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Breast Health

Dear clients & friends,

Welcome to my seventeenth issue of "The Good Fruit" newsletter by Natural Fruit FertilityCare Services.

In the Creighton Model System, while we do focus a lot on the cervical mucus fertility sign, we also have a component that addresses the woman's breast health. We teach women about when the optimal time to have a breast self-exam is and when she should start getting regular screening mammograms.

The Creighton Model System teaches that women should have their monthly breast self-exam on Cycle Day 7. The best time of the cycle to examine the breasts is just after the menstrual period is over, when the hormones are at the right levels and the breasts are less tender and swollen. To remind women when to do the breast self-exam, the letters BSE are printed in the description area on the 7th day of every cycle on the blank chart. The bottom right corner of the inside of the chart clarifies to the user that "BSE = Breast self-exam." In practice, a client should circle the letters "BSE" on Day 7 if she did the breast self-exam on that day. Any unusual findings from the self-exam should be noted by the client and then immediately followed up with a visit to her physician. Capital Imaging provides excellent documentation that explains how to correctly perform the breast self-exam using the "up and down pattern" to check for lumps or thickening in the breasts (see my PDF for clients here - In addition to the monthly BSE, women should have clinical breast exams done by their health care provider (at least every 3 years for women ages 20-39 and at least every year for women ages 40 and over).
Finally, users of the Creighton Model System are also asked during follow-up appointments if they know when to get a mammogram. The Pope Paul VI Institute recommends a baseline mammogram at age 35 (or once sometime between the ages of 35-39). Then, regular screening mammograms are recommended every other year from ages 40-49, and then every year at age 50+. On the other hand, the American College of Radiology recommends screening mammograms and physical breast examination by a health care provider every year beginning at the age of 40. It is important to note that in general, women should not get a mammogram done when they are pregnant, since it is x-ray radiation, and a woman can get earlier and/or more frequent mammograms (breast ultrasounds and breast MRIs are other options too) depending on her personal or family history. Another important note is that not all locations allow a screening (baseline) mammogram to be done before age 40 for whatever reason, however some places do and insurance may cover it as well. In my local area, I personally recommend Capital Imaging in Latham.
Have a fruitful day!

Patricia Deshane, FCP
My services are intended to provide information and education and are not intended as medical, psychological, or psychiatric advice.
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