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First for Women ran an article this month on the benefits of cellular hydration, spotlighting some of my latest tips...including "gel" water as well as a few of my recipes and stretches. Plus, they featured me on the cover!  Here are some of the highlights of the article. If you want to read more, check it out next time you go to the grocery store!

"Chances are, there's a water bottle next to you. How do we know? In 2015, Americans bough 1.7 billion half-liter bottles of water every week, and as a nation, we spent $7 billion dollars on reusable water bottles that same year. yet despite all of that sipping, more than 95 percent of women are in a state of under-the-radar hydration. Why? "Our cell phone, computer screens and central air systems all suck the hydration out of our body," asserts integrative physician Dana Cohen, M.D. "As a result, we all live in a state of chronic low-grade dehydration." In fact, despite drinking more than the regularly recommended eight glasses of water per day, most subjects in a study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill couldn't actually achieve adequate hydration.

"Subclinical dehydration is especially problematic for women born before 1978. As we age, inflammation damages cell membranes, weakening their ability to hold water. The more damaged cells become, the more they leak. The result: UCLA research shows that while the body is composed of 75 percent water at birth, by age 40, it's more like 50 percent. 

"Low-level dehydration bulls women into a health-sapping trap. "Every action of every cell requires hydrating water for proper function," explains Gerald Pollack, Ph.D., a leading water researcher at the University of Washington in Seattle. "If any of those cells hasn't enough hydrating water, it won't function properly." This cellular dysfunction can give rise to an array of bothersome symptoms such as false hunger, headaches and low energy. And losing as little as 1 percent of the body'd fluid has been shown to significantly slow metabolic rate.

"Fortunately, a new form of water that optimizes hydration has been discovered. "Our experiments show that water hasn't only three phases -- it's not just liquid, solid and gas. There's a fourth phase," says Pollack. Experts call his phase "gel" water, and it is found inside the cell walls of plant foods. What makes gel water different? Its molecules are ordered (like crystals), and it has a consistency between a solid and a liquid (like raw egg white). And as Pollack suggests, the unique features of this water enable our cells to hold on to hydration more effectively, helping us escape the dehydration trap.

"Get enough gel water and wow! "When you're hydrated, hormone signals work better, so there are less fat-storing hormones in the system," explains Dr. Cohen. "Good hydration also allows us to have a healthy output of sweat and urine, so the body can detoxify itself better." Additionally, German studies show that when the body is optimally hydrated, metabolism speeds up by 30 percent -- without any other changes. 

"The benefits go beyond weight loss. "You'll have better concentration, your energy will soar, you'll sleep better, your skin will be radiant and you'll eliminate bloat," promises Dr. Cohen. "You'll feel the effects right away." 

Here are my three favorite tricks to boost the body's stores of "gel" water to speed slimming...


This is my morning ritual! It stimulates the body and helps me wake up on the bright side. Hydration scientists report that fruit-infused water is more hydrating than regular water because the fiber in the lemons help the body absorb and retain more water.


Morning Burst Ginger Recipe


Volcano Shot Recipe


The body needs healthy fats for optimal hydration. Each morning, mix 1 Tbsp. of MCT oil into a smoothie. As you become more consistent, you can stay focused longer!

To learn more about MCT oils and why  to consider adding them to your daily routine, listen to this podcast with Dr. Alvin Berger, Ph.D. He has 30 years of research experience in nutritional and pharmaceutical sciences. And, the focus of his most current research is dietary fat.


Rosemary Raspberry Slimdown Shake


Green Ginger Slimdown Shake


Cauliflower steaks are my go-to treat! And it's an especially smart pick since cauliflower is 92 percent water by volume. To do: Slice a head of cauliflower lengthwise into "steaks." Rub with olive oil and salt. Bake at 400 degrees for 35 minutes. Here are a few other variations...


Red Pepper Walnut Cauliflower Steaks


Roasted Sage Cauliflower Steaks

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