AFT coming up! Cyclone victims assisted by HIRDA.
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  • The GAME is on! And interview with Said and Abdinour!
  • HIRDA assists Puntland cyclone victims.
  • Beyond Borders visits HIRDA Somalia.
  • HIRDA meets Ploumen at Africa Day.
  • HIRDA at UN Conference.
  • Sharing the meat of human kindness.
  • 1.8 billion euro for Somalia.

The GAME is on!

The 9th edition of the Amsterdam Futsal Tournament beckons. Slated for the 20th to 22nd of December, the tournament will see more than 24 Somali teams drawn from the Netherlands Sweden, Norway, Belgium and England play against each other in Sporthallen Zuid in Amsterdam. On top of that - owing to popular request - this year, a ladies basketball tournament will also be held alongside the football competition. HIRDA is honoured to welcome back a couple of professional players from the Somali national team who... Read more >

Organisers Said and Abdinour talk about AFT:
'Somalis are true football lovers'... Read more

HIRDA assists Puntland Cyclone victims

HIRDA provided relief to the IDPs in Galkaio after a cyclone has hit Puntland, northern part of Somalia. HIRDA was able to donate hundreds of 5 kilos bags of rice, canvas sheets to provide shelter, and mosquito nets. The last is required since malaria mosquito’s are attracted to the huge amount of water that is flooding now through the cyclone hit area. HIRDA is also trying to reach out to the other part of the affected areas in Puntland, Somalia. More than 300 people feared dead and tens of thousands of livestock are wiped, according to Puntland authorities... Read more >

Beyond Borders visits HIRDA Somalia

The deadline for the achievement of the eight millennium goals is fast approaching. By 2015, the eight agreements drawn up by the UN to reach improvement in the developing world, have to be reached. Beyond Borders Media, a Dutch communication agency, travelled to eight developing countries across the world to see the progress that has been made so far. Somalia is one of the countries Beyond Borders Media brought into the picture. They visited HIRDA and its projects aimed to reduce child mortality, the fourth millennium goal... Read more >

HIRDA meets Ploumen at Africa Day

HIRDA attended the Africa Day on the 2nd of November, 2013. Lilianne Ploumen, Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Cooperation, visited HIRDA’s stand at the event. For the second time, Ploumen delivered the opening speech at the annual event on the political and social debate about international cooperation. Foundation Max van der Stoel organised Africa Day this year which took place in the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. Especially, since Ploumen returned from a visit to Somalia, where she investigated possible opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs to invest in the country... Read more >

HIRDA at UN Conference

HIRDA was among the civil organizations who attended the High-Level Dialogue on Migration and Development during the 68th session of the UN General Assembly in New York last September. The Dutch government invited HIRDA to participate in the forum as an organisation contributing to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Fatumo Farah, Director of HIRDA, had the opportunity to present HIRDA’s recommendations during the UN dialogue: “We recognize the critical role… Read more >

Sharing the meat of human kindness

On the occasion of the Feast of the Sacrifice,
Somali Relief Fund (USA) and Human Concern
International (Canada), fundraised about $33.000.
The money was donated by US and Canadian Somali
and Muslim communities to buy and distribute meat
to internally displaced people in Somalia,
who have fled... Read more >

1.8 billion for Somalia

Somalia received 1.8 billion euro from the European Union and international donors to support further political and sustainable economic development . The European Union has come to this pledge together with the Somali government and the international community at a conference dubbed ‘A New Deal for Somalia’ in Brussels on September 16, 2013. Somali diaspora, who attended the conference agree this pledge brings...
Read more >

And there is more...

* HIRDA is there when Somali President speaks to the diaspora
* Returning opportunities to Somalia
* Further educational development
* Achievers Award 2013 goes to HIRDA
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