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December 2015

  • December 2015 Energy Forecast/Update
  • Article: Understanding Love & Self-Love
  • DECEMBER SPECIALS: Divine Feminine - Energetic Clearing & Integration
  • CHRISTMAS & NEW YEARS SPECIAL: GRACE Recovery Holiday Service
  • WINTER SOLSTICE SPECIAL: Karmic Collective Clearing
  • transMISSIONS and Webinars in December
  • Most Popular Blog Articles in November
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Energy Forecast December 2015

Declare Yourself in Silence! 

Collectively, the energies in the month of December will speed up our current global transformation even more. However, this time you will feel a lot more at ease! While the exhausting process of mentally, emotionally and especially physically integrating the faster vibratory energies of our collective awakening process is in full throttle, you will begin to feel more relaxed than you have in a long time! Yay!

The past three months were quite challenging, but the hard part is over for you now!

The next level of adjusting to our inner transformation process is by transcending your need to conform with programmed behaviors and to discern when it's time claim your independence from your conditioning to please those around you; this can mean that you may run into confrontation with those who compromise or violate your boundaries. 

Stand strong! Your alignment to inner resolution and peaceful solutions will get you through this without having to fight!


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Understanding Love & Self-Love

by Jona Bryndis

Perhaps, you find yourself at a point of your journey where you feel compelled to investigate the truth about the quality of you Love and how much Love you really feel inside. As you probably already know, whether of not you are in a romantic relationship is not a measuring tool for your inner love. Your inner connection is. However, intensified by current collective energies many of us are dealing with a frequent feeling of loneliness and difficulties to connect within.

Loving and trusting somebody requires us to be able to love ourselves first. If you don’t feel good enough or undeserving of love you can’t trust in yourselves; and chances are you feel the same about others. Feeling unloved can mean that we are not quite willing yet to trust in our Self-Love yet, which is often linked to perceiving ourselves as flawed or not meeting our own or projected expectations. We are simply not in a loving relationship with ourselves yet.

From this perspective it’s understandable that we find it challenging to invite True Love into our lives and perhaps even dismiss or give up on it altogether. To overcome conditionality in Love we need to be willing to love others as ourselves. The key to this is in reflecting on the conditions and limitations of how we perceive love. Follow me here and let's refelct on how to overcome the Conditions of Love: 



Most of us mentally know that our general ability to love and express love depend on our inner connection and ability to love ourselves. However, we were all raised and programmed with the notion that we have to be in a certain way in order to 'deserve' love. We were taught that love is conditional, that we need to control it and that it needs an object. These three programs are the most common energetic blocks for allowing Self-Love and thus True Love in relationships.


From an energetic perspective, Love is not conditional! It describes an inner state of connectedness, which does not depend on how well we perform in the eyes of others or ourselves. Anyone who practices true Self-Love through his/her inner heart connection can find that there is an immeasurable amount Love within us - without having to do anything or needing another person to project it onto!

The key to Self- and True Love is Unconditionality. Unconditionality means to love and feel deserving of Love regardless of how we perceive ourselves. To remove conditionality we need to learn how to neutralize inner programs making us believe that we or the other has to be or do certain things in order to deserve love. Instead of externalizing Love, we need to make ourselves the subject of love.

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The Remote Healing Circle Workshop

with Jona Bryndis, Jeff Casper, Roger Schwartz, Catherine diPietro and Elecia England.

A lot of how we perceive the connection with our Divine Feminine Energy within depends on our level of emotional and mental processing. Inner Child, Critical Inner Voice, but also Sexuality, Trauma and Shadow-Work can clearly be linked to this subject and were triggered in most of us. However, as mentioned in the instructions, the Mother Principle is not only the archetypal manifestation of Feminine Energies within us, but also indicates how much we are in tune with ourselves as women – mother, daughter, sister, lover and beloved. Naturally, this includes our relationship, memories, emotions and possibly unresolved issues with our Mothers, but more so wants to address the core Mother and Divine Feminine aspects in us. 

For many of us looking back to our personal mothers and how we were introduced to the Divine Feminine through her is just a beginning stepping stone of understanding how our views and inner attitude towards Femininity, female attributes and other women were programmed. Moreover, we begin to see the true complexity of our inner connection with Femininity and Masculinity through collective, cultural, religious and sociological conditioning, and realize how much we have been programmed into specific judgments and dualistic thinking patterns. 

The way and the level on which we can allow this primary inner connection with the Mother Principle is not just an esoteric concept. It affects our views, our personality and the entire way we go about things, the way we feel and the way we think. 

(To read more articles about this subject go here)

Come and share in this unique, dynamic and transformative Healing Circle Workshop!
 Learn how to actively participate and communicate your Self-Healing process, through connecting with your Divine Masculine and Feminine energies.

Each month we will work with a different Healing Resonance; addressing specific aspects through energy work, direct education and exchange.  The focused subject of each session will allow a deeper illumination and understanding, of our inner masculine and feminine energy.

Discover the powerful, healing vortex a synergistic group can create!

The Remote Healing Circle Workshop is composed of one, hour long,  transmission; which is split into two group fields; one male and one female;  utilizing the amplified self-healing effect of synergetic group energies.  While we all assimilate healing frequencies in our own unique way, the inner connecting process is often different based on our gender.  

The transmission is then followed by 1/2 hour of personal contemplation and reflection.  This time could be used for journalling, as well as preparing any questions.

The Workshop is concluded with a 1 hour, interactive Sharing Circle; via the web.  Here we all join together and voluntarily share our experiences and insights, ask any questions we may have and hear from the various transCOACHES that facilitated in the transmission. (recording is provided) 


Main aspects addressed in the Healing Circle Workshop:

  • Heart connecting.
  • Connecting and balancing Divine Inner Masculine and Feminine Energies.
  • Identifying inner aspects and patterns.
  • Letting go of incoming resistances.
  • Feel, read and direct inner energies.
  • Asking for inner guidance and energetic signalling from areas in need.
  • Communicating experiences


The Healing Circle Workshop is open to everyone and can be joined at anytime.  There are no prerequisites. 

A meditation/energy alignment process is provided with each session; as well as free energy coaching, in the Men's and Women's Healing Forums.

The interactive Sharing Circle may NOT be booked separately!

50% graduate discount on all Healing Workshops after attending 3 sessions.

Discounted session coaching available up to 7 days after workshop.

Energetic Clearing & Integration Combo Special

December Special for $260 instead $295

  • 1 Remote Energy Clearing Session with Jeff
  • 1 GRACE Integrity® Group transMISSION with Jona
  • 30 min 1-on-1 Energy Coaching Session with Jona & Jeff
  • Personal Session Report
  • Session Recording
Value: $400

For more info on the December Combo click here.

For a detailed description of the process of Energy Clearings check here. 

Winter Solstice:

Karmic Collective Clearing transMISSION

with Jona Bryndis & Jeff Casper

The power of this modality lies in the energetic decoupling properties. The transMISSION field initiates spontaneous heart-alignment and thus allows for our collective programming to come forward. The created space in our heart-center resembles and leads to our Sacred Heart-Space, but is often blocked by Karmic and Collective aspects.

The Main aspects addressed in the Karmic Collective Clearing transmission are:

• Opening of Heart-Center; Expansion of 4th (Heart) Chakra and integration/connecting to
  True Self

• Harmonizing dualities within; Letting go of ego-attachments, oppositions, judgments,
  beliefs and pre-programmed (gender-specific) patterns

• De-Coupling from Collective Matrix; Clearing of attachments to
  Collective Karma and Collective Mind Field and stored pain memory

• Re-Activation of inner Freedom; Aligning to the Now

No prerequisites needed. 

Once you have identified Karmic aspects as the area in which you would like to make long-term changes or go through a temporary period of increased transformation, we recommend a transCOACHING Series with your transCOACH. 

Discounted Session coaching is available for this session until 7 days after transMISSION.

Participation $50 instead of $100 - Click here to book your Discount for Winter Solstice


GRACE Recovery Holiday Service

With Roger Schwartz & Jona Bryndis

As special Holiday Service for our clients in Recovery we are offering free participation (energy exchange $10) in our Christmas and New Years transMISSION.

There are no prerequisites - just come!

For more info on our remote energy GRACE Recovery transMISSION click here. (browse product options for Holiday Service)

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Free Downloads in November:


Energy Prayer: FREEDOM


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Group transMISSIONS in December

All transMISSION modalities are available as individual session on a appointment.

Click on picture for description:

   GRACE Integrity®
   GRACE Manifestation

   GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion
   GRACE True Love
   Divine Masculine & Feminine
   Inner Child
   GRACE Recovery

Learning Energy Work - Developing an Inner Lexicon of Sensations

   Chakra I: 7 Main Physical Charkas
   Chakra II: Higher Consciousness Chakras
   Chakra III: Etheric Protection

   Healing Circle Workshop 

 Winter Solstice:

                                      Karmic Collective Clearing 

Monthly transMISSIONS:

   Connect with your TRUE SELF - FREE

   Remote Prayer - FREE Group Healing Service

 Energetic Adjustment Session - TBA

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Upcoming Live Webinars

Sorry, you just missed our Free Webinar: ENERGETIC PERCEPTION & SENSITIVITY

   Sacred Self-Healing Online Meetings (free for Self-Healing Course Members)

 Healing Circle Webinar: Divine Feminine (for workshop participants only)


Sacred Self-Healing News

As our sacred self-healing community is steadily growing we are now offering biweekly webinars as free membership service. This very personal exchange of the beauty and challenge of this journey is limited to participants of the sacred self-healing course. In these webinar meetings the steps can be discussed and live questions can be asked.

NEW! As of October webinar recordings are available for attendees.

Sacred Self-Healing Online Meeting

Next Sessions are:
Saturday, 12/05/15 @2PM (MST) (STEP 4)
Saturday, 12/12/15 @2PM (MST) (STEP 13)
Saturday, 01/02/16 @2PM (MST) (STEP 5)

Healing Circle News

The Remote Healing Circle's objective is to involve you into learning how to actively participate and communicate your self-healing process through connecting with your inner Divine Masculine & Feminine energies. Each month we work with a different Healing Resonance, addressing specific aspects through energy work and direct education and exchange.

This intense self-healing workshop consists of a three-fold process:

1. Experiencing the Healing Frequency first-hand in a 1 hour remote energy transMISSION (men and women separately)

2. Reflecting and journaling in a 30 min break in between sessions

3. Learning, interacting and asking questions about the energetic aspects of this Energy Frequency and your personal experiences in a 60 min live Webinar with other participants 

Main aspects addressed in the Remote Healing Circle Workshop:

-Heart-Connecting -Balancing Divine Feminine/Masculine -Identifying hidden aspects and inner patterns -Letting go of incoming resistances -Feel, read and direct inner energies -Asking for inner guidance & energetic signaling from areas in need
-Communicating experiences

The focus subject of each session allows for a deeper illumination and education on specific aspects of Femininity and Masculinity.

While we all assimilate healing frequencies in our individual way, the connecting process is often different based on our gender. Therefore, we utilize the amplified self-healing effect of synergetic group energies during separate energy session for men and women, which we then bring back together in the webinar. The webinar is educational in nature and helps to internalize and recontextualize personal experiences (recording is provided).

The Healing Circles are open for everyone and the composition is different every month. Anyone can join the Healing Circles at any time; there are no prerequisites.

Each session is guided through a provided meditation/energy alignment process and free energy coaching in our Women's & Men's Healing Forums.

After three attended Healing Circle Workshops you receive a 50% discounted graduate fee on your participation.So, if you have participated in the Healing Circles in the past years, the price remans the same for you.

A discounted session coaching is available within 7 days of the workshop.

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