OCTOBER 23, 2015

Finding a Sitter...

It has been a long time since I have had to hire a babysitter and in fact my daughters are now the babysitters. Now that the tables are turned, I feel a sense of responsibility when they leave to go take care of someone else's children. I want to know they won't be distracted by their cell phones, that they keep the children safe and that they straighten up before the parents come home, all things I appreciated when I hired a sitter. Each of our daughters has taken a babysitter training course in order to have some basic CPR training and to understand the expectations of being a responsible babysitter.

I remember how overwhelming it was when I first thought of leaving my own children with a complete stranger. Sitters are great though for parents and for children. It gives parents time to recharge and it gives kids an a built-in playmate. When you find a sitter that your kids click with, the kids will be the ones pushing you out the door.

I have learned some things over the years: paying more for a sitter does not get you a better sitter; you don't always need to pay more when you have more than 1 child; and the more clear you are with your expectations before they babysit, the smoother the transition. Some sitters are happy to put the dishes away and tidy up. Others will say, I don't do housework. Every family is different and it's important to do your research early and find what is most comfortable for you and your family.


Talk to your sitter about appropriate dress

Let's talk about the elephant in the room. When a babysitter shows up to work in an outfit that unabashedly draws all eyes, it can be, well, really awkward.

A friend of mine described a scenario that may be familiar: My friend and her husband were heading out for a date night. The couple was going to dinner at a romantic restaurant. It had been a while since she and her husband had been anywhere without the kids and she was really looking forward to the evening. She had put on a flattering outfit and felt great. When the babysitter knocked on the front door, she entered the house wearing a very low-cut t-shirt and fitted, if-you-dare-wear-short-jean skirt with platform heels. She looked sexy and fabulous, a little too fabulous, actually, given babysitting tasks ahead of her that evening which included cooking and feeding a toddler spaghetti, cleaning up the mess afterwards, playing Legos on the floor, and reading bedtime stories. 

After such a display of fabulousness, Mom was feeling a little less fabulous herself when she headed out the door. In fact, she was downright irritated and angry about the lack of professionalism and consideration the babysitter – who was making a fair wage at her expense-- displayed. She was concerned about the quality of care her children were going to get that evening. How could someone with such poor judgment in how she presents herself for a job be a responsible babysitter? 

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community calendar

Trick-or-Treat at the YMCA

The whole community is invited to come and play Halloween games and trick-or-treat at the Camarillo YMCA

Halloween Teen Dance

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For teens ages 13-21 with special needs (served by TCRC) and their siblings and friends of the same age. Halloween costumes are optional.

Harvest Moon Spooktacular

Main Street Block Party (between Oak and Palm Streets) hosted by Open Classroom. Free Activities! Free admission! Public welcome!
Live music on two stages. Kid-friendly entertainment and contests. Costume Contest. Trick-or-Treating at local businesses.

Zombie Land Train Ride

Join the Fillmore & Western Railway for “In Search Of Pumpkinhead in Zombie Land.” Take a train ride with us though the citrus groves to Zombie Land, where it is pitch black. Enjoy a barbecue dinner, music, dancing, no-host bar, corn maze, and if you dare, enjoy spooky stories on a hayride in search of Pumpkinhead.

Underwood Farms Fall Harvest Festival

18th Annual Fall Harvest Festival is here. This year’s Festival will feature all of the activities from past years plus many, many more.

Halloween Harvest Festival Simi Valley

Join us as we celebrate the fall season and Halloween with festive arts, crafts and games. Come in your costume!

Fright Fest Halloween Carnival

Bring your friends to the Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District Fright Fest on Hallween night at Community Center Park for the Trick-or-Treat Village, Haunted Village, Spooky Cemetery, Spider Garden, pumpkin painting, face painting, carnival games, inflatable attractions Movie in the park at 9 pm. 

Oak Park Halloween Carnival

Join us for the Annual Oak Park Halloween Carnival. There will be a trick-or-treat village, enchanted forest, game booths and prizes.
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