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We're praying that 2020 is off to a good start! It certainly is for the CCC. We've got some new members of our team to introduce to you, as well as some very important upcoming events. Please join us for the Faithful Thursdays kick-off event (Jan. 7th), and the MLK, Jr. interfaith service in Aurora (Jan. 12th).

Have a blessed January!

Executive Director
Colorado Council of Churches

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Hot Topics

Meet the New Members of Our Team!

Megan Van Ens will be our 2020 Census Faith Hub Coordinator until June 2020. Megan started Clever Caterpillar LLC and provides strategic and program planning to various nonprofits and ballot measures.
She previously served as the Executive Director of the Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable for the last 10 years.  The Roundtable’s mission is to pursue public policy change and encourage civic engagement for a more inclusive, equitable and just Colorado by working collectively and collaboratively with a network of 45 organizations.
Prior to the Roundtable, she was the Progressive Majority Colorado State Director.  She was also the Colorado State Finance Director   Progressive Majority’s mission is to recruit, train and elect progressive candidates to state and local office.
Megan came to Progressive Majority with over 7 years of political experience---working on all types of campaigns—local, state candidate races and statewide issue/ballot measure campaigns. She started her political career in Colorado while working for ten targeted state senate races for 2000.  She was part of the team that flipped control of the State Senate for the first time in 40 years.
Megan grew up in Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with two degrees---one in journalism and one in political science.  In her spare time, you’ll find her exploring new countries and traveling. 

Alexandria Gerace is our new Coordinator for the Voices for Justice task force. Raised in non-denominational churches across this nation, she found her passion for justice reform and community engagement at Regis University and within her criminal justice career. For the 2020 Legislative Session, her focus will be on legislation concerning criminal justice reform.

We need people to cover legislation dealing with environmental issues, health care, immigration reform, and public education. We'd love your help! If you're interested, please contact Alexandria here

Join Us at Our January 7th Noon Kickoff Event at The Colorado State Capitol! 

When:    Tuesday, January 7, 2020 (this is the only time we'll meet on a Tuesday), 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.
Where:   Colorado State Capitol, 200 E. Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80203.

Last year, we gathered as people of faith, we’re committed forward a unifying narrative that uplifts our common faith call to build human dignity in Colorado. This legislative session, let's come together again to advance a moral economy, equity, and the eradication of racism. We called that public witness "Faithful Tuesdays." This year, we will convene every other week on Thursdays.

Faithful Thursdays is a diverse coalition of leaders, organizations and community members who are committed to adding a deeper, moral dimension to the public policy-making process in Colorado.

We will hold multi-faith events at the Colorado State Capitol throughout the 2020 legislative session. Some of these events may feature specific legislation, while other events may focus on forwarding a shared narrative of justice, love, healing, reconciliation, and care for the other.

After the Faithful Thursdays Kickoff on January 7th, please join us for a Langar meal hosted by the Colorado Sikh community. The free meal will be at First Baptist Church, which is located at 1373 Grant Street, Denver, CO, 80203, across the street from the Colorado State Capitol.

The Faithful Thursdays conveners are:
Colorado Catholic Conference
Colorado Council of Churches
Interfaith Alliance of Colorado
Mile High Ministries
Multicultural Mosaic Foundation
Rocky Mountain Rabbinical Council
The Episcopal Church in Colorado
The Lutheran Advocacy Ministry, Rocky Mountain Synod, ELCA
Together Colorado

Faithful Thursdays sponsors include:
American Friends Service Committee
The Presbytery of Denver
City of God Foursquare Church


We will gather at noon in the West Foyer of the Capitol's first floor--next to the Governor's Office. We want a good showing from the faith community.

All people of faith--clergy and laity--are welcome to attend this event!

Please pray for Rev. Dr. Jim Ryan, a past Executive Director of the Colorado Council of Churches, as he has suffered from an aortic aneurysm. He made it to a hospital in time, was treated, and is currently recovering.  Please pray for his continued healing!

CCC in the Community

January 25--Adrian Miller will speak at the Presbytery of Denver's "Faith and Politics: A Panel Discussion."

January 26--CURIOUS Partnership listening circle on vaccinations, Church of the Advent, Denver, CO. 

General News

Ecumenical Relations

Wondering about what's happening with our covenanting denominations? Here's a roundup of most recent communications:

American Baptist Churches in the Rocky Mountain Region

Ecumenical Catholic Communion

Episcopal Diocese of Colorado

Presbytery of Denver

Rocky Mountain Conference, United Church of Christ

Mountain Sky Conference, United Methodist Church

Rocky Mountain Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

If you would like to subscribe to the monthly newsletter of the Central Rocky Mountain Region Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), please click here.


Click here for the latest newsletters from Eco-Justice Ministries, our affiliated partner and "go-to" resource for the latest information on the intersection of faith and environmental issues.

Upcoming Events

Please Support the CCC!

We are currently recruiting dedicated and talented individuals to serve on any one of the following task forces: 

  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Ecumenical Relations
  • Shine the Light
  • Voices for Justice

Upcoming meetings all being held at the CCC Office unless otherwise noted. Let us know if you would like to attend.

Shine the Light--TBD.
Voices for Justice--TBD. Please contact Alexandria Gerace (above).  .

To find out more about our task forces, please click here.

Support the CCC!

  • As a Covenanting Denomination, Congregation or Affiliated Partner Organization
The CCC does not have a set financial requirement for those in our covenanting relationship, but we have a donation range between $100 to $1,000 a year. The CCC asks that you give a donation that you believe is appropriate for the size of your denomination, congregation or organization.
  • As an Individual
The CCC welcomes individual donations, and you may do so in one of two ways:

Send a check payable to the "Colorado Council of Churches" by U.S. mail to:
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