Spring is springing! Plus new work is brewing!
Plus more dancing! Enjoy!
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Winter is begrudgingly releasing its beastly claws from the neck of tender Spring. 
Daylight savings and the vernal equinox have past.
It is time for an update.

When last we met, carols were ringing in our ears. 2014 took off with a bang. Performances with Jane Comfort and Company and Cindy Salgado kept me on my toes and in the air. With Jane I performed Beauty in Tampa, Florida, Altiplano at APAP in New York and Babar: Le Petit Elephant (In French and English!) at the French Institute in New York. With Cindy I had the opportunity to collaborate not only with her but with poet Alejandro Rodriguez, visual artist Yazmany Arboleda and a number of fabulous actors, B-Boys and contemporary dancers.  
I then escaped New York to San Francisco to visit friends, soak up the sun and take wonderful dance class. Most notably, I took class with Ann Halprin. She is a gem and, at 93 years old, a fantastic teacher. 

Teaching at Chen Dance Center continues and since returning from SF I have had performances with Erica Essner Performance Co-op. A highlight of this month was performing and dancing with many tiny children at the Brooklyn Children's Museum.

Daily Improvs are going strong despite my tardiness in posting them. Check them out on YouTube. So far this year I have danced in airports, on beaches and on subway platforms. The video below, filmed in my kitchen, is called "Cut a Ghost". 
{Photo: Darren Hoffman. Project RUIN, 2012}
My most cherished activity this spring!!

I have committed to the development of a new work.
I have gathered the incomparable performers Leah Walsh, Erica Newhouse and Rowan Magee to explore the manifestation of the unconscious in our daily behavior and relationships. We will plumb the depths of our dreams and nightmares to see what strange fish we come up with. We will  share our catch with outsiders on May 24th in a studio showing. Save the date. 

Of course, in order to produce work one must muster up the life blood of our current economy: money. If you are in a position to support four fabulous artists in the pursuit of the muse, please make a donation via my fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, by clicking HERE. I am very excited to share my ideas, some of which I have held in mind for years. I believe now more than ever that art and movement are the most vital things we as humans can engage with. They fan the flame of the soul.

I wish you all great love and ferocious energy as we run from Winter's icy grasp to the warm touch of Spring.

Now thawing,
Lucie Baker

Lucie Baker Dances is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Lucie Baker Dances must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Keep Art Alive! Donate here!
In Memoriam: Sotay Brown has taken her frisbee with her to the great beyond.
You are missed, my fuzzy friend.
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