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February 2016


February 2016

  • FEBRUARY ENERGY UPDATE: Are you on the Right Path?
  • FEATURE ARTICLE: Manifesting a Life in Love & Truth
  • FEBRUARY: Mindfulness Crash Course, Divine Masculine Workshop
  • Group Events in February
  • Most Popular Blog Articles in January
  • IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS: New HEART WARRIOR Integrative Self-Mastery Program; transCOACH Training Program Enrollment
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Energy Update February

11th February 2016, by Jona Bryndis

Are you on the Right Path?

Part of our current theme is the physical integration of our higher purpose, so the fact that we keep revisiting aspects we thought we had already transcended is nothing that should alarm or frustrate you. On the contrary: All the things that you have been going through since 2012 served the purpose of rebirthing and transforming, with to goal to guide you back to our original and personal remembrance of who you truly are.


Each and every inner contemplation, meditation or any other modality to reach an inward perspective illuminates a different angle of our connection with our core essence. With each session and introspection we are triangulating and dissolving the very things that are in the way of fully recalling and identifying with our initial commitment to embark on this journey into the physical plane


'Progress' is subjective and while our Critical Inner Voice may tell us that we are doomed to fail or that we are not good enough to attract Love, Wealth and Health into our lives, most of you have been very busy with their inner transformation.


If you look back, maybe 3 or 5 or 10 years past, all these dissonant aspects (shadow, inner child, karma and even how you perceive your physical) have drastically evolved! Just because you get to see them in a new light does not mean that you haven’t progressed! It simply means that you are now becoming capable of seeing the deeper connections.


The discrepancy of how we want to live and how we perceive our current circumstances is one of the major manifestation blocks we need to overcome. Accept that you will need to take it step by step and that your ego perspective of progress is errorous!


Here The 12 Signs Your Are On the Right Path


1. You keep revisiting old unresolved issues; aspects you thought you had already transcended, especially your Inner Child, Shadow and Karmic Family aspects


2. You know you want to change but you don't know what


3. You keep having emotional episodes of sudden anger, fear or sadness


4. You keep getting distracted with things that don't work or break


5. You feel like your mind is spinning in circles


6. Your life seems to suddenly collapse on all fronts


7. You can't sleep or you always feel tired


8. You lost interest in socializing with whom you thought were your friends


9. You feel like nothing looks like it used to


10.You have come to the realization that in order to move foward you need to overcome your worst fears


11. You may have a feeling for where you want to go but you have no clue how to get there


12.You realize that it's your responsibility, your time to act and stand up for yourself. And it scares you like hell...


In context with current collective energies it is important that you understand that your past, your family, your ex, your shadow, your karma, or your inner child is not the culprit. Your life is the energetic reflection of your violated innocence when you came into this world, mind-wiped of your ability to recollect why you came here!


Our childhood is our most vulnerable state, and yet the source of our power to transcend pain into love! For the majority of people on this planet it is the cause for getting stuck in rigid mental, emotional and physical patterns, not allowing them to contextualize their journey. 

The awakened True Self allows our core fears to surface so that we can work with them and discover the pathway to remembering our divine power through self-healing!


You came here to resolve and absolve yourself from this life-long journey of suffering and blindly seeking purpose through others. Now, the time has come to take charge of your purpose!


You already remember, you are just not trusting in it yet! 


Of course, this is understandable – we all have our own timeline and path to get to this point of complete reference and devotion to our inner purpose. With our developing heart connection we can see this!

But don’t mistake this as a justification for dithering around and flipping back and forth between ego and higher consciousness! Your inner prompting is getting stronger and your inner congruence is becoming more demanding. 

The suffering you are now beginning to feel is not the kind of your wounded ego/inner child anymore, but the labor pain of your emerging True Self, shedding all layers of programming, perceptive distortions, mind-wipes and emotional fear patterns. Each little incongruence hurts now – deeply – and more than ever before! Therefore, forget about your the details of the remaining layers of your hurting ego and focus on WHO YOU TRULY ARE instead! 


Take charge of your energy, be responsible for everything you put out into this world and own your journey. This way, you are not only transcending your past but also your future and thus create your own destiny!


If you, like so many others right now, are plagued with how to apply these insights into your practical life, I have a question for you:


What is it that you have been running away from all your life


Here, you can find the key to your Path!


Much Love, Humility and Gratitude,

Jona Bryndis

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Finding the Right Path:

12 Suggestions on How to 
Manifest a Life in Love & Truth

by Jona Bryndis

When we think of Manifestation, the first thing that comes to our mind is probably that which we lack or wish for the most: lots of money, healthy/beautiful body, a happy relationship, a loving home or family or any other long anticipated wish or desire. If manifestation were really based on how ‘hard’ we wish for something, none of us would perceive lack in the first place - wishing is not the same as manifesting!

To really understand the mechanics of manifestation we need to understand energetic dynamics of energy first.  Manifestation is the expression of energetic resonance. Anything we align our energy to does not only determine the way we perceive our lives, but also how we react, express ourselves and thus what we attract into our lives! 

In times of increased global uncertainty our collective human energy field tends to stir up and release fear and anger energies brought on by the global shadow and inviting darkness into people’s hearts; those with energetic sensitivity are even more susceptible to feeling collective disturbances, unaware that their own energy fields are being pushed, manipulated and bombarded. 

However, collective energetic bands are always also opportunities for us to observe our own triggers and energetic charges. Anxiety, anger, lack, disdain, control, degradation, pain, etc. are negative energy fields that can only stick to us and energetically dominate us if we have unprocessed aspects in these areas ourselves. 


Inner Darkness is nothing but the lack of Inner Light. Through allowing darkness for the purpose of not facing pain or fear we are basically turning off our Inner Light - and with it our inner ability to see truth and to manifest a life based on truth.

When our heart is clouded our vision is too. To reignite our inner light and with it the energy to face the things ahead we we need to become very clear about the fact that we can't change everything at once!

In order to get to our higher guidance we need to focus on your inner heart conenction and not on our outer obstacles. You've got to believe that you can get there, or else you can't align your energy to what you want to feel like when you there. In fact, I have met many people who didn't realize that they have already manifested everything they wanted ...


Agree that you are going to have to take it bit by bit, and that what you think you want is probably far from what your truly want! 


1. Drop all things you think you need or have to get! 


'Living and Manifesting a Life in Truth’ means to be able to know the difference between dark and light, between ego and truth and most importantly, between ego desire and true heart’s desire. Wishing, willing and forcing are based our ego’s need to cover up or compensate for something – in short: on the fear of lack or loss. Many popular manifestation books/programs tap into this vulnerability of our unprocessed ego and promote our inner darkness this way. Slogans like: ‘Get what you deserve!’; ‘Get rich fast!’; ‘Get your beach body in 2 weeks!’ all address an underlying lack and imply that manifestation was a form of ‘gettingness’. Drop all those things you think you need or have to get! 


2. Shift your Focus to your Inner Connection


To break free from constantly reenergizing ‘what you don’t have’ you need to learn how to connect with what you have first. This requires you to shift your focus to your inner connection, as anything outside of us is not in our control. 


3. Be Willing to Step out of your Comfort Zone


Another thing you need is the willingness step out of our ego comfort zone and to let go of some of your ego ‘crutches’ that keep you in your darkness. Energetic discernment and the ability to know the difference between a true heart’s desire and an ego desire is one of the most vital prerequisites for anyone who wants to live a life in truth. 


4. Learn how to properly Manage your Energy


Energy work and manifestation work are essentially the same. Learning how to manifest changes, that are based on truth of our heart also means to learn proper personal energy management. You manifest what you energetically align to. For this you need to have the courage to step into our inner world and subtle feelings.


5. Use Resonance not Force


True Manifestation means to know how to identify and transcend our inner and outer energies to the faster frequencies of our Inner Light – it means to use resonance rather than force. Not only does it represent the alignment to your highest potential and purpose in life but also to the most congruent and truthful outcomes. 


6. Learn how to Feel and Express Self-Love


On a practical level, most of our inner views, patterns and programs are still based on the level of our ego, shadows, or inner child and therefore not necessarily always of highest vibratory quality. However, through your intention and alignment to clear and integrate these unprocessed aspects you can activate one of our most powerful manifestation skills – to feel and express self-love. 


7. Learn to Transcend Negativity and to Align Your Energy


In energetic terms, self-love, compassion, non-judgment, kindness, forgiveness, peace, silence, gratitude, respect, etc. are extremely powerful energetic alignments, based on very fast vibratory frequencies. The more energetic awarness you develop the easier it becomes for you to feel and understand the difference of your energy levels, associated emotions and their resonances. With a bit of training you can learn to neutralize and transcend your lower energies into higher vibratory states, so that you can attract our true heart’s desires vs. ego desires into your life.


8. Let go of the Outcome and Trust in Your Inner Alingment


In order to attract a higher vibratory solutions for problems or higher quality outcomes your personal energy field need to oscillate on the level of the desired outcome first. Manifestation is based on attracting the outcome into your direction, rather than running after that which you seemingly don’t have or cannot obtain. Therefore, instead of pushing forward or forcing our desire you need to learn how to pull the outcome in and then surrender it to the quality of your vibratory resonance. It means to fully let go and completely disengage from your energetic investment.


9. Identify Sabotage Mechanisms


Problems with manifestation typically occur because we are still unaware that we are holding on to some of our ego patterns. For many of us manifestation feels miraculous, surprising and unpredictable, which can lead to fantasizing and wishful thinking. This often creates an unconscious push-pull mechanism. Learn to identify unconscious sabotage mechanisms that keep you wishing, pushing and hoping for the things to happen instead of trusting in your inner alignment. 


10. Agree to Let Go of Your Ego


Whether you are influenced by negativity, collective bombardment, inner critical voice and ego defense mechanisms, the secret of manifestation lies in the expansion of light in your heart and your alignment to inner truth. This heart-expansion can only happen if you agree to let go of all our ego attachments, including fears and all negative sentiments towards others and yourselves. 


11. Recognize Abundance & Beauty


Recognize abundance and beauty in any form and being, be it nature, the love of your dog, your spouse, your children, your health, your home, your life force, etc. See everything as a blessing – a manifestation of the Divine Field – and energize it through appreciation, self-love, gratitude, reverence and respect. This shifts your inner alignment the fastest and instantly puts a turbo on your manifestation skills.


12. Call on your Inner Higher Power


In moments of doubt or when you feel stuck remember to call on your Inner Light - your inner higher power, no matter what you name it: Jesus, God, Shiva, Buddha, True Self or GRACE. Allow it to recalibrate your energy to your highest potential expression possible, so that you can focus on manifesting your true heart’s desire again instead of having to constantly ward off negative energies triggering your inner ego control and fear mechanisms.


There is no such thing as good or bad luck! There is only abundance or lack – the presence or absence of love – which is the same as the presence or absence of light. 


You choose – you manifest!


Thank you for your time!




jona bryndis


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90 Day Intense Self-Mastery Program starting in March
Limited Spots available!

In this intense personal self-mastery course we will remotely guide you through your personal transformation journey. With in 90 days you will go through a challenging program of self-healing and reconnecting with your heart on all levels of your existence. During this program you will be accompanied by Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper personally and receive extended personal support for another 9 months. 

We are excited about this new program, which we will offer only twice a year. Due to extensive personal service the spots for this program are very limited. 

The Heart-Warrior Program is a combination of deep energetic healing work, energy coaching and remote energy sessions.

More info will be available soon. The 90 day program starts 1st March 2016.

If you would like to receive information upfront or reserve a spot please email us

transCOACH Training & Certification Program

New Trainee Spots available!

This three level training and certification program will be reopened for enrollment on 19th February until 1st March 2016. Enrollment Fee is $500 (discounted for Remote Prayer Group Members). More info will be sent out on 19th February 2016. Those of you who have expressed interest in adding energy coaching to their practice or simply want to learn how to facilitate remote energy transMISSIONS please mark your calendars!

Please send me an email if you want to receive an the enrollment email. 


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Teachings Change as We Change

How to Discern if a Teacher/Teaching is Right for us, by Jeff Casper

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Mindfulness Crash Course

3-Day Remote Energy Marathon

GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion Intensive

This transMISSION series is not for the faint hearted...

Throughout the course of three days we will facilitate 9 remote energy transmissions (6AM, 1PM & 9PM each day) which are designed to break through mental patterns and blocked heart issues.

During the three days we will be confronted with the deeper aspects of mental and emotional control patterns while working on neutralizing inner dualisms, such as opinions, judgments and especially forgiveness with our heart-field resonance.

Most of you already know that there are many different layers of perception. Truth is not subject to our mind – if at all, it can only be perceived through our heart. And the capacity of our heart to perceive has a lot to do with our consciousness.

If we are wounded, the protective layers around our heart limit our perception; and with it invite dualisms, such as blame, resentments, the need to be right or a hostile view of the world, etc. Training our perception helps us to reduce those layers and with it increase our consciousness. This is the key for forgiveness. In a state of inner dualism it is very difficult to feel true forgiveness. So, in order to neutralize our opinions, judgments and resentments, we need to move into our heart; and in order to be in our heart we need to let go of our pain/emotions.

GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion is a very powerful tool for self-integration and clarity. For full download and assimilation of this code a minimum of 3 transMISSION sessions (out of the nine) are needed.

No prerequisites.

The main aspects addressed in this modality are:

- Dissolution of remaining disharmonic (ego-based) aspects, including mental looping
- Alignment to inner Divinity (Christ-Light/Source/God/Celestial)
- Fusion of left and right hemispheres and mind with heart-center 
- Reprogramming of mental views to higher vibratory resonances
- Anchoring of Heart-Mind in physical body

Price is $250

Discounts for Graduates and Sacred Self-Healing Participants is available.

Please click here for sign-up information.


Connecting & Working with


Healing Circle Workshop Saturday 27th February 2016 @8-10.30 PM (MST)
Remote Energy transMISSION & Live Webinar Combo


Re-connecting with Masculine Energies and learning how to integrate them into our practical lives is one of the top energetic healing topics these days.

Join our Healing Circle Workshop for full integration of this powerful healing modality!


Remote Men's & Women's  Healing Circles are monthly workshops events. The main focus of this combination or ENERGY SESSION (men and women separately) and LIVE WEBINAR (all)  is to re-connect and balance our inner and outer Femininity and Masculinity by utilizing HEALING RESONANCES specificly coded to activate our Divine Masculine & Feminine connection. The changing focus of our monthly workshops  allows for a deeper illumination and education on specific aspects of Femininity and Masculinity.


The Remote Healing Circle's objective is to involve you into learning how to actively participate and communicate your self-healing process through connecting with your inner Divine Masculine & Feminine energies. 


This intense HEALING-WORKSHOP format consists of a three-fold process:


1. Experiencing the Healing Frequency first-hand in a 1 hour remote energy transMISSION

2. Reflecting and journaling in a 30 min break in between sessions

3. Interacting, learning and asking questions about the energetic aspects of this Energy Frequency and your personal experiences in a 60 min live Webinar with other participants and continued in our Men's & Women's Healing Forum


Main aspects addressed in the Remote Healing Circles:



-Balancing Divine Feminine/Masculine

-Identifying hidden aspects and inner patterns 

-Letting go of incoming resistances

-Feel, read and direct inner energies 

-Asking for inner guidance & energetic signaling from areas in need

-Communicating experiences

Participation is in this Workshop includes Remote Energy Session, Webinar and Forum Coaching. Price  $100 (discounts available)

Please click here for sign up info



with Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper


This new guided energy process is geared towards practical clearing techniques for our heart field itself as well as our entire field and is designed for learning how to do your own enegetic clearing. 

During this guided remote energy session several layers of stored and/or absorbed energies around our heart field are being cleared and reconnected with our innate self-clearing and healing abilities. At the same time you will be able to observe how it centers your energies, so that you can experience the presence of our heart-field first hand.

The practicality is in the simplicity of the work and then of course continued practice to allow these techniques to take hold.  After the transmission, the mp3 is yours to use as needed.

The process walks all participants through deep connection work, energetic field scanning, and heart clearing techniques.  The beauty of this work is that it is for the spiritually dedicated as well as anyone simply looking for basic energy clearing techniques.

In Group or Individual sessions, the field created through this transCODE initiates:

- Activation and Balancing of our Heart Chakra 
- Feeling our own heart energies
- Breathing through the Heart
- Clearing of Energetic attachments around the heart field
- Activation of Third Eye Perception
- Learning how to effectiely clear negative energies

Hope to see on Friday, 19th February 2016 @ 10PM (MST)!


Jeff Casper


transMISSION Flat Rates

Remote Energy Work is not for everyone. However, those who have experienced the deeper levels of inner work through remote energy transMISSIONS and who resonate with this kind of self-transformative consciousness work know about the instant shift that can be felt within.

transCODES offers proven energy work modalities for Manififestation, Heart Connection, Self-Healing, Trauma Clearing, Karma Resolution, Recovery, Love & Relationship, TwinFlame and all other deeper aspects of Self Improvement. 

This rate is available for anyone who wants to kick-start or deepen his or her inner journey and can be signed up for at any time of the year .

The transMISSION Flat Rate package is highly recommendable for service professionals (tax deducible), practitioners, life coaches, and therapists. (Prerequisite for our Certified transCOACH Energy Coach Training Program)

The Energetic Adjustment Flat Rate is highly recommendable for service professionals (tax deducible), practitioners, life coaches, and therapists, as it allows you to be prepared for collective waves your clients will go through with enhanced personal etheric protection.

As a bonus for flat rate clients Jona provides extended personal email coaching after sessions.

Sacred Self-Healing Discount available.

Please click here for sign up info.


Energetic Adjustment Session 15th February 2016

INNER SHIFT II HEALTH & WEALTH: Monday, 15th February 2016 @10 PM (MST)

It is a one-time group transMISSION event responding to current energetic shifts and transformational occurrences. Energetic Adjustment sessions allow us to prepare for the ongoing correction and transformation in our collective and personal energy field.

This 1 hour Remote Energy transMISSION session is designed to help dealing with the intensity of energetic perceptions and transformational symptoms during times of increased energetic influx and collective frequency shifts. In this session your personal energy field will be cleared and readjusted. A personal session summary or a 30min coaching are included (you get to choose).

In 2016 we will see an increased tendency to resolve old and latent conflicts. This can lead to the uncomfortable confrontation with truth, if we’ve avoided to acknowledge our inner dissonances and hidden parts. On the other hand, it can also bring the relief of finally knowing where we stand, so that we can move on with a stronger sense of who we truly are. This year brings the opportunity to resolve long-dwelling self-worth and trust issues

1st Quarter of 2016

The first quarter of 2016 is characterized by an inner and outer shift – new powerful energies are coming in while the old is still in the process of being shed. Many of us start the year with new courage and a better understanding of their personal position but also purpose in life. During this phase it will be important for us to stay grounded and take care of some overdue ‘worldly’ and physical things.

Session Focus January - April 2016: INNER SHIFT


Until April 2016 we will have to deal with unresolved issues returning to us from 2015, which will include a reorganization of health and wealth, but also relationship aspects. Until the end of January we can continue to release energetic ties and attachments from the old year, which supports our overall understanding of past as valuable learning experiences and thus empowers us to make a stance for our selves.

The inner shift and outer actualization of new energies and priorities will approach us in three phases (which will be reflected in a series of three INNER SHIFT Adjustment Sessions). 

PHASE I (01/25/16) - ALIGNMENT: 
By the end of January we will begin to work on our inner energetic shift that that is needed to realign and recontextualize the dynamics of our personal abundance and independence. This will prepare us to deal with upcoming changes in regards to our 3D physical and practical life quality.

Towards the middle of February a reorganization of our personal energy management will begin. This will affect all areas in life and brings the opportunity to resolve financial and health issues. Relationshipwise, this period can show in a tendency for new commitments (e.g. marriage proposals), new agreements or the end of unhealthy partnerships (also in business).

Until the middle of April we will have an opportunity to explore new possibilities, to open up for changes (e.g. moving) and gain new experiences that can be life-altering. The adjustment session will address a brief correction phase taking place in the first quarter of March, which lead to the time of active manifestation. This is a particularly positive time for new business concepts, starting a new business or looking for a new career development, but also allowing oneself the manifestation of abundance on all levels of existence.

Objective of the Energy Adjustment session is to get through this time in full awareness of the energetic dynamics and without major dramas. This specific period will last until 28th April 2016.

This transMISSION can help to deal with energetic transformation pains and practical 3D issues, such as money, job, home, etc. as they will come forward in this period. During the Adjustment transMISSION Session a DNA-Clearing Sequence will be activated in participants, which allows for a transmutation of our energetic processing (Mitochondrial Re-Programming) and increase of higher vibratory capacity (Divine Consciousness). While doing this I will scan each of your personal energy bodies for resistance or blockages and will provide a two paragraph session summary for each of you. There will only be a short report for this group session, as my main focus will be each your personal fields.

Couple discount is available. 
Included in the Remote Energy transMISSION FLAT RATE PACKAGE.

Also available as discounted Yearly Energetic Adjustment Package.

Prerequisite: None.

Energy Prayers available!

Remote Prayer Group & Jona Bryndis

Finally the Energy Prayers are finished! All pre-orders are being delivered right now.

Energy Prayers are 10 min Energy Alignment mp3’s designed as Meditation Tool, that attune your personal energy field to a specific energetic healing resonance. 

The Energetic Healing Alignments can be obtained as single Healing Resonance for $9.99 or as Subscription Set of 10 Energy Prayers plus bonus track with an automatic subscription for future Energy Prayers produced in the coming 12 month period starting from your sign-up date.

The revenue of all Energy Prayers flows back to our non-profit Remote Prayers Group and thus supports our monthly FREE Group Healings.

To align to our Inner Higher Power no special environment, mediation or altered state of consciousness is needed! Connecting and aligning to our inner Self is natural and simple. All that is needed is 5-10 minutes each day, right after waking up, taking a break or going to bed...while walking the dog, cleaning the dishes, or waiting in line in a supermarket...being connected with Self is not a 'state' - but a way of living.

The transCODES Remote Prayers Group wrote these Energy Prayers as part of the energetic alignment for our FREE Group Healings. Each Energy Prayer resonates on a different frequency and can be used as needed.

Each Energy Prayer consists of a coded invocation (spoken by Jona Bryndis) with an added 4hz Theta Metronome and an additional 30-min music track (inc. metronome) without voice for custom looping.

Thank you for your Donation!

Please note that ordered Energy Prayers are sent out manually - delivery can take up to 6 hours.

Healing Resonances available to date:


Click here to buy an Energy Prayer MP3 or a Subscription.

Energy Prayers are written by Jona Bryndis and Remote Prayer Group
Music by Jeff Casper, recorded by Scott Meadows
Audio Production: Super Power Sound LLC
Editing: Elecia Niedlinger

The Energy Prayer is coded to attune your personal energetic frequency to the faster vibratory resonance of your heart-field. The added theta metronome induces deeper states of consciousness and should therefore not be listened to while driving or operating heavy equipment.

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Group transMISSIONS in February

Remote Energy transMISSIONS explained

All transMISSION modalities are available as individual session on a appointment.

Click on picture for description:

   GRACE TwinSoul Reunification
   GRACE True Love

   GRACE Integrity®

   GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion
   GRACE Sacral-Heart-Fusion
   Heart-Clearing (new)
   GRACE Recovery
   (NEW) GRACE Redemption
   GRACE Power Clearing

  Healing Circle Workshop DIVINE MASCULINE


Mindfullness Crash-Course 
GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion Marathon
3 daily remote energy transMISSION for three days 
6AM, 1PM, and 9PM (MST) 

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Monthly transMISSIONS:

Connect with your TRUE SELF

FREE Group Healing Service
Remote Prayer Session

Energetic Adjustment Session - INNER SHIFT: Health & Wealth

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Upcoming Live Webinars

The next live webinar will be held as part of the Men's & Women's Remote Healing Circle Workshop on How to connect and work with DIVINE MASCULINE ENERGIES on Saturday, 27th February 2016 @9.30 PM (MST)

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Sacred Self-Healing Online Meetings


Saturday, 20th February 2016 @3PM
Monday, 29th February 2016 @1PM
Saturday, 5th March 2016 @3PM

(free for Self-Healing Course Members, on invitation only)

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