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This monthly newsletter looks at the next New Moon and the main astrological activity over the coming lunar month.
he 24 hours immediately following any New Moon is a very powerful time for manifestation, so put out your intentions!  

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Patience!!!  Mars & Mercury retro

Secrets come to light at the Full Moon

Hi <<First Name>>

There’s a lot happening this month as we move into the Mars retro period.  Many of you have probably been feeling the effects of Mars slowing down, ready to turn retro - if so, you’ll already be familiar with those feelings of frustration as the simplest things seem to require more effort! Truly a time to practice the virtue of Patience :)

The New Moon in Aries on Thurs 7 April brings the opportunity for a bold new start.  Aries’ natural approach to life is to take action, breaking new ground in a pioneering or even crusading venture, or taking up a cause that’s worth fighting for.
However, be aware that with Mars virtually at a standstill and about to turn retro, any new ventures initiated now may not forge ahead exactly as hoped.  You’ll need to exercise patience (not easy for Aries!) and be prepared to revise your original plans.  This doesn’t mean you can’t start new ventures now, just that you’ll need to take your time, revising your plans and fine-tuning the details over the next few months.  See more in the Mars retro section below. 

As a Fire sign, Aries is full of enthusiasm and focused on the future.  Aries tends to act first and think later, hence its reputation for being impulsive, so take a moment - or longer, with Mars retro :) - to weigh your options before jumping in feet first! 

If your birthday falls close to this New Moon, within a day either side, you are likely to be strongly affected as it marks a year of new beginnings in your life, particularly with regard to your identity and your sense of purpose.

This New Moon falls at 18 degrees Aries If you have points in your birth chart close to this degree (within one degree) expect the part of your life associated with that planet (eg relationships for Venus) to begin a significant new cycle.

The New Moon is exact at 9.24pm AEST.  Remember to put out your New Moon resolutions in the following 24 hrs.  

Mars goes retrograde on Sun 17 April for about two and a half months.  The Mars retrograde period can be a time of considerable frustration when projects and actions need to be reviewed and revised.  Certain aspects of your life may seem to be ‘on hold’ during this period (check where this Mars falls in your chart), and you’re likely to feel that you’re getting nowhere fast (or even slowly), giving rise to anger and frustration at the apparent lack of progress.  This time can be used wisely to review and improve on your plans - things won’t be moving ahead until the beginning of July at the earliest, so there’s no point trying to force things to happen.  Trust that there is a reason and purpose for the delay, which you can then turn to your advantage.  

For those of you familiar with your charts, the areas of life most affected by this retrograde Mars will be the houses with Aries and Scorpio on the cusp, as Mars rules these signs. 

If you have Aries or Scorpio strong in your chart (eg Rising Sign, Sun or Moon) you are likely to be strongly affected by this retrograde period.

Mars turns retrograde at 8 degrees Sagittarius (almost at 9 degrees) so if this point is significant in your chart, and especially if you were born around 1 Dec, take extra care around 17 April (for at least a week either side of his date) when Mars is stationary.  Be careful to channel any anger positively and don’t take risks driving.  For everyone, the whole retrograde period is a challenging time where patience will definitely be a virtue.  Mars will retrograde back to 23 degrees Scorpio before turning direct again on 30 June 2016 (the previous day in Europe and the Americas).

Pluto slows to a halt the very next day Mon 18 April, ready to begin his retrograde journey.  If anything in your life has been going through symbolic death throes in the last six months, this is a time when you are likely to revisit the whole process, perhaps at an even deeper level as you search for the hidden truths and the soul essence of who you are, the alchemist’s gold that can eventually emerge from the blackness.

Pluto is stationary at 17 degrees of Capricorn.  If your birthday falls around 8 Jan you are likely to be experiencing a very intense time while personal transformation goes on at a deep core level – the eventual outcome is empowerment, the ability to stand comfortably in your own power, but it’s a long drawn-out process which won’t be complete until the end of 2017.  This will also be true for anyone with personal planets at this degree, or at 17 degrees of the other cardinal signs: Aries, Libra and Cancer.  Pluto will retrograde back to 14 degrees Capricorn before turning direct again on 27 Sept 2016.

The Full Moon falls in Scorpio on Fri 22 April.  This is likely to be a very emotional time when deep and passionate feelings are revealed.  This Scorpio Full Moon brings a strong possibility of secret or intensely private matters coming to light, possibly with a sexual content or concerning financial matters.  The Full Moon is at 2 degrees Scorpio and is exact at 3.24pm AEST.

As if Mars retrograde wasn’t enough, Mercury goes retrograde on Fri 29 April (the previous day in Europe & the Americas).  Mercury retrograde is a period when communications can get problematic, and a time to be wary of making major purchases or signing contracts.  Try to avoid signing contracts in this period if you can, but if you really can’t avoid it, then double-check everything and read the fine print very carefully.  As always with Mercury retrograde, be prepared to revise anything you agree to during this time.   Double-check dates, times, addresses, phone numbers … and also that any messages you leave actually get through OK.  The positive side of this retrograde period is that it is a great time to go through correspondence and sort out your paperwork.  Mercury is retrograde for 3 weeks until Sun 22 May.

Looking ahead to next lunar month …

The next New Moon falls in Taurus, exact on Sat 7 May 2016 at 5.29am AEST (the previous day in Europe & the Americas) at 16 degrees Taurus.

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Times given are for Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), 
10 hours ahead of GMT.     

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*Upcoming events*

Spiritual Path & Life Purpose in the Birth Chart  
Sat 9 April, Brisbane - LAST CHANCE  Book now!

Your Secret Self - Mysteries of the 12th House  
Sat 14 May, Yandina

Astrology courses - for the enthusiasts!

Aspects & Chart Factors
(Foundation 2)
weekly classes start Thurs 14 April
Fast Track weekend module: Sat & Sun 7-8 May

Progressions, the Unfolding of a Life
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Fast Track weekend module: Sat & Sun 28-29 May

*Online classes coming soon*

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Aries, the sign of the ram

New Moon in Aries 
Thurs 7 April 2016, exact at 9.24pm Queensland time (AEST) at 18 degrees Aries

Full Moon in Scorpio
Fri 22 April 2016, exact at 3.24pm Queensland time (AEST) at 2 degrees Scorpio

Skywatching   Jupiter is visible as a very bright ‘star’ in the night sky in the east.  Mars and Saturn rise later in the evening and are close together in the sky

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