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The Complex Ties between Poverty and Exclusion // Michèle Lamont

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The Power of Restraint in the "Golden Age" of Arms Control: A Tribute to Thomas C. Schelling // WCFIA Co-Founder Thomas C. Schelling


William C. Clark, et al. // Using Inclusive Wealth for Policy Evaluation: Application to Electricity Infrastructure Planning in Oil-Exporting Countries // Ecological Economics

Sarah Dryden-Peterson // Refugee Education: The Crossroads of Globalization // American Educational Research Association

Sarah Dryden-Peterson, et al. // Tracing Pathways to Higher Education for Refugees: The Role of Virtual Support Networks and Mobile Phones for Women in Refugee Camps // Comparative Education

Frank Dobbin // Les sciences sociales façonnent-elles les pratiques de lutte contre les discriminations des entreprises? Une comparaison des cas états-unien et français // Terrains & travaux

Elhanan Helpman // Globalization and Wage Inequality // Working Paper

Dani Rodrik, et al. // The Recent Growth Boom in Developing Economies: A Structural-Change Perspective // Working Paper

Rema Hanna // Technology Beats Corruption // Science

Jeffry Frieden, et al. // Understanding the Political Economy of the Eurozone Crisis: A Political Scientist's Guide // Working Paper


Noah Feldman // Lessons from a Dark Year in Syria // Bloomberg View

Jorge I. Domínguez // Can Donald Trump and Raul Castro Make a Good Deal? // The New York Times

Samuel Moyn // Beyond Liberal Internationalism // Dissent Magazine

Fernando Reimers, et al. // Lessons from Singapore // CommonWealth Magazine

Joseph S. Nye, Jr. // Will the Liberal Order Survive? // Foreign Affairs

Noah Feldman // Uncertainty Fills the Taiwan Strait // Bloomberg View

Stephen M. Walt // Barack Obama Was a Foreign Policy Failure // Foreign Policy

Alastair Iain Johnston // Three Contradictions in Trump's China Policy (Thus Far) // The Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University

Calestous Juma // Revolution in Africa: A Response to Breakthrough's Essay on Precision Agriculture // The Breakthrough

Dara Kay Cohen, et al. // Women's Rights Are a National Security Issue // The New York Times


R. Nicholas Burns // World Leaders Enter New Era with President Donald Trump // Here & Now, WBUR

Peter Galison // In Thousands of Years, What Will We Do with Nuclear Waste? // The Atlantic

R. Nicholas Burns and Stephen M. Walt // Trump's Approach to Foreign Policy // Harvard Kennedy School PolicyCast

WCFIA alum Philippe Le Corre // Philippe Le Corre: Chinese Investment in Post-Brexit Europe // The Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University


Joseph S. Nye, Jr. // America's Future Relations with Russia and China // The National Interest

Jennifer Leaning // No Easy Answer for Health Void in Syria // Harvard Gazette

Ricardo Hausmann // Prof. Hausmann Highlights Importance of Technology for Economic Development // Daily Mirror

Fernando Reimers // Fernando Reimers on International Education: Global Comparative Education Analysis and Study to Advance Development, Collaboration, and Effective Teaching and Learning // Harvard International Review

Arne Westad // Trump, China, and the Future of U.S. Interests in the Asia-Pacific Region // The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University

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