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The New Commandments!

A brand new controller series from SKAARHOJ

With IBC2015 going on we thought we should share some news as well.
Written - not in stone but - in durable extruded aluminum, a form factor you can hide in a fist, focused functionality, charming like your baby brother, but at a price tag you can only choose to obey: The SKAARHOJ Micro series! These miniature controllers are perfect for any OB van, Master Control Room, any untrained operator, any CEO in a board room etc. who needs to monitor, adjust, activate and operate AV- and broadcast gear with no confusion whatsoever. From 399$. Expected shipping in November.

SKAARHOJ Micro Series

These controllers focus on a single, narrowed down task which makes them perfect as interfaces for untrained operators, as a remote controller on your camera rig or a small monitor device squeezed into a crack between other bulky devices in your OB van. The SKAARHOJ Micro Series is the worlds smallest, wired, all-included Ethernet controller series, selling from $399. All devices offer PoE (Power over Ethernet) as an option which allows you to connect only a single ethernet cable for both power and communication. This makes it extremely simple and handy to connect and use these devices. Everything is included in the box, it will communicate directly over IP with any device we offer protocols for, just connect ethernet and power. The units are configurable through the standard SKAARHOJ web interface as well and programming and firmware upgrades are done via a standard micro-USB cable.


The various types below are described with their standards shipping software installed, but in the usual SKAARHOJ style you can ask us to reprogram them as you like (or do it yourself!) to do any other thing you can imagine. That’s the beauty and freedom of Open Source and SKAARHOJs customization services.


PoE option for any “Micro” is +$70.


Micro Smart V

Like the “KP01” Micro, this will talk to a BlackMagic Design ATEM switcher and likewise it’s programmed so the top button executes a transition on the switcher while the lower button selects the source. But this “Micro” is more powerful and user friendly at the same time since the Smart Switches will show the function of the button on the large graphical display of the button. For instance, the input source name will be printed on the lower smart switch as you press it to cycle through the options so in this way a multiviewer is not a necessary accessory. Also, the Cut button can be changed into both an AUTO button and a Fade-To-Black function by holding the lower button and pressing the top button to change the transition type, which will subsequently be shown in the graphical display.

Sells @$749.

Micro Smart H

This “Micro” is like a Micro Smart V, but horizontally oriented, making it a great controller to lay down somewhere convenient on a monitor, a table or a shelf etc. It ships with software to control recording and playback on a HyperDeck Studio recorder from Black Magic Design. The Left button will cycle through the available clip names on the recorder and show them on the display while the right button will initiate playback of the selected clip when pushed. If the right button is held down for a second, the HyperDeck will start recording instead.

Sells @$749.

Micro Smart E

One of the most versatile “Micro”s in the programme! This combines a Smart Switch with a multi turn knob so you can build anything from simple interfaces to complex menu systems. It ships with software to control settings in an ATEM switcher. As you push the Smart Switch, it will cycle through settings in the ATEM switcher such as transition length, input source on AUX1, media bank 1 source, X/Y position of the DVE. As you turn and push the encoder knob you change these values in real time, reflected on the display of the Smart Switch. Alternative implementations could include changing scope types on a SmartScope Duo. A powerful little tool. The features in the software shipping can easily serve as inspiration for adaptation through our consultancy services. Usually we can integrate small adjustment of any other/additional setting with the purchase of the device.

Sells @$649.

Micro KP01

This “Micro” talks to a BlackMagic Design ATEM Switcher. It’s designed to be operated by the thumb of you hand, hosting big 17.4mm square broadcast quality RGB buttons. The top button is a “CUT” button, but if you hold it down for a second it will initiate a smooth AUTO transition from Preview to Program instead. The lower button “INPUT” will cycle through the inputs on the multiviewer, bringing them to Preview. With this device in combination with a multiviewer monitor you can enable really simple operation of an ATEM switcher for small setups with only a few inputs. 

Alternative implementations could include starting/stopping Hyper Decks, or turning on and off logos and lower thirds on keyers in an ATEM Switcher, activating robotic camera presets etc. 

Sells @$549.

Micro BI16

This “Micro” hosts 3 buttons, configured as 1+2 (optionally you can have 3 buttons grouped together). It talks to an ATEM Switcher and each button is programmed to bring Multiviewer Input 1, 2 and 3 directly to Program. Since the labels on the buttons can easily be changed, it can provide a very user friendly video switcher for fixed set ups. For instance buttons could read “TOTAL”, “SIDE CAM” and “CLOSE UP” to directly name three fixed input sources in an AV installation.

Alternative implementations could include allocating a button for Fade-To-Black and another two buttons for selecting a Computer or a Camera to Program out with a nice mix transition.

The buttons are single color buttons (either red, green or amber color) and you can specify your own combination when you order. But default it ships with red light in the buttons.

Sells @$499.

Micro Monitor

Sometimes you just need to know. Know what source is on AUX1. Know if the HyperDeck is playing, recording or stopped. Know the status of a given Videohub output. See the audio levels of input 1-8. This “Micro” will be your interface to such things. It has no buttons, just a display connected to your network. We expect that users will have quite unique ideas about what to use it for, so this device will typically require a few hours of consultancy to make it right for your needs - but luckily we are that kind of company that will happily help you customize. Or you can do it yourself. It’s is Open Source. As always!

Sells @ $449

Micro Levels

A confidence monitor for ATEM switcher audio levels, this “Micro” gives you a read-out of the volume on any ATEM audio input. It will show Left/Right levels for the selected input with 5  green, 2 yellow and 1 red LEDs. The channel is selected by the push buttons on the right side. When you change channel, the LEDs will shortly indicate which channel is being monitored. The Master channel is the default. In case connection to the ATEM is lost, the LEDs will all blink rapidly to indicate the error state. Fully customizable. As always!

Sells @$499

Micro Audio

This is a basic ATEM audio channel volume control. The channel being controlled is set up in a web interface and can include any video input or channel you can also access in the ATEM Software Control panel. Additionally you can turn a channel on/off or set it to Audio-Follow-Video. The small LED will indicate the audio level on the channel; green, yellow and red indicates the level and if it’s off, there’s simply no audio. In it’s simplicity, this “Micro” is the missing and simple audio controller you needed for your ATEM Switcher!
Sells @$499

Micro GPIO

This is a boiled down concentrate of our usual 8 channel GPIO solutions, only here each pin is both input and output! It means; You have to specify which function a pin has in the web interface. But other than that, you can enjoy the extensive configuration options known from our usual GPIO products which allows you to connect inputs to multiple functions in an ATEM switcher or flip the outputs in response to any setting in an ATEM switcher, such as a given input being on Program etc. The inputs are activated by shorting a given pin to the common GND pin on the Phoenix connector. Likewise, if a pin is an output, it will short the pin to GND when activated. In this sense, electrically it remains compatible with our other GPIO products as well as BlackMagic Designs GPIO box.

Sells @$549.

Micro Tally

A SKAARHOJ Tally output compatible with the SKAARHOJ Tally Lamp system. Supports up to three tally lights connected in a daisy chain. The SKAARHOJ Tally Lamp system is tally lamps that support both Program and Preview tally light (red and green) and mounts on a camera cold shoe. The lamps are designed to be connected either in a star-formation (all lamps connected to a master) or daisy chain (first lamp connected to master, second lamp connected to third lamp etc). This “Micro” supports daisy chaining of 3 such lamps for Program and Preview tally from an ATEM Switcher.

Sells @$399

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