I've been dancing on the internet.
This holiday update reveals all my secrets. Enjoy!
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Dearest Dears,

This is my attempt at a keeping you informed. This is my attempt at sharing the love.
Too often I have performances or I am working on something mind-boggling or I am reading a great book and the whirl wind of life takes hold of me and I don't tell anyone.
I want to share with you the things I love and the only way to start is to start. Here we go.
2013 has been spent doing a number of notable and surprising things including:
- Learning to operate marionettes while on stilts and making new work with Phantom Limb Company
- Performing like a Barbie and a bug for Jane Comfort
- Lifting ladies for Erica Essner
- Dancing in feathers and petticoats for Jordana Toback and the Dreamland Follies (See Above Photo)
- Coordinating the activities of Tamar Rogoff Performance Projects
- Teaching dance at Bronx International High School for ASTEP
- Pointing my toes and moving like a lion while teaching at the Chen Dance Center
Most recently, I performed two original duets. One with the fabulous Rowan Magee at Picasso Machinery (It involved a lamp and a hula) and the other with fantastic Dion Mucciacito at STUFFED at Judson Memorial Church (It was his dance debut!). Both were great fun to make and perform. I dream of following that inspiration down a rabbit hole in the future.
The thing I am most excited to share with you!!

Since my last birthday, May 20th, 2013, I have been improvising a dance and recording it on an iPhone every day. I post these dances to YouTube. The goal is to do this for an entire year. Now that I have past the half way mark, I feel brave enough to tell you that they exist.
There are no rules to the improv, only that I must do one once a day until my next birthday and present it to the world wide audience of the internet.

A few things I have learned:
- I almost always want to dance bigger than the frame
- My shoes, outfit, the flooring and how sturdy the architecture is drastically affects my movement.
- Usually, I am camera shy. I have to force my self to face it.

My goal is to keep my creative muscles toned with out the pressure of judgement or an end goal. It is an exploration for discovery's sake. Some are interesting. Some aren't. Some are funny. Most are odd. The very first one is below. It is my gift to you, enjoy!
I will be winging westward to spend Christmas with my family in Seattle and anticipate the New Year with a fire in my heart. It is my wish that you all stay warm and well. I send you all my love.
Lucie Baker
Copyright © 2013 Lucie Baker, All rights reserved.

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