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Is Everyone’s Inflation Different?

Not everyone experiences the same inflation. Your age, income, and consumption habits all make a difference. What should monetary policymakers make of these household inflation differences when they think about price stability?

Corporate Taxes Across Borders

Multinational corporations have long employed strategies to reduce their global tax bills, such as shifting operations and income to lower-tax countries. Governments across the globe recently reached agreement in principle on measures to counteract this behavior.

Bringing the Farm Indoors

Controlled environment agriculture, such as vertical farming, grows crops indoors in optimized conditions. This allows for a more efficient use of space, meaning farms can be located in land-scarce areas like cities, shortening the supply chain for bringing some types of produce to urban consumers.

What Difference Does a Minimum Wage Make?

Many states and localities, including some in the Fifth District, have enacted legislation that will bring increases in their minimum wages. Who will be affected by those increases, and what is likely to happen to employment?

Interview with Ayşegül Şahin

Economist Ayşegül Şahin of the University of Texas at Austin on wage growth, labor’s share of income, and the gender unemployment gap.
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