Fall in Love With Cinema Again
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Projector vs. Panel

Fall in Love With Cinema Again

Projectors bring the romance back into the movie-watching experience and here's why; in this day and age everyone is all about the high-definition flat screens and the thought of using a projector has been left behind. Although convenient, digital screens are overly resolved and the high-definition shows every flaw, making the picture almost too perfect. 
While flat panels have gotten larger size still matters. "Willing suspension of disbelief" begins at a 30 degree viewing angle. With a Stewart Cinecurve projection screen, the picture automatically adjusts its format, avoiding any empty black spaces on the top and bottom. 
So imagine this; you're sitting in your custom designed Immersa home theater with architecture and design elements that seem dream-like, the lights slowly dim, and the projector turns on. A willing suspension of disbelief starts to set in, allowing you to feel like you've just been transported into a whole other world and you become a part of your favorite movie. It doesn't get any more intimate than that.
At Bri-Tech we believe movie lovers are happiest with a truly out-of-this-world cinematic experience and Immersa can open the portal to that new place in your home. 

Bri-Tech's New Website Has Gone Live!

Bri-Tech's brand new website has officially gone live! With added features like Technology in Two Minute videos, a sneak-peak look behind the scenes at Bri-Tech HQ, a holiday music guide, our latest project portfolio, product tips, and in depth descriptions of our products and services. Whether you're looking to update a media room or to automate your entire home, visit our new website and let Bri-Tech help you chose technology that's in tune with your life. 
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