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January 2016


January 2016

  • January Energy Update & 1st Quarter 2016 Energy Forecast
  • Feature Article: Coming Out of the Woodwork
  • JANUARY: New Shadow Work, GRACE Redemption, Energy Clearing
  • Group Events in January
  • Most Popular Blog Articles in December
  • ENERGY PRAYERS finally released!
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Energy Update January (New Moon) & Forecast 1st Quarter 2016

11th January 2016, by Jona Bryndis

Inner Shift

Collectively, the energies in the month of January will ask us to actively dissolve all negative, unhealthy and unresolved inner and outer patterns carried over from 2015. This includes cold cases and everything that still needs closure especially if it came up during the last quarter of 2015. The importance of doing this is in liberating and unlocking our hidden manifestation abilities. In this process we can begin to actualize our journey by contextualizing our insights and realizations within all our relationships, our work and our true needs and goals - basically the things you all have been working on all along.


For many this last clearing process that will unleash a very powerful inner shift!


January Energies in the Larger Perspective of 2016 Energies


For the entire year we will continue to see an increased tendency to resolve old and latent conflicts. This can lead to the uncomfortable confrontation with truth, if we’ve avoided to acknowledge our inner dissonances and hidden parts. On the other hand, it can also bring the relief of finally knowing where we stand, so that we can move on with a stronger sense of who we truly are. This year brings the opportunity to resolve long-dwelling self-worth and trust issues.


If you are expecting to read a single sided good news prediction about how beautiful our global awakening is going to be and how we are all transforming into light beings, etc., this energy report isn’t for you. It will sound too gloomy for you. But for others who have been bravely learning to stand their ground and voluntary been exploring the deeper aspects of themselves a long time already, what I am about to share with you may sound like music – or a drum, announcing the rebirth of a seemingly lost cause. If you resonate with this kind information, be it because you have been allowing themselves to become energetically perceptive or simply connected with your heart and aligned to Truth -  you will experience this year as really positive compared to the past 10 years! It will mark a completion of some sorts - and here is why:

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Understanding 2016 Energies:

Coming Out of the Woodwork

by Jona Bryndis

Many of you readers and participants of transCODES energy work are part of a growing number of people who are starting to come out of woodwork of inner and outer fringe dwelling. This year is your year! You will become able to realize, recontextualize and recapitalize the hidden treasures of a lifelong feeling of not belonging. You will discover the powerful talents you developed in inner isolation from collective programming, all the while they were buried underneath your shadow-coping strategies, which you can finally begin to reframe! You may still judge yourself for not ever having been able to comply with your family heritage, collective props and even mainstream spirituality, but you will find that this prepared you well. 


Now begins the time for you feel comfortable with yourself, your energetic perception and your inner truth – because now it’s needed – and you will also meet more people who resonate with you, and realize that you are NOT alone!


Overall, in 2016 we will see an increased tendency to resolve old and latent conflicts. This can lead to the uncomfortable confrontation with truth, if we’ve avoided to acknowledge our inner dissonances and hidden parts. On the other hand, it can also bring the relief of finally knowing where we stand, so that we can move on with a stronger sense of who we truly are. This year brings the opportunity to resolve long-dwelling self-worth and trust issues


There are signs of a ‘show down’, be it in our personal lives through making major life decisions later this year or through the influence of outer problems (e.g. politics, environmental and social unrest) – or both. At the same time there is also a great potential for long needed improvements, renewals and new possibilities including an overhaul of inner and outer energy management.


It is in our nature to rise to our highest potential when we are forced to move out of our personal comfort zones – this year will bring plenty of that, but also a chance for exponential inner growth.


The level of discomfort, which is largely tied to our ego but also our emerging overall energetic sensitivity, depends a lot of our courage, openness and willingness to let go of rigid opinions and mental beliefs. New paradigms are emerging, and everyone will play a part in it and feel the effects. Discomfort is simply a matter of perspective, which can be changed by allowing an inner shift towards consciously and fearlessly working on your ego-based emotional, mental and physical programs that prevented our success in the past.

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and more...


New Shadow-Work transMISSION

Shadow Work is one of the pillars of self-healing and inner reconciliation. The power of this modality lies in its combination of the guiding voices and coded visualization techniques. It initiates spontaneous heart-alignment and compassion and allows for our shadow to come forward. The created space in our heart-center resembles and leads to our Sacred Heart-Space, but is often blocked by shadow-aspects.

This Friday, 15th January 2016 at 10pm MST, we will be hosting the new Shadow Work transMISSION!  This is a BRAND NEW meditation process that will go deeper into the components of shadow traits as they come forward.

Without going into it too much, the process guides each participant through a way to connect with and break down their shadow traits into any ego payoffs as well as avoidance mechanisms to shed light on what is likely a very hidden part of them.

Through this work, much can be revealed as really shadow work is about reflection, acceptance, and the willingness to work to change. By listening to, sensing, or working with these aspects we can learn to understand the lost/given away/taken away parts of us, and what they need.  Typically it is love or the need for something new to come into our lives.  Or sometimes, it is just the need to remember how to enjoy life.

Once we have accepted the negative/hidden pattern and understand, to some degree, what is does in our lives, we will find that the hidden aspects of ourselves add so much to our lives once we can reframe them and release the egotistical aspects of them. As we develop new patterns as needed to replace the old, for example, if your shadow comes across needing control, you can change your pattern of control.   To be more specific, if your current pattern is controlling others or things around you, you can remember that you can only control your actions and energy at any given moment and find new ways to do this.

As the new pattern develops a foothold, more ways to change as well as well more understanding will come forward!

The main aspects addressed in the Shadow Work transmission are:


  • Connecting to the heart and Divine Field
  • Learning what ego patterns, emotions or traits you are facing right now
  • Feeling out the ego payoffs and aversions surrounding these patterns
  • Cleansing of the negative energy surrounding the pattern
  • Developing the ability to feel/see past the pattern to the lost part or hidden power
  • Learning to understand what is needed to reintegrate the healed shadow back into our bodies
  • Feeling out what new patterns are needed to change our shadow traits

As with all transmissions, the process is one hour in length, and access to the forum will be given to all who join in to allow participants to share, ask questions, and read more about what was occurring during the session.

We are really looking forward to releasing this process as we know how much change it can bring about!

To sign up or learn more, please click here!

Hope to have you join in!

Thank you,


GRACE Trauma Clearing


The holiday season is often the time of year that brings out the worst and the best in us. But this can also be a blessing. If we choose to become the peaceful observer of ourselves and recognize the mirror in our loved ones, we can use this time to heal relationships and work with our conscious or unconscious trauma energies.

We all have trauma energies operating within us, consciously or unconsciously. Trauma tends to attach to our energy system in knots and can restrict or block us physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Trauma is like glue that sticks us to our past and sometimes even past lives. We wonder why we cannot truly forgive ourselves, feel constant guilt or shame, why we cannot stop addictive behaviours, heal from physical ailments or let people go, no matter what we try, because Trauma energies bind us to invisible patterns or reactionary programs.


While there are many ways to approach trauma healing, energy work can provide a powerful tool for the resolution of locked up energies otherwise difficult to reach. With our Grace Trauma Clearing remote energy transMISSION for example, we can address and unlock these energetic knots in the energy field of a person while bypassing the mental processing. Through the focus on the inner heart connection we can target the clearing of such binding energies without him or her mentally having to understand the nature of her/his trauma.

Instead, we can reduce our trauma load by simply bringing light into how we changed from these key experiences. This strengthens our inner connection and allows us to feel compassion and love for ourselves again, and our self-healing can begin.


If you felt one of your Key Traumas triggered over the Winter Holidays and you would like to explore Energy Work as healing modality join our upcoming GRACE Trauma Clearing transMISSION on Saturday, 17th January 2016 @ 10 PM MST or check out our individual session combos with Trauma Coaching.

In Group or Individual sessions, the field created through this transCODE initiates:

- Physical attunement to trauma-free body
- Strengthening of transformation energies within
- Trauma Memory Recoding
- Consolidation of personal energy fields
- Clearing of energetic ties to persons, places and situations associated with trauma
- Alignment to inner Divine Consciousness (True Self/Source/God/Christ Light)
- Lost-Soul-Part Reunification
- Increased 3rd Eye perception and acceptance of all inner aspects


Much love....and remember....."you matter!"


Catherine diPietro


NEW! GRACE Redemption

New Advanced GRACE transMISSION Modality
Wednesday, 27th January 2016 @1PM (MST)

with Jona Bryndis

This 1 hour remote energy transMISSION session is a powerful advanced self-healing and integration tool. It initiates the recoding and reframing of karmic load (often in conjunction with guilt) carried over from past lives or multi-dimensional contracts. It addresses the healing of unresolved karmic ties, energetic attachments, propensity for etheric attacks and internalizes our innate etheric fighting abilities.

This transMISSION modality is designed for advanced spiritual clearing and energy workers to improve etheric protection, defense and reduction of energetic absorption.

Prerequisites: The mastery of GRACE Integrity, Manifestation, Mental-Heart and Sacral-Heart Fusion modalities. 

transCODE: The Healed Warrior (by Jona Bryndis)
With Jona Bryndis

In Group or Individual sessions, the field created through this transCODE initiates:

- Activation of Etheric Shielding through GRACE Integrity®
- Resolution of deeply seated Soul Fragmentation
- Decoding of Karmic Fighter aspects
- Shadow-Man Reconciliation
- Initiation into Enhanced Sophianic Merging

This modality practices a sacred healing modality developed for advanced energy workers and active spiritual healers which can only be shared in compliance with the alignment to GRACE ethics and integrity.

Energetic Clearing & Coaching Combo Special

January Special for $200 instead $295


Remote Energy Clearings are individually scheduled remote energy sessions with the purpose of identifying and clearing of energetic blocks in a person's energy field. This can include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Energetic dissonances or attachments are often hidden to us or linked in a very complex way, which requires the service of a trained and experienced Energy Worker.  In some circles this energy work modality is called Etheric Surgery or Remote Healing.

All individual Remote Energy Clearings are facilitated by Jeff Casper, 

For all Chakra Clearing Tools click here

Energy Coaching after a clearing session helps to contextualize energetic aspects that need to further be worked on in self-guidance. The January Special combines Energy Clearing and Coaching for a deeper integration.

January Special includes:
  • 1 Remote Energy Clearing Session with Jeff
  • 45 min 1-on-1 Energy Coaching Session with Jeff Casper
  • Personal Session Report
  • Session Recording
Value: $295

For more info on the January Combo click here.


Yearly Remote Energy Flat Rate Packages

Remote Energy Work is not for everyone. However, those who have experienced the deeper levels of inner work through remote energy transMISSIONS and who resonate with this kind of self-transformative consciousness work know about the instant shift that can be felt within.


Check out this highly transformative new way of discovering your true potential!


At the bringing of a new year we all consider changes to your professional career, relationship, health or emotional well being. If you are looking for a new way of adding to or improving your personal or professional life, you may be interested in this discounted flat rate package.


Remote Energy transMISSIONS combine latest energy work techniques and are highly transformative. Read here how they work and how they can work for you. They can be booked as individual sessions, ongoing group sessions, workshops or in combination with Energy Coaching.


This flat rate discount is designed to allow you to kick start or intensify your inner journey, increase your personal consciousness level and ability to manifest your highest potential. It allows you to participate in all transCODES Group transMISSIONS and transMISSION Combos as many times as you wish. For the duration of 12 months (starting at sign-up date) you will have the opportunity to choose from (on average) 20 different remote energy sessions every month. Click here for our monthly transMISSION calendar.


transCODES offers proven energy work modalities for Manififestation, Heart Connection, Self-Healing, Trauma Clearing, Karma Resolution, Recovery, Love & Relationship, TwinFlame and all other deeper aspects of Self Improvement. 

This rate is available for anyone who wants to kick-start or deepen his or her inner journey and can be signed up for at any time of the year .


The transMISSION Flat Rate package is highly recommendable for service professionals (tax deducible), practitioners, life coaches, and therapists. (Prerequisite for our Certified transCOACH Energy Coach Training Program)


Please click here for sign-up info.


As a bonus for flat rate clients Jona provides extended personal email coaching after sessions.

Energetic Adjustments are specific transMISSIONS in which your energy field is optimized for the adjustment to collective energy waves coming in. In a specifically developed clearing sequence your energetic self-clearing abilities are activated and your cell capacity to hold holographic information is increased. This is a unique and highly effective application of remote energy work

Energetic Adjustments typically happen 3-6 weeks before the collective band crosses our energy fields, which gives you extra time to prepare and integrate ahead of time.

Each Energetic Adjustment Session comes with a personal report to reflect to you which parts of your energy system can be worked on by yourself to enhance your attunement to global energetic developments.

This flat rate is available for anyone who wants to kick-start or deepen his or her inner journey. There are no prerequisites. It can be signed up for at any time.

This Flat Rate Package is designed to allow you to continue and intensify your inner journey, increase your personal consciousness levels and ability to manifest your highest potential. It allows you to participate in all Energetic Adjustment Sessions facilitated at transCODES for the duration of 12 months (starting at sign-up date).  Typically, adjustment sessions are held every 3-6 weeks. You will be able to join a minimum of 10 sessions (most likely more) , with the option for one make-up session (in case you are unavailable to attend).

The Energetic Adjustment Flat Rate is highly recommendable for service professionals (tax deducible), practitioners, life coaches, and therapists, as it allows you to be prepared for collective waves your clients will go through with enhanced personal etheric protection.

As a bonus for flat rate clients Jona provides extended personal email coaching after sessions.

Sacred Self-Healing Discount available.

Please click here for sign up info.

Energetic Adjustment Session 1st Quarter of 2016

INNER SHIFT I ALIGNMENT: Monday, 25th January 2016 @10 PM (MST)
INNER SHIFT II HEALTH & WEALTH: Monday, 15th February 2016 @10 PM (MST)

It is a one-time group transMISSION event responding to current energetic shifts and transformational occurrences. Energetic Adjustment sessions allow us to prepare for the ongoing correction and transformation in our collective and personal energy field.

This 1 hour Remote Energy transMISSION session is designed to help dealing with the intensity of energetic perceptions and transformational symptoms during times of increased energetic influx and collective frequency shifts. In this session your personal energy field will be cleared and readjusted. A personal session summary or a 30min coaching are included (you get to choose).

In 2016 we will see an increased tendency to resolve old and latent conflicts. This can lead to the uncomfortable confrontation with truth, if we’ve avoided to acknowledge our inner dissonances and hidden parts. On the other hand, it can also bring the relief of finally knowing where we stand, so that we can move on with a stronger sense of who we truly are. This year brings the opportunity to resolve long-dwelling self-worth and trust issues

1st Quarter of 2016

The first quarter of 2016 is characterized by an inner and outer shift – new powerful energies are coming in while the old is still in the process of being shed. Many of us start the year with new courage and a better understanding of their personal position but also purpose in life. During this phase it will be important for us to stay grounded and take care of some overdue ‘worldly’ and physical things.

Session Focus January - April 2016: INNER SHIFT


Until April 2016 we will have to deal with unresolved issues returning to us from 2015, which will include a reorganization of health and wealth, but also relationship aspects. Until the end of January we can continue to release energetic ties and attachments from the old year, which supports our overall understanding of past as valuable learning experiences and thus empowers us to make a stance for our selves.

The inner shift and outer actualization of new energies and priorities will approach us in three phases (which will be reflected in a series of three INNER SHIFT Adjustment Sessions). 

PHASE I (01/25/16) - ALIGNMENT: 
By the end of January we will begin to work on our inner energetic shift that that is needed to realign and recontextualize the dynamics of our personal abundance and independence. This will prepare us to deal with upcoming changes in regards to our 3D physical and practical life quality.

Towards the middle of February a reorganization of our personal energy management will begin. This will affect all areas in life and brings the opportunity to resolve financial and health issues. Relationshipwise, this period can show in a tendency for new commitments (e.g. marriage proposals), new agreements or the end of unhealthy partnerships (also in business).

Until the middle of April we will have an opportunity to explore new possibilities, to open up for changes (e.g. moving) and gain new experiences that can be life-altering. The adjustment session will address a brief correction phase taking place in the first quarter of March, which lead to the time of active manifestation. This is a particularly positive time for new business concepts, starting a new business or looking for a new career development, but also allowing oneself the manifestation of abundance on all levels of existence.

Objective of the Energy Adjustment session is to get through this time in full awareness of the energetic dynamics and without major dramas. This specific period will last until 28th April 2016.

This transMISSION can help to deal with energetic transformation pains and practical 3D issues, such as money, job, home, etc. as they will come forward in this period. During the Adjustment transMISSION Session a DNA-Clearing Sequence will be activated in participants, which allows for a transmutation of our energetic processing (Mitochondrial Re-Programming) and increase of higher vibratory capacity (Divine Consciousness). While doing this I will scan each of your personal energy bodies for resistance or blockages and will provide a two paragraph session summary for each of you. There will only be a short report for this group session, as my main focus will be each your personal fields.

Couple discount is available. 
Included in the Remote Energy transMISSION FLAT RATE PACKAGE.

Also available as discounted Yearly Energetic Adjustment Package.

Prerequisite: None.

Energy Prayers available!

Remote Prayer Group & Jona Bryndis

Finally the Energy Prayers are finished! All pre-orders are being delivered right now.

Energy Prayers are 10 min Energy Alignment mp3’s designed as Meditation Tool, that attune your personal energy field to a specific energetic healing resonance. 

The Energetic Healing Alignments can be obtained as single Healing Resonance for $9.99 or as Subscription Set of 10 Energy Prayers plus bonus track with an automatic subscription for future Energy Prayers produced in the coming 12 month period starting from your sign-up date.

The revenue of all Energy Prayers flows back to our non-profit Remote Prayers Group and thus supports our monthly FREE Group Healings.

To align to our Inner Higher Power no special environment, mediation or altered state of consciousness is needed! Connecting and aligning to our inner Self is natural and simple. All that is needed is 5-10 minutes each day, right after waking up, taking a break or going to bed...while walking the dog, cleaning the dishes, or waiting in line in a supermarket...being connected with Self is not a 'state' - but a way of living.

The transCODES Remote Prayers Group wrote these Energy Prayers as part of the energetic alignment for our FREE Group Healings. Each Energy Prayer resonates on a different frequency and can be used as needed.

Each Energy Prayer consists of a coded invocation (spoken by Jona Bryndis) with an added 4hz Theta Metronome and an additional 30-min music track (inc. metronome) without voice for custom looping.

Thank you for your Donation!

Please note that ordered Energy Prayers are sent out manually - delivery can take up to 6 hours.

Healing Resonances available to date:


Click here to buy an Energy Prayer MP3 or a Subscription.

Energy Prayers are written by Jona Bryndis and Remote Prayer Group
Music by Jeff Casper, recorded by Scott Meadows
Audio Production: Super Power Sound LLC
Editing: Elecia Niedlinger

The Energy Prayer is coded to attune your personal energetic frequency to the faster vibratory resonance of your heart-field. The added theta metronome induces deeper states of consciousness and should therefore not be listened to while driving or operating heavy equipment.

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Group transMISSIONS in January

All transMISSION modalities are available as individual session on a appointment.

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   GRACE Integrity®
   GRACE Manifestation

   GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion
   GRACE Sacral-Heart-Fusion
   Shadow Work (NEW)
   GRACE Trauma Clearing
   (NEW) GRACE Redemption


Learning Energy Work - Developing an Inner Lexicon of Sensations

   Chakra I: 7 Main Physical Charkas
   Chakra II: Higher Consciousness Chakras
   Chakra III: Etheric Protection

Monthly transMISSIONS:

   Connect with your TRUE SELF - FREE

   Remote Prayer - FREE Group Healing Service

Energetic Adjustment Session - INNER SHIFT: Alignment

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Upcoming Live Webinars

Sorry, you just missed our Free Webinar: ENERGETIC PERCEPTION & SENSITIVITY (Recording will be available soon) and our Healing Circle Webinar: Aligning to Divine Feminine Energies 

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Sacred Self-Healing Online Meetings


Saturday, 16th January 2016 @2PM
Saturday, 23rd January 2016 @2PM
Saturday, 30th January 2016 @12PM

(free for Self-Healing Course Members, on invitation only)

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