HRAC Newsletter - September 2016 Edition

Upcoming Events

  • 9/8/16 Alumni Night  -7:00 pm @ CNU, Freeman 202
  • 9/10/16 General Body Meeting  -12:00 pm @ Lubo Wine Tasting Room, Virginia Beach
  • 9/18/16 Alumni Night  -11:00 am @ CNU, David Student Union


Quote of the Month

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Employment Opportunities

Benefits Manager
PRA Group
Norfolk, VA
view job here

Market Research Analyst
Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group
Virginia Beach, VA 
view job here

Account Management Administrator
Newport News, VA
view job here

Financial Analyst
Vista Outdoor
Virginia Beach, VA
view job here

Human Resources Manager
Crowne Plaza
Hampton, VA
view job here

Good Reads

The Healthy Habit Revolution
By Derek Doepker

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
By Angela Duckworth



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General Body Meeting this Saturday

Be sure to mark your calendars now and plan to attend our next General Body Meeting which is scheduled for this Saturday, September 10 at noon.  This meeting will be held upstairs at the Lubo Wine Tasting room in Virginia Beach.

During the meeting, we will be discussing upcoming fundraisers, future social activities, and a potential community service activity in October.  Our president will also provide more information on how we can fully take advantage of our new Chamber of Commerce membership...all while enjoying a delicious lunch/brunch at Lubo!  Please plan to attend.

Escape Room Recap

On Sunday, August 28, fifteen HRAC brothers and guests attended our outing at Escape Room in Virginia Beach.  Escape rooms have been popping up around the country.  They are excellent teambuilding activities where a group of people are locked in a room together and must work to find clues and solve riddles to figure out  a way out of the room.

The fifteen in attendance were divided into two groups and sent to two different rooms and were each given an hour to escape.  One team escaped with a few minutes to spare and the other, while unable to escape in time, was very close.

Whether new to Escape Room or an experienced vet, everyone in attendance had a great time and thought it was an excellent event.  Afterwards, many visited the Yard House in Town Center for dinner and drinks.

Thank you to HRAC members Jaimie Ferns and Zach Grohler for organizing the event and special thanks to brother James Salgado for helping us get a great deal!


Kickball Coming Soon

The HRAC and the Iota Pi chapter had such a great time at our previous kickball outing, that we have decided to hold another kickball game on the CNU fields.  Just as we did last time, we'd like to make this an alumni vs students event and ask that as many people as possible attend.  (Last time the students outnumbered us!)

This is another great teambuilding event as well as an excellent way to get to know our collegiate brothers.  Please watch for more details later this month, and get ready for an afternoon of fun. 

Photo from past kickball game


Iota Pi Rush Week

School is back in session and our Iota Pi brothers at Christopher Newport University are gearing up for their fall 2016 rush week which will be held September 5-9.  Please make note of the events below and try to attend the Thursday night Alumni Night if possible. All events will be held in Freeman room 202.  It is important that the HRAC stay involved with our local student chapters.

Monday                    7-9 pm                         Info Night 1
Tuesday                   5:30-7:30 pm              Info Night 2
Wednesday             7-9 pm                        Game Night
Thursday                  7-9 pm                       Alumni Night
Friday                        4-6 pm                       Brotherhood Night

In addition to rush week, Iota Pi's Induction, Midcourt and Court of Honor have also been scheduled.  Please check the HRAC calendar for all details.

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How to Make the Most of your Next Networking Event

Does the idea of attending a networking event make you want to run in the other direction? Networking can be downright exhausting. For insurance agents and small business owners, networking events can be really beneficial.
If networking events are leaving you tired, frustrated and drained, it may be time for a new approach. Whether you’re a bubbly extrovert or a quiet introvert, these networking tips may help you meet the right people and leave your event with meaningful connections:
1. Practice your story. Stumbling over your words makes a poor first impression and negatively shapes the entire interaction. Start strong by mastering a one or two-line statement in advance that summarizes who you are and what you currently do (or would like to do). Practice short answers to the most frequently asked questions such as, “What brings you to this event?” and “What do you do?” When it’s your turn to talk, you’ll be ready to engage with confidence.
2. Show up early. Yes, showing up early can feel a bit awkward. But doing so also gives you a huge advantage over the other attendees: you can meet the event’s organizers first. On the blog Insurance Splash, John Carroll recommends showing up early in order to get a lay of the land before the crowds arrive. Carroll suggests complimenting the event's organizers on the event production and ask if there’s anyone they think you should definitely meet. Arriving before the crowds do will make it easier to strategize your time and connect with the right people.
3. Be curious. Inserting yourself into a group conversation is tricky. You don’t want to come off as rude for interrupting, but meeting new people is the point of networking events. Standing on the sidelines because you’re afraid to interrupt won’t get you anywhere. Try this approach: when you join a group, wait for a lull in the conversation to quickly introduce yourself and then ask a follow up questions based on what the group has been discussing. You’ll be gracefully inserting yourself into the existing conversation rather than hijacking it. Listen genuinely to the response, be an active listener, and ask follow-up questions. People love to talk about themselves: give them an opportunity to do so and you’ll gain valuable insights into their interests, needs, and motivators.
4. Master the follow-up. Don’t let these new contacts languish as forgotten business cards in the back of your desk. Forbes contributing writer Darrah Brustein recommends sending a short email that references a topic in your conversation. For example, you might say: “Great to meet you tonight; best of luck with your business trip to Dallas next week.” Another option: “Thanks for the fantastic restaurant recommendation! Looking forward to trying it next time I’m in San Diego.” Once you’ve sent the initial email and connected on LinkedIn, make a note in your calendar to reach out again after a few weeks. Rather than simply asking to chat over coffee, send along a useful news article or pass along an invite to another valuable event. You’ll position yourself as a valued contact!
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