HIRDA Newsletter - August 2014

A few highlights of HIRDA's latest activities and projects in Somalia as well as in The Netherlands

'Unlocking the potential of migration for development' at the Global Forum for Migration & Development

HIRDA presents research results of FGM practice in Somalia to Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Secondary school girls in Garboharray gain ICT skills in order to enhance job security in the future!

124,000 mosquito nets have been delivered to more than 60,000 households in Somalia.

Go back to the beautiful past of Somalia by listening to the Somali legendary singer Ahmed Naaji Sa'ad

'Unlock the Potential of Migration for Development'

“Migration contributes to economic growth and international development by serving as a channel for remittances, transfer of skills and ideas, and the establishment of commercial and cultural networks. Therefore, the role of migrants should be included as a prominent feature in the post 2015 agenda.", states Fatumo Farah, Director of HIRDA, at the Global Forum on Migration & Development (GFMD), where - with THIS VIDEO  (starting at 2:09:20) - she discusses the contribution of the Somali diaspora to the development of SomaliaRead more >

HIRDA Presents FGM Report 

‘If you are a girl living in Somalia today, there is 78 to 97 percent chance you become circumcised.’ This is one of the main findings from HIRDA's research on the current practice of FGM in Somalia, that was presented at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 20, 2014. The report also prompted great interest from other parties - notably TNO and Oxfam Novib - who were present at the presentation as well... Read more >

Girls Gain ICT Skills! 

Women play a critical role in the development of a country. It is in appreciation of this fact that HIRDA commits to fighting gender inequality in Somalia. In a technology driven age, the need for ICT training in Somalia's secondary schools cannot be ignored. In this light, HIRDA saw it necessary to train secondary school girls in Garboharrey on how to use a computer. This way, HIRDA aims to enhance the girls job security in the future.. Read more >

124,000 Mosquito nets for Somalia

Malaria remains the most common cause of illness and death in Somalia, particularly among pregnant women and children under the age of five. One of HIRDA’s objectives is to drastically reduce it. In cooperation with the Global Fund Malaria Programme of UNICEF, HIRDA provided 124,000 mosquito nets to 62,297 households in Belet Hawa and Bardera districts. In addition, local teams, accompanied by community leaders visited the households in the targeted areas to raise awareness on precautions people can take against malaria.. Read more >

Ahmed Naaji Sa'ad Moves Audience to Tears

Somalis from all parts of the Netherlands gathered in Amsterdam in wait for the Somali legendary singer Ahmed Naaji Sa’ad. HIRDA invited Sa'ad to honour and thank him for the contribution of his music to reconciliation and peace building efforts in Somalia. Tonight, he reconnected the audience with their youthful days in Somalia. Missed it? Listen here and let Sa'ad take you back to your memories of Somalia… Read more >

And there is more...

* 'Why should Diaspora and migrants play a substantial role in the International Development policy?'
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