messiah-types died by crucifixion and at round about Easter time! Now you might form your own conclusions on these matters, but rest assured that there is a Force, and there is also a Devil and Demons. The latter caused the Force to step out of world affairs temporarily, as they proved that the Force had a conflict of interest, as it blindly commanded respect from individuals such as Job, simply from the majestic position it had!
Frank Pio Russo. ( Ps. Of course today we do know that it is the earth that goes around the sun, whilst the sun is itself going around the galaxy and so on...!

C) Does ASSA ever bury the hatchet or does its jealousy go on forever?

Frank Pio Russo - December 23, 2018.

It is often said that all you need is one rotten apple to spoil the whole barrel, despite the fact that supposedly there's both good and bad in every organization! Why is this true? Well, simply because it's often the nature of the few members that are in leadership positions, which constitutes the nature and behaviour of an organization.
Some years ago I was being very successful with my activity at the Astronomical Society: I was expressing my views through some of my dedicated forum threads on ASSA' s website, and these were the ones that all the readers were flocking to! Furthermore, some influential members were pushing for me to present a talk and discussion about my ideas, at one of the monthly lectures or talks.
However, I began to sense intense jealousy by the leadership! This was obvious because I was being ignored and censored, through not having any of my participation in ASSA-chat, sent out to members! And when I complained about being ignored: they simply did not even reply back to me!
Furthermore, I got the same treatment when I emailed the chap who was the overall in charge, to report to him about some of the members, who wanted to see me delivering a lecture followed by a discussion with the audience. The 'moron' just continued to ignore me! He was obviously looking for an opportunity to pick on me, and attempt to shut me down, so as to lose all my influence with some of the members!
Naturally, he jumped at what he thought was an ideal opportunity to quarantine me somewhat - (when I published my critical response on the new so-called "gravity wave discovery") - by issuing a "suspension" of my membership! The facts actually were that the individual concerned, was no more than a "moronic imbecile" comparatively speaking, in view of the fact that I have been reputed to have scored the highest IQ in our planet's history! So how did the 'retarded stupid' individual, expect to understand what I was saying?
Does Frank Russo have the highest IQ in history?
Well the fact was, that he hadn't understood anything at all, till I published an apology for what some morons, had perceived I was saying! In other words, I even bent so far as to apologize for their stupidity, (as if I had anything at all to do with their warped and limited intelligence!). Obviously it was far-fetched to go so far with my apology, but the imbeciles would have lost all credibility with the rank and file members, if they now stopped picking on me with their sort of persecution!
Well it was all "water off a duck's back" as far as I was concerned. I had suffered far worse at the IMVS, where I had been victimized and even drugged with LSD a couple of times! Why? Simply because the rest of the staff had very inferior minds, and were extremely jealous of all my research ideas! So I walked away from ASSA and my forum contributions, and as far as I am concerned it was all their "loss"! I have since gone from strength to strength since that decision, in both physics and medical research!
Now something significant has happened just lately, to make me recollect these past experiences! At about my leaving ASSA, I also left my ISP for another company... now a couple of days ago I was informed by my old ISP, that there was still an active email in my name which I did not know anything about! I accessed it, and there were email messages from ASSA, so I sent out a couple of replies apologizing for the long time in responding! It's actually been almost 3 years, since most of what I have been relating took place, and I would have thought that people's jealous sensitivities would have dulled down somewhat  - however I was badly mistaken!???
I received last night - (Saturday) - an intense attack on my computer-system through my emails! It was from one of those ASSA emails that I had responded to in a conciliatory manner after almost 3 years! Namely: "" (belonging to "Jeff Lusher). So naturally I reported the incident to the server in question, that is Internode. They were very helpful in blocking the source of the attack, as well as cleaning my computer up. Two of my emails' in-boxes were choked by a massive amount of compromised material! And on top of that, my central mail sorting centre was also flooded with compromised material!
Fortunately, although I'm not exactly 100 % sure, I don't think I opened any of the material! I guess it will soon become apparent whether this is true or not. I then followed the suggestion of the ISP person, to ring the source of the problem, and politely inform him that his computer has some issues - possibly some type of "worm" of some sort!
I followed the issued advice, and much to my surprise - the individual responded rather nastily and angrily, and told me not to ever ring him again! I then rang Internode and reported this ASSA-individual's behaviour... the feedback I was given from the ISP person, was that the source of the attack was obviously angry at being found out, and also at the fact that his attack had failed miserably!
In conclusion, it appears that some ASSA people "never bury the hatchet", and might be such ridiculous people as to possess "eternal jealousy", towards some successful people!
Frank Pio Russo.
From: Frank Russo []
Sent: Wednesday, 26 December 2018 6:21 AM
Subject: I always thought that most of you people, were very nice individuals!
Importance: High
Hi there,
Andrew, let me know if I can add you to my list once again. I think that people like Joe, might have thought that I was very ambitious, and may have wanted to become very influential in ASSA.. with probably coveting some sort of leadership position! However he mis-judged me and was totally mistaken!
I have always been a very theoretical person, and this was true of my astronomy involvement as well – e.g. you can check 2 of my best astronomical articles, and they’re both very theoretical:
Articles for "Galilean Electrodynamics":
540 The Incredible Bradley: Why his Aberration Work was so Accurate! (Being published in the July/August 2017 issue)
Relativity articles in "Speculations in Science and Technology"
> stellar aberration
The same was true of most of my articles about the speed of light, whilst Michelson was a top technical craftsman, manufacturing complicated equipment, I simply used my brain to theoretically work out the speed of light from my stellar aberration work! HENCE OBVIOUSLY, WITH ZERO PRACTICAL INVOLVEMENT IN ASTRONOMY, I WAS NEVER GOING TO STEAL ANYBODY’S POSITION IN ASSA!
True, people – mainly Joe - chose to get upset over my “gravity waves feedback”… but you should know that they did that in error, simply because they lacked the IQ necessary to understand what I was saying! So what did I do in response? WELL I WENT THE EXTRA MILE FOR THEM, AND EVEN APOLOGIZED FOR ANY ‘PERCEIVED’ OFFENCE! IN OTHER WORD I WAS EVEN APOLOGIZING FOR THEIR STUPIDITY! FOR WHICH I WAS DEFINITELY NOT RESPONSIBLE!
“Apology for any perceived offence !
Frank Pio Russo - March 11, 2016.
I wish to apologize to anybody who may have perceived an offence by myself, in my recent “Gravity Waves” response ! It was quite a complicated statement that requires some IQ to unravel. I said that “one could be mistaken” that they were talking about a “Jewish Mohammed”… notice that I did not assert that this was a fact but rather merely a mistaken perception by some observers !
This statement was only uttered in an effort to emphasize that one must not mistake “religion” for “science” and that true science is not the proper place for “hero worship”… in other words it’s usually a bad idea to mix religion and science, despite the fact that Paul Davies got away with it in “The Mind of God” !
Of course I do not apologize for any of my scientific criticism in the above article… and I suspect that this content may have been the true reason, as to why some were offended - with the mentioned item purely put forward as an excuse to channel their anger at their “hero” - (Einstein) - being taken down !
I am sincerely sorry and apologetic for any perceived offence I may have caused.
Frank Pio Russo.
Here's the original article: Now Professor Charles Pearce whose intelligence I admired, read this apology and said – “You’re not really apologising for anything at all… as you’re not responsible for any of their misguided thoughts!”. Nevertheless, I did expect that at least one out of you - almost a dozen ASSA people – would react very badly, simply because that’s how human nature often is! Well I received an intense and nasty attack on my computer system after sending those very late responses to you people! And internode identified the person as Jeff Lusher! They then told me to ring him up and apologetically tell him, that I thought his computer may be compromised – well the chap wanted to know my name and reacted very violently (???) I reported his response to his ISP, and they observed that he was obviously upset at being discovered as the source of my attack, as he expected my computer to just break down without ending up pointing back at him! In view of the foregoing, I now feel that I know where the multitude of attacks on my computer had been originating from.
In conclusion, I’m sure that the rest of you are very lovely people! So I will try and enter you on my mailing list, as it’s very easy for me to do so – and you can choose to unsubscribe if that’s how you feel.
Of course I won’t add your email, Andrew, but should you want to reconsider, I ‘ll only be too glad to help!
Frank Pio Russo.
"Here's an article about John Smith's encounter with a woman he hadn't seen for a long
time: it was shocking as to how old and aged she looked , and yet she's supposed to be over 2 years younger than him!"

D) On the verge of possible immortality !!

John Smith – December 16 2018.

Ever since 1981, I’ve had thoughts about how to conquer both death and the ageing process. I even recall how in 2004 I considered changing my name and relocating – this because at the time I suspected that John’s ambiguous language, was by design - rather than through plain carelessness! In other words when the apostle said in the Bible, that one who believes “hath everlasting life!”, this was a present possession rather than one which would be acquired after one’s death! Furthermore, the older Gospel of Thomas – i.e. the “twin” brother of Jesus Christ, or Thomas Dydimus – said that “he who would work out the meaning of Jesus’ words would have eternal life!”.
Well I was walking near the Glenside Post Office whilst thinking of relocating with a much younger new identity, and the ‘demonic’ wind blew this document towards me… the temptation was there to start-up a new postal box and become a very ‘young’ new person! However I rejected that temptation as being satanic in nature! Interestingly, round about that time a very tall woman - who was taller than any basketball player I’d ever seen - approached me in the Burnside Shopping Centre. She claimed that she worked in the “Attorney General’s Department”, and wanted to know if I knew anything about the disappearance of a much older man, who looked very similar to me! I realized that she was talking about an earlier and older looking previous version of myself, but I replied that I knew nothing about any such person!
In all seriousness, I was never all that sure that I was winning the battle against ageing and time. Sure I did tell people that I looked a lot younger for my age, but one of my brothers had also looked a bit younger for his age – perhaps it was just good genes! Well today I had a real shock occurrence… I was contacted by this very old woman on Skype: she had many lines on her face and looked very old – in fact so old that she could almost have passed as a mother or grandmother of mine! Well it turned out that it was actually my ex-wife who was supposedly over 2 years younger than me!!
Our marriage had been a big mistake, and that had been very obvious from the first day of marriage! She had misled me in every possible way… I was a very naïve Jehovah's Witness and had no idea that the members of such a religion were capable of spinning a total web of deception! She gave me the impression that she had at least passed Matriculation, claiming to work in a bank’s lending department – but it was all lies – sure she did work in the lending department, but all she did there was some typing, and was hopeless at handling money as she had very close to zero maths or numeracy! She later - (after we were married) - showed me a confidential file, where the bank claimed that they’d given her the job simply to try and exploit her father’s high position in the public service! And sure enough, that’s what she’d been highlighting before we got married – how her family had all these very top jobs in the public service and that if anybody was a nobody it was me instead of her !!
Anyway, I remained married for a while, because I realized that it was a battle to the death between her satanic darkness self, and me as a high calibre representative of the light! She totally destroyed my reputation with the elders and everybody else, claiming I was a wife-basher and very violent!!  When it was her who was a violent schizophrenic who was capable of attacking me physically even whilst I may have been asleep! Of course I was forced to defend myself at times, and every little bruise she received, she’d parade it for the elders and “brothers and sisters”!
Fortunately, the moron thought she had won the so-called “battle”, with me supposedly becoming mentally ill - (like she had been for her whole life) - without realizing that I’d been poisoned with LSD at least twice on the job! So with her family’s backing, she left towards the end of 1984… what a relief not to have that moronic maniac around me anymore… she was a total enemy, and even in our best times I could not confide anything to such a brainless idiot!
Well she thought her job had been finished in destroying me! However the demons had no longer any use for such an imbecile, as she was no-longer in a position to hurt and influence me! So her pronounced borderline personality, (which had been able to derive demonic suggestions through simply opening the Bible at random – i.e. playing Russian roulette with that demonic book), now became full-blown schizophrenia accompanied with depression and violence! She would go in all sorts of churches, and the demonic activity would intensify instead of diminishing – of course because the Devil plays both sides at the same time!
Anyway I reminded my ex-wife that the book she’d always cherished, claimed in the Hebrew portion, that two divorced individuals were forbidden to ever get back together! I also reminded her that I had used the police in the past to stop her always coming round to annoy me! Many times I have told her – in the past – that to me she’s no more than a piece of “shit”… and yet she kept calling and coming round for years, till the police threatened to lock her up if she came to bother me by hanging around on the reserve opposite my place!
In conclusion, I was able to see how the Force has blessed me with youthful looks, whilst her “Darkness” has constantly cursed her, turning her into a very old looking person, as thanks for her long evil service!
John Smith.
"Here's some info about my life, which mirrors John's experiences T
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