Read about a massive ATEM Library update, our two new controllers, helping engineering students with a radical new control surface and then we brag about our Scandinavian Fame. All in this newsletter.
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New ATEM Library

Full Protocol Implementation

As the year is waning we can celebrate the 3 year anniversary of the ATEM Switcher library for Arduino with a major update. It’s the largest and most comprehensive update so far, and we’re really proud of the level of documentation we have achieved. It’s been massive work, and the library have now been completely rewritten and includes full control of almost every aspect of the ATEM switchers. You can learn much more at our website and watch the video.

Updates all-around and product launches

A new and more ergonomic C10 Remote, enclosure upgrade of the C90, a whole new E21 Box Enclosure Series including 8 channel tally solutions and dual GPIO + launch of the E201 Desktop Controller. A lot of exciting upgrades and launches have happened over the course of the year. It feels great having a large variety of controllers in the portfolio to cover different use cases. But we have saved the best for last :-)

New Desktop Controller - E21-CMB6

YES it’s a new controller. YES it has a 10 source selection bus. Y E S it’s a low profile desktop enclosure with enough power to have a web interface. 

We’re simply thrilled to announce the new E21-CMB6.  It’s so much power in a small and sturdy enclosure and we even managed to squeeze in 15mm sculptured cap backlit push buttons, a slider, display, menu and a SmartSwitch. The 10 input preview/program bus allows for selecting all inputs on a 1 M/E 4K, but this could even be extended to 20 inputs with a SHIFT function. Or why not let the SmartSwitch select which bank of inputs you are controlling? The user buttons let you have all your favorite ATEM commands at hand for your production flow, and these could even be programmed to do several setting changes at a time - macros! This could be fading in a picture-in-picture or changing chroma key settings + picture for your virtual studio. Have a look at the introduction video and learn more at our website.

CCU for Blackmagic Studio Cameras

With the launch of the Blackmagic Studio Camera this year BMD entered yet another domain in live production. The camera offers DaVinci Resolve primary color corrector and with the integrated CCU in the Software Panel you’re able to remotely control color, cameras settings and lens control. But we have great news - you are no longer limited to tweak your cameras in the software. We are proud to present the new SKAARHOJ CCU that let you take full camera control in a sweet looking hardware panel. The controller offer both ease of operation and multi-functionality with the user friendly buttons and many displays. The master black and iris adjustment are controlled by multi turn dials, and the illuminated buttons and displays provides high visibility even in dark locations. The OLED menu rocker switch let you toggle between all the settings you need to adjust and refine for each camera´s image. Have a look at the video. It will be on the website in the beginning of 2015.

Video-Multi Controller

In the spring we helped a group of students from the Technical University of Denmark to develop a highly unique way of controlling robotic cameras combined with video switching control. We aided them in modifying some of our existing components (i.a. bend PCBs) to make it fit inside two joysticks and the group managed to make a great working prototype. You can read more about the process and collaborating in a  short article, they published and watch the short video demonstrating the feature set of their Video-Multi Controller. 

Scandinavian Fame

We can proudly announce our controllers have been purchased by the two largest TV stations in Denmark. DR (Danish Radio) have installed a system in a SNG-van and the news department of TV2 now have a SKAARHOJ controller in their tool kit.

In August NRK (The Norwegian Broadcasting) ran a great article describing their challenge of covering the Chess Olympiad 2014 in Tromsø. Their solution was a combination of CasparCG, ATEM Television Studios, the ATEM Library from SKAARHOJ, a bunch of other gear and a whole lot of ingenuity. It’s a great read!

We wish you a happy new year
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