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Energy Report & Video Update With Energy Tips for 

20th October -
8th November 2017

WEEK 43/44/45 - Consequences of Truth

- Feeling The Pain of Deception?!

3rd-9th November 2017 Energy Update & Practical Tips (Week 43/44/45): Consequences of Truth

Weekly Energy Report for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Keywords Past Three Weeks:

Week 43 - Energetic Reality - Keep it Real!
Youtube link: (unedited)

- Going Deeper Within; Making Connections between Inner Child and Karmic Family
- Injustice, Rejection, Disappointment (how these are linked to unresolved stuff)
- Energetic Integrity & Accountability 
- Understanding vs. Feeling
- Ego-Deception & Humiliation
- Addiction Relapse possible
- Becoming Aware of Power of Choice

Week 44 - Dealing vs. Coping - Ground Work!
Youtube link: (unedited)

- Co-Dependency & Co-Addictions
- Victimizer Sabotage
- Reflecting on Coping Mechanisms
- Facing Inner Dragon
- Serenity: Focus on What you CAN Control
- The Healed Healer
- Crypto News

Week 45 - Consequences of Truth - Feeling the Pain of Deception?!
Youtube Link:

- Wave of Lies/ Delaying Truth
- Pain of Deception
- Blindspots
- Ownership
- Boundary Work
- Damage Control
- Discernment
- Letting Go vs. Standing Ground
- Crypto Scams


WEEK 43/44/45 

Consequences of Truth

- Feel The Pain Of Deception?!


Hi Everybody,

yes, I wasn't able to post the past three energy updates but tried to summarize the theme for the past three weeks in the video above. Past video updates can be watched on YOUTUBE.

You tired of your constant back and forth - ups and downs?

Then you are in good company! Most of us are feeling 'stuck' in repeating cycles at the moment, all the while everything seems to be speeding up at the same time. The truth is, you are not stuck, you are simply recognizing your patters better now. The hardest part about this is to not judge our 'progress', or whatever else we used to used as assessment tool of where we are at. 

You are in a place of massive reprogramming and rewriting your life story. If we want to get out of MENTAL LOOPING the only true questions to ever ask ourselves are:

Is it real (what I am perceiving)?
What are my blindspots?
Am I living according to my truth?
Am I true to my boundaries, values and integrity?
Am I congruent with what I truly want or need?


All this is starting to dissipate now...instead we will feel when we are not congruent within. You are now beginning to feel the PAIN OF DECEPTION in your own (energy) body, be it our own ego's deception or outer gas lighting is. This phenomenon is occurring on a global scale now (more or less - varying a bit in different societies/collective). It our next human evolutionary step - TO BE ABLE TO DISCERN TRUTH!

But we are only at the beginning of this evolutionary process, so there is no critical mass yet. 85-90% cannot discern truth yet, which means that we will continue to feel like outsiders for a little while longer. However, the fact that you are reading this and that you feel attracted to the work I offer shows you that you are not alone! Our power in this phase of GLOBAL AWAKENING is that as we are beginning to come out as empaths/awakened souls we can finally learn how to collaborate and find together in CONSCIOUS LIVING COMMUNITIES (physical or virtual). This is going to be the biggest movement in coming years!

Here at transCODES we have always known about the energetic field power in our community. This is why we offer a free forum community, self-healing circles and remote energy group work. It's the future! New values, new approaches and new future timelines are forming for us. None of the measuring and visioning tools in the past work anymore.

From now on, what matters is:

Can I forgive myself (others) for my ignorance in the past?
What is keeping me in the place I am at? What's the payoff?
Am I still afraid of change?
What is my biggest ego deception?
How do I cope? (addictions, distraction, withdrawing, numbing, repetition)

In order to fully embrace this powerful band of liberation energies coming through collective 'weather' conditions we will need to be ready to KNOW OUR TRUTH, OWN OUR PART and STAND UP FOR OUR TRUE VALUES - including the not-so-lovable parts of how we handled things in the past...

We need to be clear about who we are and what we want - with whom we want it with, how we want it,  and what we can or can't tolerate.

Sounds simple, but when caught up in uncertainty and lack of clarity it's not easy at all! Much of our unconscious programming/conditioning triggers the fear of loosing what we have and refuel our coping/energetic/behavioral habits that keep pulling us us back into old patterns. Yes, it's getting old!

If you are tired of repeating, ask yourself what we are not seeing! What is your EGO'S MO to make you NOT DO/SEE/ACT what you already are feeling you need to do?


Since the beginning of the year we've spend a lot of time and energy with physical integration and proving to ourselves why our old stuff doesn't work anymore. This isn't lost time! Integration needs exactly how ever long it needs! But now the collective pressure is asking us for clarity.

What I mean to say with this is that we need to be very clear about what works and what doesn't work. There is no need to wait things out, if we already know that it doesn't work for us. We need to be clear about this in our expression, our communication and deeds - as a human, citizen, man, woman, mother, father, business owner, blond or dark haired person. None of these labels are enough to describe who we truly are - so let's drop the need to be 'somebody'!


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Energy Management Tip for the coming 6 Weeks:


Stomach but also continued liver or gallbladder issues are likely to continue this week. If you know you have sensitivities and intolerances try to stay on the alkaline side of foods and avoid refined sugars. Drink more water, and sleep more, if need to be, and focus on harmonizing your physical and emotional body. To get trough the acidity of this collective wave soothe yourselves with baths, nature walks and herbal teas.

Until the end of the year we will find ourselves in a collective liberation and reorganization phase, which means that things will continue to escalate on a global scale. You all know where this is going, so don't resist the side-effects of this global clearing process. Instead, tune in tonew opportunities and approaches that are emerging as a result of this!

Try to catch fear and anger before they can latch on and trigger your old patterns! Accept that they will always be part of your vision, but learn to discern them from your inner guidance and keep your energetic vision clear of survival issues! 


Here a bulleted summary of what to expect this coming week:


- Continued head pressures/pain; lightheadedness; fogginess
- Mental & Emotional Looping
- Feelings of being stuck; Numbness
- Continued relationship issues or sudden break-ups
- Deep Disappointments; Depression; Loneliness
- Nightmares, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia
- Lung pains, Upper respiratory infections, nervousness, digestive issues, 


- Connect within; Embrace Silence; Nature Walks
- ConquerYour Critical Inner Voice; Find Your True Inner Voice
- Heart-Breathing & Meditation
- Embrace your energetic senses; Allow Yourself to FEEL
- Boundary Work; Communicate Your Boundaries
- Physical Activity (jump-robe, weight training, grunt work - lighter versions with joint
  pain, such as swimming )
- Dealing with Changes (as opposed to coping!)
- Accept things the way they are (journaling)
- Stop justifying, defending and judging
- Work with Water! Drink more, swim more, take baths
- Stop the Thinkingness - Accept that you cannot 'figure' it out with your ego mind
- Pay Attention to outer deception

All is explained in the videos! For more remedies check the chakra charts below.

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