HIRDA Newsletter - October 2015

A few highlights of HIRDA's latest activities and projects in Somalia and  in the Netherlands

  • Achieving Sustainable Development Goals ; Global Solutions and local Action 
  • HIRDA Runs: 2015 
  • Eid Al Adha meat distribution   
  • Mass school kits distribution  in Gedo region
  • Celebration of International Day of Peace in Somalia 
  • Diaspora involvement in Somali refugees 

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: Global Solutions and Local Action 
The annual global forum on migration and development took place this year in Istanbul, Turkey. This forum is aimed among others to establish partnership and cooperation between policy-makers in governments and NGO's. It brings together expertise from all around the world at all stages of economic, social and political development. Also policy-makers from a wide range of government agencies take part in this forum. The forum.....Readmore> 

 HIRDA organized a sporting event for running athletes. This event was aimed to encourage Somali youngsters living in the Netherlands who have athletic ambition.HIRDA Runs were first introduced back in June  during the annual summer sporting event. More than 20 athletes participated in this edition of HIRDA Run. These athletes participated in short-distance run 200m, 400m, 800m, and 1500m. Participants also included children under 12 years of aga The theme of this edition was 'Run for the dream' which meant to serve as an encouragement for the runners...Readmore> 

HIRDA distributed meat for Eid Aldha celebration 
On the occasion of the Eid Al Adha, HIRDA distributed meat for the 100 poor families living in Haraale and Smaralis IDP camps in Dharkenley, Mogadishu Somalia. The project was funded by Human Concern International. HIRDA’s Eid Awadhi meet distribution is aimed to assist and support the poor society, reaching the needy and assist those affected by the hard living circumstances. It is HIRDA’s distinguished role and mission to alleviate the sufferings and improving the quality of lives of vulnerable people living in the IDP’s....Readmore>

Mass school kits distribution in Gedo region 
As an emergency activity, HIRDA in partnership with UNICEF distributed educational supplies on 15th of April 2015 that comprised of replenishment kits, school in a carton kits and recreation kits to 15 schools in Luuq and Belet-hawa districts of Gedo region. Education kits are packages of basic education materials that have been designed as part of a preparedness strategy to support schooling for populations caught in complex emergencies..... Readmore>

Celebration of International Day of Peace in Somalia
HIRDA team in Mogadishu organized a football tournament to commemorate International Day of peace. The tournament was held as a part of HIRDA’s program Sport, Peace and Development, which involves bringing youth together through sport. This is aimed to address issues such as; violence and clan disputes. The event was attended by different community members, including sports committee and youth....Readmore>

Discussion: Diaspora involvement in Somali refugees
A round-table discussion was held on Wednesday 12th August, 2015, in SOMVOA in Amsterdam. The round-table was organized by HIRDA and UNHCR representative. The purpose of the meeting was to generate ideas on how the Somali Diaspora can be involved in improving the conditions of Somali refugees. The meeting was moderated by Prof Dianna Shandy of Macalester College, United States......Readmore>


 HIRDA Upcoming events

Amsterdam Futsal Tournament 2015

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