HRAC Newsletter  -December 15, 2014 Edition

Upcoming Events

  • 1/10/14  Anniversary Party -7:00 pm @ Brother Jody South's House
  • 2/7/15  General Body Meeting and Elections Time & Location TBD


Quote of the Week

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.  They must be felt with the heart."
-Helen Keller

Employment Opportunities

Account Manager
Tidewater Finance Company
Virginia Beach, VA
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Human Resources Manager
Chesapeake, VA
view job here

Sr. Busines Development Manager
City of Hampton
Hampton, VA 
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Digital Marketing Specialist
Dollar Tree
Chesapeake, VA
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Call Center Supervisor
Newport News, VA
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Good Reads

By Greg McKeown

The Organized Mind
By Daniel J. Levitin



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Brothers Bring Holiday Cheer and Toys

This past Thursday, December 11, members of the HRAC celebrated the holiday season with a holiday party at Second Street Bistro in Newport News where they enjoyed decadent appetizers and gourmet burgers.

In addition to the gathering, the event incorporated a toy drive to gather gifts for Toys for Tots.  Four brothers were in attendance and various toys were provided.  Some brothers brought multiple gifts.  Brother Chris Stoney stated that it pains him to hear about a child that has no gifts to open on Christmas.

Thank you, brothers for helping to support Toys for Tots!  If you were unable to attend but would like to help, we encourage you to take a gift to one of the many drop off locations throughout the area.

We Appreciate Your Feedback

Thank you to all of the brothers who took a moment to complete the surveys sent out last month.  We appreciate your thoughts, questions, and opinions on both the dues structure and the executive board organization.

Please keep in mind that, at this time, no decision has been made for either area.  The surveys were a means to easily gather information and gague the thoughts of the brotherhood.  Please be on the lookout for more information regarding voting and discussion in the near future. 


HRAC Anniversary is Next Month

Brothers, mark your calendars now for our anniversary potluck celebration.  January 2015 denotes our third year as an official alumni chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi.  Join us in celebrating on Saturday, January 10 at 7pm!  

This year's event will be a potluck and will be held at brother Jody South's house in Suffolk.  Dig out those recipes now and start thinking of what you might want to bring!  You can RSVP now and sign up for a dish.

The 2014 potluck was a great success with delicious food, games, and plenty of socializing.  With brother South's recent remodeling, we expect this year to be bigger and better!



Happy Holidays

As the year comes to an end, the Executive Board of the Hampton Roads Alumni Chapter would like to thank everyone who helped support the chapter this year! We hope that each of you have a wonderful end to 2014, and a safe and exciting start to 2015!  We are so pleased to call each of you brothers, and we hope that you enjoy the holiday season with your families.

Event Fees for Future Activities

A change is coming in 2015!  As we continue to try to grow the alumni chapter, it is important that we all realize and respect the exclusivity of being a member of Alpha Kappa Psi.

How does this affect you?  For all social events hosted by the chapter, AKPsi brothers who wish to attend but have not paid annual dues will be charged a fee of $5 to attend.  Non-members will be charged $10.  This does include annual celebrations such as the cookout and Founders Day celebration.

How can you avoid such fees?  Become a dues paying member for 2015 and gain free access to all activities and social events!  We hope you will plan to do so.  Membership information and renewal details will be provided in 2015.

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How to Answer the Question "Why Should We Hire You?"
by Liz Ryan

There are two or three questions you're almost guaranteed to hear at a job interview, and one of them is "With all the talented candidates we're going to meet, why should we hire you?"

It's an awful question to ask a job-seeker. The question "Why should we hire you?" is the kind of question that asks a job-seeker to grovel and beg for a job.

How could I, not having met the other people you're interviewing for the job and never having worked here before, possibly know why you should hire me, rather than one of the other candidates? Interviewers ask this idiotic question because it's on their script and because they've never thought about the standard interview script before.

Job-seekers give equally thoughtless and scripted answers like like "Because I'm smart and hard-working" or "Because I've got a great track record in this field" or some other rot.

I don't blame job-seekers for giving these sheepie answers to the obnoxious question "Why should we hire you?"

After all, these are the answers job-seekers have been trained to give. Our clients tell us "The interviewer asked me 'Why should we hire you?' and I told him they should hire me because I love this kind of work, I'm a hard worker and I'm really good at what I do. I felt like I had to take a shower when I got home. I hate myself for being so mewly and gross!"

Everyone has fallen into the standard interview script at some point or another. There's nothing like sitting in a room and watching in horror as words you don't believe and that don't even sound like you come spilling out of your mouth, as though an evil spirit had taken over your lips, teeth, tongue and vocal cords.

Human beings spend a lot of time in Script World. We know the standard scripts. Now we have to learn new scripts, so that we don't fall into the traditional "Please hire me, your Majesty!" script and fall out of our bodies.

It happened to me. I saw how powerfully the scripts have taken hold of us, even without our awareness. It happened at a media training day that U.S. Robotics sent me to, along with a few other executives.

They wanted us ready in case we had to be on TV at some point. "This will be a snap," I told myself walking into the media training session."I've been on stage since I was five."

No such luck! I fumbled my first videotaped interview badly. We spent ten minutes planning the interview. The PR guy from Hill and Knowlton asked me "What's the biggest point you want to get across in your interview?"

We were pretending that our company had been raided by the immigration folks, who found a bunch of people working in the country unlawfully among our employee population. That wouldn't have happened in real life, because we were scrupulous about documentation.

But some other bad thing conceivably could have taken place. We were using the immigration raid and subsequent PR crisis (this company hires illegal workers!) as a placeholder for any HR-type PR issue.

My must-get-across point was "Our company is committed to following the laws in every state and country where we operate." It was a simple message! I did the first video interview, answered all the guy's questions and breathed a sigh of relief when it was over.Nothing horrible had happened, and the interview was done! We looked at the tape.

"What happened to your must-get-across message?" the trainer asked me. "Oh shoot," I said. "How could I leave that out? I'm an idiot."

"No, you're not," said the PR trainer. "Everyone does that. It's so nice to get through the interview without being put on the spot that most people let the interviewer lead them. They go with the flow. You didn't get your point across."

Of course, the trainer was right. I realized that I had fallen into the script. It's so, so easy to do that! The trouble is, if you answer the question "Why should we hire you?" with a standard, grovelly answer, you won't just hate yourself in the morning. You won't make any impression on the interviewer, either.

All job-seekers give the same, lame answers to the question "Why should we hire you?" As they speak, they disappear into the chair. They say nothing that every other candidate hasn't already said, and worse, they aren't true to themselves. Who gets hired, in the end? It's the person who knows who he or she is. You can give a more forthright and human answer to the question "Why should we hire you?"

INTERVIEWER: So, we have a lot of people to interview. With all those people wanting this job, why should we give it to you?

YOU: That's a great question. It's really the reason we're here today, isn't it? You're going to be looking at each interview, I imagine, as a way to determine which candidate 'gets' your situation the best. You're going to be looking for fit, an intangible thing. I'm doing the same thing, of course. I'm looking at the same fit from my perspective.

Taking your question literally, I can't say you should hire me over another candidate, because I don't know enough yet about exactly what you need and how you work here, and needless to say, I won't have the opportunity to meet the other candidates. I have total confidence in you, me and the universe to guide all of us to the right answer.

INTERVIEWER: :Wow! Never thought of it that way before. Really interesting perspective!

Will you get the job? You got me. Do you want the job? Every reaction you get to every interview answer you give is another clue to the culture of the organization you're thinking about joining.

If an interviewer doesn't like your answer, and doesn't like it so much that he or she would bounce you from the process as a result, isn't that a good thing?

Isn't it a great thing, to be guided toward the people who will get you and away from the ones who never, ever will?

Isn't that what we want the universe to do for us - to guide us along our path? You can help that process by speaking with your own voice at your next job interview and every one after that

Liz Ryan was a Fortune 500 Human Resources SVP.  She launched HR departments for several successful startups. While  building HR functions from the ground up, she first questioned and then rewrote the practices for HR, recruiting and leadership in organizations.  
Taken from Linked In Pulse.
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