Launch Updates
Launch Updates
Unfortunately our website was hit again with ol' DDOS attacks. It seem like some IP addresses in Russia really don't like us.  Since over 30% of our visitors and potential customers are from Russia it complicates the whole issue unfortunately.

We have to apologies for postponing our launch yet again but we want to get off to a good start with a stable status on a secure platform. We will be launching this Monday (12:00 PDT) and opening our website for reservations (promise!). However in the meantime here are some sneak peaks from our last update that most of you probably missed due to our bad choice of design. 

Reasons why xCrowd is worth the wait:

  • Lowest prices in the market starting from just $6.60/ GH
  • Difficulty rate insurance - up to 350 million
  • Newbie friendly remote management tools
  • Hosted mining packages - starting from 12TH with low management fees
  • 100% escrow deposits and "no questions asked" refund policy
  • Revenue reimbursement scheme for faulty returns on selected products
  • One more thing... Bulk chip sales

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