HRAC Newsletter  -September 2015 Edition

Upcoming Events

  • 9/10/15  Iota Pi Alumni Night -7:00 pm @ CNU -DSU Washington Room
  • 9/12/15  General Body Meeting -12:00 pm  @ CNU Luter Room 170 
  • 10/4/15  Founders Day Event - Time and Location TBD

Quote of the Month

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started."
-Mark Twain

Employment Opportunities

Marketing/Sales Coordinator
Virginia Beach, VA
view job here

Collections Analyst
Port of Virginia
Norfolk, VA
view job here

Public Relations & Events Manager
Smithfield, VA 
view job here

Membership Director
Chesapeake, VA
view job here

Vendor Funds Collector
Ferguson Enterprises
Newport News, VA
view job here

Good Reads

Steal the Show
By Michael Port

By Dr Theo Tsaousides



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General Body Meeting September 12

Our next general body meeting is scheduled for this Saturday, September 12 at 12:00 pm.  The meeting will take place at Christopher Newport University in the Luter School of Business building, room number 170.

Remember that all active members must attend two meetings per year in order to maintain their status.  Come learn about upcoming events and changes for the HRAC and share your thoughts!

This is also the day of the Central Atlantic Region leadership training.  We encourage you to drop in before or after the general body meeting.

HRAC Brothers Receive Distinguished Service Award

Recently two of our HRAC brothers, Jody South and Zach Grohler were awarded the Silver Distinguished Service Award (DSA) for Alpha Kappa Psi.  The Alpha Kappa Psi Distinguished Service Award is the most prestigious award conferred upon our members. To be recognized with a DSA, a member in good standing must have performed praiseworthy service to a chapter, region, fraternity, or foundation.

Zach was nominated for his elan, and it was stated that "he has helped grow our chapter by 25% and fostered excellent relationships between the alumni chapter and local student chapters."  
Jody was nominated for his work "negotiating with businesses and building relationships with both alumni and student brothers."  

Ironically, it was discovered that Jody had nominated Zach for the award and Zach had nominated Jody, but neither was aware of the other's nomination.  Both awards were presented during the executive board meeting on Saturday, August 29.  We are happy to have such outstanding and enthusiastic brothers in our alumni chapter.

Iota Pi Alumni Night this Week

School is back is session and the Iota Pi chapter at CNU is in swing.  The chapter has already begun fall rush activities for new members.  As alumni brothers, we have been invited to come out to support the chapter at Alumni Night on Thursday, September 10 at 7:00 pm

Alumni night is a great opportunity for us to meet our local student brothers as well as help with recruitment for the chapter.  Potential new members will be in attendance and they are eager to hear about AKPsi and how you have benefited from being a brother.

Mark your calendar and join us Thursday in the David Student Union -Washington Room.  Casual attire or AKPsi letters are suggested.  Afterwards, we'll head to Brickhouse in Port Warwick.



Regional Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in getting more involved with Alpha Kappa Psi, now is your chance.  The Central Atlantic Region has volunteer opportunities available in our area.  For more information, please contact brother Chris Stoney, HRAC President and Tidewater Section Director, at  

Our current local chapters include Christopher Newport University, the College of William & Mary, the University of Richmond, and Virginia Commonwealth University.  Help make your mark with AKPsi!


September Brotherhood Spotlight:

Amber Carson

1.       What is your full name?  Amber Ashley Carson
2.       When is your birthday?  7/17 - It is a National Holiday if you didn't know
3.       When did you join AKPsi?  Spring 2010
4.       Where did you go to school?  Old Dominion University; Currently at Liberty University pursuing my Masters
5.       Do you have any siblings?  I have one older brother and one younger sister, therefore, I am the middle child.
6.       What is your favorite color?  I really don't have a favorite color.  More like favorite colors which range from Coral, Teal, Mustard, Orange, Camel, Navy and Purple on any given day.
7.       What is your guilty pleasure? My weaknesses are Shoes and Brownie Sundaes.  It is more of an addiction but I will never really admit that.
8.       If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?  Well since I have a choice, it would be teleportation so I can be more productive day to day.  I don't have to sit in traffic and I never have to spend another dime on airfare again. 
9.       What are your best three traits?  Creative, Loyal, Ambitious 
10.   Do you have any unusual talents?  Not sure what counts as unusual but I used to be a pretty good DJ.  I also used to make some "interesting" cakes for friends.
11.   What is your favorite food(s)?  I love mac and cheese and most seafood but my sweet tooth for chocolate is undeniable
12.   What is your favorite tv show?  Anything on HGTV, but I secretly binge on Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Pretty Little Liars and now Empire!
13.   If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?  My goal is to touch on ever continent, however, Australia is the top place on my bucket list.  I plan on making that dream a reality soon #Australia2016
14.   What is your favorite type of music?  I love all types of music!  Anything I can dance and groove to!
15.   Have you ever played any sports?  Yes, I played flag football for a number of years and looking to get back into that next fall.  I dabbled in cheerleading and track back in high school as well.
16.   Tell us an embarrassing story.  That is a hard question to answer.  I have more silly stories than embarrassing ones.  The only one I can remember was back in elementary school, either 1st or 2nd grade.  At recess, my friends decided to try and hang upside down from the big kid monkey bars.  Of course, I wanted to try too and when I did, my shirt fell down to my ears and all the kids on the playground were laughing at me.  :-(

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