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From Rome to Rwanda: The Centuries-Long Effort to Define Civil War // David Armitage

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Now That TPP Is off the Table, What's Next for NAFTA? // Marc Melitz


Global Food+ 2017 was held on February 24, 2017 and featured an afternoon of “speed talk” presentations by 24 top scholars in the Boston area from a wide range of disciplines. Each delivered a seven-minute summary of their most recent research findings. 
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Watch one talk—or the whole thing:
Listen to one talk—or the whole thing:


Timothy J. Colton // Russia: What Everyone Needs to Know // Oxford University Press

Sophia Roosth // Synthetic: How Life Got Made // The University of Chicago Press

Jean Comaroff and John L. Comaroff // The Truth about Crime: Sovereignty, Knowledge, Social Order // The University of Chicago Press

Edited by Herbert C. Kelman, et al. // A Pioneer in the Social Psychology of Conflict Analysis and Resolution // Springer

Candelaria Garay // Social Policy Expansion in Latin America // Cambridge University Press

Gareth Doherty // Paradoxes of Green: Landscapes of a City-State // University of California Press


Ricardo Hausmann, et al. // Welcome Home in a Crisis: Effects of Return Migration on the Non-Migrants' Wages and Employment // Working Paper

Helen V. Milner, Dustin Tingley, et al. // Essay on "Is Liberal Internationalism Still Alive?" // The International Security Studies Forum

Pol Antràs, et al. // Benefits of Importing: Evidence from US Firms' Global Sourcing Decisions // VoxEU

Nathan Nunn // Understanding the Long-Run Effects of Africa's Slave Trades // VoxEU

Jason Beckfield, et al. // Shorter Lives in Stingier States: Social Policy Shortcomings Help Explain the US Mortality Disadvantage // Social Science & Medicine

Pippa Norris // Is Western Democracy Backsliding? Diagnosing the Risks // Working Paper

Sarah Dryden-Peterson // Family-School Relationships in Immigrant Children's Well-Being: The Intersection of Demographics and School Culture in the Experiences of Black African Immigrants in the United States // Race Ethnicity and Education


Ricardo Hausmann // Refugees as Weapons of Mass Destruction // Project Syndicate

Stephen M. Walt // How Not to Fix the Liberal World Order // Foreign Policy

Fernando Reimers // Can Universities Save the Enlightenment from Populism? // Huffington Post

Noah Feldman // Free Speech in Europe Isn't What Americans Think // Bloomberg View

Calestous Juma // Why African Countries Banning Imports of Fruit and Veg is a Blunt Tool // The Conversation 

WCFIA Fellow Joëlle Jenny // Can the UN Restore International Peace? Maybe, but Only from the Ground Up // World Economic Forum

Jeffrey Frankel // Mnuchin's Mission // Project Syndicate

David Keith, et al. // Fear of Solar Geoengineering Is Healthy—but Don't Distort Our Research // The Guardian

Sarah Dryden-Peterson, et al. // How Teachers Use Mobile Phones As Education Tools in Refugee Camps // Brookings

Jeffry Frieden // Currency Politics in the Developing World // Harvard International Review


R. Nicholas Burns // Nick Burns: Trump's State Dept. Budget Cuts 'Will Decimate Our Diplomacy' // Grabien News 

David Armitage // War Against One's Own // TVO

R. Nicholas Burns // Asia Reacts to Delivery of US Defense System // CNN

Erez Manela // News Focus 1 with Erez Manela: Significance of 3/1 Movement in Korea in a Global Perspective // PlayerFM


Dani Rodrik // Talking Politics with Dani Rodrik // Acast

Mary Waters // Deportation Nation // Radio Open Source

Michèle Lamont // Getting Respect: Responding to Stigma and Discrimination in the United States, Brazil and Israel // LSE Podcasts 

Bart Bonikowski // The Sounds of Populism from Holland to Iowa // To the Point, KCRW

Jennifer Leaning // Consequences of Migration during Partition // Harvard South Asia Institute


Charles Maier, Mary D. Lewis, David Armitage // It Can't Happen Here, Probably // Harvard Gazette

Moshik Temkin // A Historical Context for Immigration Policy and Sentiment Today: Q&A with Moshik Temkin // Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School

Michèle Lamont // What if Sociologists Had as Much Influence as Economists? // The Upshot, The New York Times

Pippa Norris // What Is Really Behind the Populist Surge? // CityLab, The Atlantic

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