HRAC Newsletter - November 2016 Edition

Upcoming Events

  • 11/11/16 Jamestown Tour -11:30 am @ Jamestown Settlement, Williamsburg
  • 11/13/16 Iota Pi Court of Honor  -11:00 am @ CNU, David Student Union
  • 11/18/16 Iota Pi Blue Sapphire  -8:00 pm @ CNU, Freeman 201


Quote of the Month

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
-Wayne Dyer

Employment Opportunities

Business Systems Analyst
Virginia Beach, VA
view job here

Director of Healthy Living
Hampton, VA 
view job here

Project Manager
Servicing Operations
Virginia Beach, VA
view job here

Social Media Analyst
Newport News, VA
view job here

Digital Marketing Assistant
Davis Ad Agency
Virginia Beach, VA
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Good Reads

The Ideal Team Player
By Patrick Lencioni

Ted Talks:  The Official Guide to Public Speaking
By Chris Anderson



Have an article to share?  Know of a good book we should check out?  What do you want to see in upcoming editions of the HRAC Newsletter?
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Killin' It at Kickball 

On Sunday, October 16 brothers participated in an AKPsi alumni vs Iota Pi kickball game.  Brothers gathered on the Ferguson lawn at 3:00 pm.  While we only had 8 members to represent the alumni group and were outnumbered 3-1, the alumni team managed to bring home a win!

The game started out with the student chapter having a 6-0 lead over the alumni, but as the game neared the end, we had some excellent defensive plays by brother John Rodeffer and some great teamwork that brought the alumni group to a 14-12 victory!.

Congratulations alumni team, and thank you to all who joined us on the field!


Free Jamestown Tour

Off from work on Veteran's Day?  Join us for an afternoon enjoying a FREE tour of the Jamestown Settlement on Friday, November 11.  Usually tickets for the tour begin at $14 per person, but for Veteran's Day, they are offering free access.  If interested, please plan to meet at 11:30 am in the parking lot. 

Are you working on Veteran's Day?  No worries!  Come on by afterwards for a night on the town!


New Text Message System  

Many of you have received text message alerts in the past whenever we have meetings, etc and want to remind people to attend.  The Hampton Roads Alumni Chapter has found a new and improved system, but need you to opt in to continue receiving updates.

Please text HRACBro to 84483 to opt in today!

If you have questions about the new alerts, please contact Kim Green at

Blue Sapphire Semi-Formal

The Iota Pi chapter will hold the Blue Sapphire semi-formal on Friday, November 18 from 8pm to 11pm.  The event will be on CNU's campus in Freeman rooms 201 and 202.  Tickets are available at $15 per person.  Please be prepared to come enjoy lots of food and dancing!

If interested, please contact to purchase your ticket.

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7 Things to Never Do when Asking for a Raise
by Sara Zervos

As a manager, watching an employee ask for a raise can often create cringes, forehead slaps, and even worse, anger and annoyance. While conversations about compensation and career paths are important parts of cultivating teams and organizations, not enough employees prepare for the talk.  Worse, they often commit basic errors that effectively kill the conversation, and make mistakes that can easily be avoided.  Gathering the wisdom of the BizzyChicks community (see, a group of successful businesswomen who have managed thousands of people, collectively), here is a list of seven crucial mistakes to avoid.

1.  Don’t ask for a raise based on what you “feel” or what you “deserve.” Especially don’t present a sob story as a motivating factor for asking for more money. Leave feelings out of it.

2.  Don’t ask for a raise too frequently, and probably not after just one year on the job.

3.  Don’t waste anyone’s time. Be honest with your manager and yourself. Besides looking at where you have added value, also look at where you may have fallen short. Have you 100% earned it?

4.  Don’t be aggressive. Aim for assertive. The more you have proof of your value, the less you have to pound the table.

5.  Don’t whine and don’t complain. Avoid comparing your workload to others in the team. Don’t complain that you haven’t had a raise in years, etc. Coming from this negative angle will predispose your manager to feel negatively about you. Focus on positives.

6.  Don’t assume that doing what was expected should get you more than a cost-of-living adjustment. Raises are given to people who outperform expectations.

7.  Don’t give ultimatums, and don’t threaten. Hostage taking or bribing just doesn’t work. At worst, you have to be prepared to follow through on the threats. At best, your manager will give in but will not view you as a negotiator or team player going forward.

Do have the conversation though, when the time is right and your position is justified.  A passive approach to your career isn’t the best way to move forward.

Sara Zervos is the Founder of BizzyChicks, a social media endeavor where successful women from the working world share their knowledge and stories in order to educate young women on financial literacy issues and inspire them in their careers. "Women Who Have Made It, Helping You Make It." Sara holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Rochester, and a B.A. in Economics from ASU. She managed large portfolios for over 15 years, specializing in emerging markets. Most recently, she managed over $20 billion in assets as head of the Global Debt team at OppenheimerFunds. She was a portfolio manager at various hedge funds, worked as a Senior Financial Economist at the World Bank, published as a research analyst on the sell-side, and taught finance at the university level. Sara also held seats on the Federal Reserve’s Foreign Exchange Committee, UBS Research Advisory Board, and Emerging Markets Trading Association Board.
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