This monthly newsletter looks at the next New Moon and the main astrological activity over the coming lunar month.
he 24 hours immediately following any New Moon is a very powerful time for manifestation, so put out your intentions!  

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Watch out for deception this lunar month
Mars finally goes direct ...
… and a true Blue Moon

Hi <<First Name>>

This is a very potent New Moon with the combined energies of a Mutable Grand Cross.  Finally Mars goes direct again – Yay!!!  I’ve loved seeing Mars in the night sky moving slowly backwards against the constellation of Scorpio.  And yes, we have a real Blue Moon this month.  Read more below …

The New Moon falls in Gemini on Sun 5 June, signalling the beginning of a new cycle in the way we communicate, network and exchange ideas. 
This New Moon forms a challenging Grand Cross with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.  On the one hand, this cosmic pattern holds the potential for us to manifest our dreams, to ground our visions into reality, so long as we are operating at a high level of consciousness.  Otherwise, and this is a more likely scenario at the collective level, this Grand Cross can usher in some real challenges.  Be mindful of where you place your trust at this time and be discerning.  The astrological energies indicate there’s a possibility of falling prey to some form of deception or scam, and there’s also some serious soul-searching as self-doubt may kick in.  The key issues to be aware of are: the extent to which we trust our own judgment;  our ability to take responsibility for ourselves and our decisions; and our capacity for self-deception (especially with Neptune stationary).   We may also feel a strong sense of self-doubt, unless we know ourselves well enough to trust in our own judgment and authority.
Gemini has a combination of sociability and extreme curiosity – the answer to one question simply creates more questions!  As an Air sign, Gemini is naturally objective and rational, and so has a real talent for dealing with information.  This New Moon may be drawn into the energies of this Grand Cross through the endless curiosity of Gemini – yet that may also be its saving grace, asking enough questions to see through the veil of illusion that has been spun.  So stay alert, and question whatever you’re being presented with – pretty good advice for a country entering a general election!
Education and the media are other associations with Gemini - the natural curiosity of this sign often makes learning effortless.  A New Moon in the sign of Gemini can usher in a new cycle in any of these areas, and the opposition from Saturn could mean new restrictions.  Maybe the endless spin and bias of the media is finally exposed - and new legislation brought in to curtail the excesses.  Or am I just in a Neptunian illusion?? :)
If your birthday falls close to this New Moon, within a day either side, this marks a year of significant new beginnings in your life, particularly with regard to your identity and your sense of purpose in life.
The New Moon falls at 14 degrees Gemini.  If you have points in your birth chart close to this degree (within one degree) you can expect to begin a new cycle connected with that energy (eg relationships for Venus).  The New Moon is exact at 12.59pm (Qld time) so remember to put out your intentions in the following 24 hrs.
Neptune slows to a standstill ready to turn retrograde on Tues 14 June at 12 degrees Pisces, softening boundaries and looking for solutions that are all-inclusive, reminding us that we all belong to one humanity. For the next five months, we have the opportunity to revisit the dreams and visions of the past seven months, and to integrate the inspirational and visionary energy of Neptune more fully into our lives.  At the other end of the Neptunian spectrum, we also have the opportunity to review the ways in which illusion, self-deception and escapism may play roles in our lives, and to turn this around so we can connect more fully with the spiritual longing of Neptune.  Neptune is retrograde until Sun 20 Nov.
The Second Full Moon in Sagittarius is a true Blue Moon – the second Full Moon in the same zodiac sign (and not, as some claim, the second Full Moon in a calendar month). The previous Full Moon was at 1 degree Sagittarius, this one is at 29 degrees Sagittarius.  This Blue Moon falls on Sun 20 June, giving us another chance to find a balance between our need to find the meaning of life through enthusiastic exploration, and our need to approach an issue rationally, collecting information first rather than acting impetuously.  Again, as at the New Moon, be discerning about whom you trust. This Full Moon is exact at 9.02pm AEST.  Use this special Blue Moon energy for ceremony and to recharge your crystals.
The Solstice falls on the morning of Tues 21 June AEST (20 June in Europe and the Americas) as the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer at 8.34am AEST.  This is the Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere, the shortest day of the year (and longest night) as the Sun reaches its northernmost point – from here on, the days will lengthen again as we move towards Spring.  If you’re in the northern hemisphere, reverse all that - it's the Summer Solstice, the longest day and the shortest night, after which the days will shorten as you move towards Autumn.  In the Celtic calendar, these were very significant festivals – Midwinter and Midsummer respectively, celebrated with bonfires (Midwinter), feasting, dancing and celebration.  It was said to be a time when magic was in the air, as shown in Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.
After 10 weeks of frustration, Mars finally comes to the end of his retrograde period on Thurs 30 June, stationing at 23 Scorpio as he prepares to move forwards again – meaning that all the frustrations and feelings of getting nowhere of the past three months will now start easing.  You can now make progress on stalled projects and other aspects of your life, incorporating the changes and revisions from the enforced review period of the Mars retrograde phase.

Looking ahead to next lunar month …

The next New Moon falls in Cancer on Mon 4 July 2016 at 9.01pm AEST at 12 degrees Cancer.

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Happy Solstice!

With love


Times given are for Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), 
10 hours ahead of GMT.     

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*Upcoming events*
One-day workshop - Everyone welcome  
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Sat 30 July, Yandina
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Gemini, the sign of the twins

New Moon in Gemini
Sun 5 June 2016, exact at 12.59pm Queensland time AEST at 14 degrees Gemini.
Second Full Moon in Sagittarius
Sun 20 June 2016, exact at 9.02pm Queensland time AEST at 29 degrees Sagittarius
Skywatching   Jupiter is visible as a very bright ‘star’ overhead at sunset, while Mars and Saturn rise in the east.  Mars is very visible in the night sky as a bright red ‘star’, moving slowly through the constellation of Scorpio.  In the early morning, Mercury can be seen in the eastern sky just before sunrise.
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