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Chromosome Abnormalities

Dear clients & friends,

Welcome to my thirteenth issue of "The Good Fruit" newsletter by Natural Fruit FertilityCare Services.

This week I listened to a continuing education webinar called "Secrets to Maximizing Fertility Naturally" by Dr. Elisa Yao, a functional medicine doctor who is also trained in NaProTechnology. The presentation was enlightening to me as I learned more about chromosome abnormalities and poor egg quality associated with advanced maternal age and the secret of how to "dial back the biological clock!" This information is particularly useful to me as I personally have a history of repetitive miscarriage and would like to prepare now for the possibility of a future healthy, successful pregnancy even as I get towards 40+.

In her presentation, Dr. Yao mentions first that it is extremely important to improve lifestyle at least 3-4 months prior to conception (and at least until Week 10 of the baby's gestation), since methylated genes and nutrient deficiencies of the parents during this "periconception" time may ultimately affect their fertility, pregnancy, and the new baby's health for the worse.
Next, Dr. Yao mentions how CoQ10 helps reverse advanced maternal age of the eggs. She notes that the #1 cause of natural pregnancy and IVF failure is poor egg quality. In fact, 60% of fertilized eggs do NOT survive to become a baby and chromosomal abnormalities is by far the #1 cause of miscarriage (including early miscarriage). Studies also show that 90% of children with Down Syndrome receive the extra chromosome from their Mom. In other words, the cell division of the egg did not go perfectly. Dr. Yao concludes that we can essentially "dial back the biological clock" by improving mitochrondria efficiency. This is truly an amazing concept! As we mention in the Creighton Model System, the very beginning of pregnancy involves a lot of cell division. To also know that something can go wrong with this process especially as a woman gets older in age and that there are ways to proactively improve the woman's egg health (and the man's sperm health) to potentially help prevent this type of miscarriage or Down Syndrome for the baby is truly significant.
It is important to note that taking a CoQ10 supplement should only be done under a physician's supervision and the safety of the supplement during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not known. Instead, you can look to improve fertility health with natural foods in your diet (including foods high in CoQ10).
You can listen to Dr. Yao's recorded webinar that was mentioned here and enroll in her new Fertility Breakthru Academy course for FREE (which gives access to the course content for 1 year) from now until May 12, 2019 at this link -
Have a fruitful day!

Patricia Deshane, FCP
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