This monthly newsletter looks at the next New Moon and the main astrological activity over the coming lunar month.
he 24 hours immediately following any New Moon is a very powerful time for manifestation, so put out your intentions!  

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A significant shift
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After emerging from The Plutonian workshop where we explored the Transformation and Empowerment that lie at the heart of every Plutonian (including Scorpios), we now find ourselves at the Scorpio New Moon.  Perfect cosmic timing as always!

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The New Moon in Scorpio on Thurs 12 Nov signals the beginning of a major new cycle starting in terms of self-empowerment and relating to others in a deep and passionate way.  The sign of Scorpio is associated with rebirth – or more accurately with all stages in the three-fold journey of transformation: death, the passage through the underworld and then the rebirth, rising like the phoenix from the ashes of the old self.  Scorpio represents the capacity for intense transformation.
If your birthday is close to this New Moon, this marks the beginning of a significant new cycle in your life in terms of your identity and your sense of purpose.  If you have a planet at 19 degrees of Scorpio, this marks the beginning of a new cycle in whatever that planet symbolises (eg relationships for Venus).
Even if this New Moon doesn’t contact any planets in your chart, look at the house it falls in – this tells you the area of your life where a new cycle is starting.
Remember to put out your New Moon intentions within 24 hours of the New Moon.  The New Moon is exact at 3.47am AEST.
A significant shift in our collective spiritual alignment occurs as the North Node moves into Virgo on Thurs 12 Nov, right on the New Moon.  For the next eighteen months, we are being asked to develop the positive qualities associated with Virgo, such as discernment, paying attention to detail, putting things in order, practicality, functionality, being methodical, cleanliness, purity, being health-conscious, of service, meticulous and useful.  Qualities that we consciously need to move away from, as they will sabotage our efforts, include chaos, illusion and self-deception, escapist tendencies especially if these manifest as any kind of addictive behaviour such as substance abuse, lack of boundaries, acting as a rescuer (profoundly disempowering to the other person), co-dependency, drifting (usually downstream), victimhood and martyrdom. 
This shift in our collective spiritual alignment occurs just as the New Moon forms in depth-charge Scorpio, emphasizing the need to take an empowered, grounded approach to any situation, acting with discernment and transforming the situation by bringing order to chaos, restoring functionality.
Neptune turns direct on Thurs 19 Nov (AEST) allowing us to move forwards again after a five-month period of self-reflection in which we have revisited and maybe revised our dreams and visions for the future.  As Neptune also symbolizes the veils of illusion, we may have become more aware of the ways in which we manage to deceive ourselves, only seeing what we want to see or believing what we want to believe.  The cosmic opportunity now is for our vision to be clearer and more connected with Spirit.
The Full Moon in Gemini falls on Thurs 26 Nov, inviting us to find a balance between logic and intuitive knowing, so that any action we take integrates both polarities, aware of relevant information while inspired to find deeper meaning in life.  Check your birth chart to see which house is under the spotlight at 3 degrees Gemini.  This Full Moon is exact at 8.44am Queensland time, so the best time for celebrations is the previous evening Wed 25 Nov.
This Full Moon also brings to a climax the fact that it’s time for a reality check as far as our dreams and visions are concerned. Saturn and Neptune form a challenging contact which is exact on Thurs 26 Nov, the day of the Full Moon, and which is effective for about a week either side of this date.  There is the potential here to bring through these dreams and visions into material form, but it will take conscious effort on your part and perhaps some hard work too.  If these are fantasies however, idealistic daydreams or wishful thinking, or if you are simply not prepared to take responsibility to make it happen, this will be a time when the Universe forces you to get real and let those pipedreams go.  If you’ve been indulging in self-delusion with rose-tinted glasses, this is the time when reality comes crashing in.
Venus is in diplomatic Libra for most of this lunar month, enjoying socializing and keeping everything sweet and harmonious.  Mars follows Venus into Libra the day after the New Moon, so from then on, the lovers are very much in synch.  This harmonious bliss lasts for three weeks until Venus moves into intense Scorpio on Sat 5 Dec.  Expect relationships to take a depth dive at that point for the following three weeks!
Looking ahead to next lunar month
The next New Moon falls in Sagittarius on Fri 11 Dec 2015 at 8.29pm AEST at 19 Sagittarius.

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Times given are for Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), 10 hours ahead of GMT.     

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Scorpio, the sign of the phoenix

New Moon in Scorpio
Thurs 12 Nov 2015, exact at 3.47am Queensland time (AEST) at 19 degrees Scorpio.
Full Moon in Gemini
Thurs 26 Nov 2015, exact at 8.44am Queensland time (AEST) at 3 Gemini

Skywatching   Jupiter, Mars and Venus can be all seen in the pre-dawn sky in the east - Jupiter very bright, Mars the red planet and Venus the twinkling Morning Star.
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