HIRDA Newsletter - November 2014

A few highlights of HIRDA's latest activities and projects in Somalia and  in the Netherlands

  • HIRDA at Global Somali Diaspora Conference

  • Board Member Visits HIRDA Sites

  • 'Lined Up and Learn': Guiding Somali Girls into Dutch Life 

  • HIRDA Implements Cross-border Projects

  • HIRDA at Africa day

Hirda at Global omali Diaspora Confrence

“United we stand, divided we fall” - Eng. Jibril

Being one of the pioneers of diaspora organisations in the developing sector, HIRDA had the opportunity to participate in the official formation of the new Global Somali Diaspora Organisation. The rise of the orgeanisation took place at the Global Somali Diaspora Conference in Istanbul from the 21st until the 22nd....Read more>

Board Member Visits HIRDA Sites
Ismail Ali, Vice-President of HIRDA, visited all HIRDA offices in Somalia including Gedo region offices which have not been possible before due to the security situation of this region. His primary responsibility was to assess how the local HIRDA teams function in Somalia and to conduct on-site inspections of how projects are implemented. In addition to that, he gave capacity building trainings to all HIRDA staff members in Somalia.... more>

'Link up and Learn': Guiding Somali Girls into Dutch life
As a part of its integration Project, HIRDA will implement a new project “Link up and Learn” aimed to involve girls and young Somali women between 18 and 26 living in Amsterdam into the Dutch society. It is the first time that HIRDA implements a project specifically for girls and young women in the Netherlands......more>

HIRDA Implements Cross-border Projects
HIRDA team in Hargeisa, Somaliland, is working on a project entitled Cross-border Project for Resilience and Food Security targeted at the pastoral communities residing in areas marginal to the two countries Somalia and Ethiopia.The main objective of this project is, to improve the livelihood of the vulnerable pastoral and agropastoral communities in Somaliland and Ethiopian border.....Read more>

HIRDA at Africa Day 
HIRDA foundation will present the findings of a report on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)  on the occasion of Africa Day. HIRDA collaborated with Oxfam Novib in a large impact evaluation study to conduct research about the current state of FGM in Somalia......Read more


And there is more...

* 'Why should Diaspora and migrants play a substantial role in the International Development policy?'
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