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November 2015

  • November 2015 Energy Forecast/Update
  • Article: Dealing with The Side Effects of Global Awakening
  • Energetic Adjustment: INDEPENDENCE
  • transMISSIONS and Webinars in November
  • Most Popular Blog Articles in October/November
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Energy Forecast November 2015

The Pressure is On! 

Standing your ground and maintaining your inner congruence and integrity will be the main theme this month. Your freedom is challenged and your boundaries are tested. This can go really deep! Be prepared for inner wobbling and know that this is about you learning to trust in yourself!

Collectively, November will be characterized by intensified depth of our clearing processes. Our deepest wounds and unresolved inner aspects have an increased chance of coming forward and to be resolved.

This is not new, but this month will challenge us with specifically addressing our most intimate relationships. Meant are issues with our karmic relationships, which include our karmic family, best friends, children and people very close to us, as well as ex-partners with whom we may still have karmic ties or people we feel attracted to but didn’t dare to move forward yet. Will you be able to come out of this challenge with the inner strength of knowing who you truly are?

The pressure is coming from both ends now - from our inner worlds and our outer - so, it can affect your capability to trust and love yourself, as your core values will be tested, but only to allow you to realize what is true to you and what you stand for. Make sure you know how to relase this inner pressure!

Currently, the feeling of being crushed in a wave of doubt, anxiety and anger is very prevalent in many of us energetically sensitive people – especially affecting our physical! With today’s New Moon energies coming in, the physical transformation will become a bit easier! So, relax, and focus on the resonances of Beauty and Gratitude! Look back and realize how far you have already come!

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Global Awakening -
Dealing with The Side-Effects of Waking Up

by Jona Bryndis

Global Awakening comes with a dramatic shift in perception and consciousness. It forces us to see truth. At first, it comes the feeling of being crushed in a wave of doubt, anxiety and anger not knowing who we truly are and what we stand for. If we can get through this shift without succumbing to the emotionality of our inner fear, we will begin to feel the strength of our True Self emerging. This is the purpose of Global Awakening – to wake up to a new reality. A reality void of the illusions of our ego perception. 

As our senses realign to our inner perception we begin to find solutions and knowing within ourselves. We no longer need to externalize our Higher Power, as we begin to sense it within!

With the Global Awakening also comes an awakening of the Global Shadow. For energetically sensitive people this can be a challenging process. It can lead to isolation on the one hand or impulsive outbreaks on the other. Either way, it’s not fun to suddenly be caught in those collective energy bands without knowing what to expect.

The majority of questions we receive here at transCODES are about how to deal with the side-effects of this heightened energetic perception & sensitivity and how to integrate our new perception into our practical lives. In my energy updates I regularly report about energetic waves in order to empower those who are have difficulties discerning what’s coming from within themselves and what’s going on in the collective (that we all are a part of). However, often times it’s not our individual lack of understanding of what is going on but the missing or misunderstood context of resonating aspects within ourselves. How these waves affect us personally always links directly back at how conscious we are about our own ‘stuff’.

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Energy Update October 2015


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If we Knew Better ...

How to connect with our Higher Consciousness


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How To Read & Work Energies

Developing an Inner Lexicon of Sensations


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GRACE & The Mystical Redemption Process

Field Report GRACE Integrity®

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Group transMISSIONS in November

All transMISSION modalities are available as individual session on a appointment.

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   GRACE Integrity®
   GRACE Manifestation

   GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion
   GRACE True Love
   GRACE TwinSoul Reunification

   Divine Masculine & Feminine
   Karmic Family Clearing
   Connecting with Your Sacred Heart

Energetic Adjustment Session : INDEPENDENCE

Learning Energy Work - Developing an Inner Lexicon of Sensations

   Chakra I: 7 Main Physical Charkas
   Chakra II: Higher Consciousness Chakras
   Chakra III: Etheric Protection

Monthly transMISSIONS:

   Healing Circle Workshop: BEAUTY

   Connect with your TRUE SELF - FREE

   Remote Prayer - FREE Group Healing Service

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Upcoming Live Webinars

Sorry, you just missed our Free Webinar: ENERGETIC PERCEPTION & SENSITIVITY
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   Sacred Self-Healing Online Meetings (free for Self-Healing Course Members)

Healing Circle Webinar


Energetic Adjustment Session

This new 1 hour Remote Energy transMISSION session is designed to help dealing with the intensity of energetic perceptions and transformational symptoms during times of increased energetic influx and frequency shifts.  It is a one-time group transMISSION event in which your personal energy field will be prepared, cleared and attuned for responding or pre-empting current energetic shifts and transformational occurrences. (with personal energy report or coaching session)


With the beginning of December we will have to respond to a new level of inner and outer changes. Many of us went through a challenging time observing the collapse of old structures. With the incoming collective energies in December our boundaries, structures and independence will be tested.  

This session will prepare you for one of the revolutionary collective waves coming in in December.

Objective of the Energy Adjustment session is to get through this time in full awareness of the energetic dynamics and without major dramas. This specific period will last until January 2016.

This transMISSION can help to deal with energetic transformation pains and practical 3D issues, such as money, job, home, etc. as they will come forward in this period. During the Adjustment transMISSION Session a DNA-Clearing Sequence will be activated in participants, which allows for a transmutation of our energetic processing (Mitochondrial Re-Programming) and increase of higher vibratory capacity (Divine Consciousness). While doing this I will scan each of your personal energy bodies for resistance or blockages and will provide a two paragraph session summary for each of you. There will only be a short report for this group session, as my main focus will be each your personal fields.

This new 1 hour Remote Energy transMISSION session is designed to help dealing with the intensity of energetic perceptions and transformational symptoms during times of increased energetic influx and frequency shifts.  

It is a one-time group transMISSION event responding to current energetic shifts and transformational occurrences.

Couple discount is available.
A discounted 60 min Session Coaching is available for this transMISSION.

This transMISSION is self-guided and can only be booked as group session.
Instructions will be sent out the night before the Energetic Adjustment session.

Prerequisite: None.

Sign up Info for Saturday 28th November, 2015 @10PM (MST)

Sacred Self-Healing News

As our sacred self-healing community is steadily growing we are now offering biweekly webinars as free membership service. This very personal exchange of the beauty and challenge of this journey is limited to participants of the sacred self-healing course. In these webinar meetings the steps can be discussed and live questions can be asked.

NEW! As of October webinar recordings are available for attendees.

Sacred Self-Healing Online Meeting

Next Sessions are:
Saturday, 11/14/15 @2PM (MST) (STEP 12)

Saturday, 12/05/15 @2PM (MST) (STEP 4)
Saturday, 12/12/15 @2PM (MST) (STEP 13)

Healing Circle News

The Remote Healing Circle's objective is to involve you into learning how to actively participate and communicate your self-healing process through connecting with your inner Divine Masculine & Feminine energies. Each month we work with a different Healing Resonance, addressing specific aspects through energy work and direct education and exchange.

This intense self-healing workshop consists of a three-fold process:

1. Experiencing the Healing Frequency first-hand in a 1 hour remote energy transMISSION (men and women separately)

2. Reflecting and journaling in a 30 min break in between sessions

3. Learning, interacting and asking questions about the energetic aspects of this Energy Frequency and your personal experiences in a 60 min live Webinar with other participants 

Main aspects addressed in the Remote Healing Circle Workshop:

-Heart-Connecting -Balancing Divine Feminine/Masculine -Identifying hidden aspects and inner patterns -Letting go of incoming resistances -Feel, read and direct inner energies -Asking for inner guidance & energetic signaling from areas in need
-Communicating experiences

The focus subject of each session allows for a deeper illumination and education on specific aspects of Femininity and Masculinity.

While we all assimilate healing frequencies in our individual way, the connecting process is often different based on our gender. Therefore, we utilize the amplified self-healing effect of synergetic group energies during separate energy session for men and women, which we then bring back together in the webinar. The webinar is educational in nature and helps to internalize and recontextualize personal experiences (recording is provided).

The Healing Circles are open for everyone and the composition is different every month. Anyone can join the Healing Circles at any time; there are no prerequisites.

Each session is guided through a provided meditation/energy alignment process and free energy coaching in our Women's & Men's Healing Forums.

After three attended Healing Circle Workshops you receive a 50% discounted graduate fee on your participation.So, if you have participated in the Healing Circles in the past years, the price remans the same for you.

A discounted session coaching is available within 7 days of the workshop.

NEW Meditation Tool!

10-Minute Energy Alignment:

Energy Prayers

Release Date: November 2015 (still waiting)

To align to our Inner Higher Power no special environment, mediation or altered state of consciousness is needed! Connecting and aligning to our inner Self is natural and simple. All that is needed is 5-10 minutes each day, right after waking up, taking a break or going to bed...while walking the dog, cleaning the dishes, or waiting in line in a supermarket...being connected with Self is not a 'state' - but a way of living.

The transCODES Remote Prayers Group wrote these Energy Prayers as part of the energetic alignment for our FREE Group Healings. Each Energy Prayer resonates on a different frequency and can be used as needed.

Each Energy Prayer consists of a coded invocation (spoken by Jona Bryndis) with an added 4hz Theta Metronome and an additional 30-min music track (inc. metronome) without voice for custom looping.

Each Energy Prayer is $9.99. The Set of 10 Energy Prayers is 75% discounted for $75.

The pre-order price is only $49

Please note that ordered Energy Prayers are sent out manually - delivery can take up to 6 hours.

The revenue of all Energy Prayers flows back to our non-profit Remote Prayers Group and thus supports our monthly FREE Group Healings.

Thank you for your Donation!

The Energy Prayer is coded to attune your personal energetic frequency to the faster vibratory resonance of your heart-field. The added theta metronome induces deeper states of consciousness and should therefore not be listened to while driving or operating heavy equipment.


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