SEPTEMBER 11, 2015

Encouraging baby
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We all agree that our little one's first five years are the most critical years of their development process. As parents we are eager to communicate with our little ones. However, most of our little ones spend the first 12 months attempting to communicate gesturally through Baby Sign till their vocal cords fully develop around their first year. Babies are aware that they are unable to speak like their guardians. Thus, resorting to frequent cries for their needs and wants. However, many parents are unaware that, other than crying, their baby is also attempting to communicate through sign language.

In this case Baby Sign, which is the use of manual signing in order to communicate with infants and toddlers. All guardians often unknowingly teach their little ones a very simple form of sign language, even if they don’t realize it. Signs like “Hi” and “Bye-Bye” are considered forms of Baby Signs. Once the baby realizes this successful form of communication during the stage of limited vocalization they flourish and are much at ease once they come to the epiphany that their “Mommy” understands what they are thinking through Baby Sign...

Surviving the first month as a new parent

Yes, a new baby is a “bundle of joy” but that first month can be really challenging as you dive in to your new role as a parent.

Here is the best advice from local moms to help you survive: [CLICK & SHARE YOUR ADVICE!]
  • Ask for Help... Don’t try to be super mom and handle it all by yourself. Ask family/friends to help change a diaper, do a load of laundry or shop.
  • Lean on your partner... Your partner wants to help too. Include your partner in changing diapers, dressing, bathing & feeding.
  • Set up a Dinner Train... You don’t have to cook and your friends get a chance to meet the baby. Have a friend set up a dinner train for every other night so that you are not overloaded with too much food.
  • Schedule a Housecleaner... (if it’s in your budget)... Don’t spend your limited free time mopping the floor, hire someone to keep the house clean. This is a great baby shower gift!
  • Don’t expect perfection... Make sure to be open to the idea that things might not turn out exactly how you had initially envisioned and it's okay...
banana festival
Bridging of Hope
community calendar

Ventura Art & Street Painting Festival

Approximately 50 artists display their work on the lawn and 45 street painters will once again create colorful artwork on the sidewalks. Admission is free.

Child Carseat Checkups & Installation

This free service is provided on selectedMondays by a partnership between Safe Kids Ventura County, Ventura County Public Health, and First 5 Moorpark/Simi Valley Neighborhood for Learning.

Get a Free Child ID

All Children will receive a free ID at Gull Wings Children's Museum. Bring the entire family and friends for a day of fun, and valuable safety tips. 

Banana Festival

The free festival provides visitors an opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled day in addition to learning about the journey of the banana and inner workings of the Port. Festival highlights include delicious food and banana treats, live music, interactive displays, recipe contests, arts & crafts, kid’s activities, Port tours and more.
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