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Fall 2013

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Moving up (Promotions)
Sport Aikido – Origins
The Art of Aikido by Rob Branch
Thoughts on the 10th International Aikido Tournament
My Second Japanese Experience by Tiffany Doan
Aikido - Made to Fit Me by Jeffrey Reyes DC
Dealing With Body Build in Aikido by Cameron Kunkle
A Reflection on My Experience by Charlie Hudson 
2013 International Aikido Festival by Dan Jablan
Many People Have Asked Me "Why Do Aikido?" by William Ball
Q&A With Sensei Vargas by Henry Huang and Manny Vargas
A Story of Jet Lag, Robotic Trains and A Lot of Fun by Ian King
A Word From Erik Townsend by Erik Townsend
TAA Board of Directors – Update
Maurice "Moe" Stevens by Moe Stevens, Bill Dockery and Wade Current
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Moving Up

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Ohio - Steve Wood
Mountain View - Ash Morgan
Colorado - Hyland Hills Dojo
Mansfield Club - Bob King
Berkley/Intel -Shane Branch
USC - Mark Colopy

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The Art of Aikido

In a world dominated by UFC fighters and eager gun owners drifting further and further away from the various nuances martial arts have to offer, I am always refreshed when I see the beauty of Aikido, with its dance-like circular movements and near-limitless adaptability. Participating in a world tournament allowed for a refreshing change of pace and renewed my faith in the continued existence of the art in today's world...Read more.

Thoughts On the 10th International Aikido Tournament

On September 19th Tomiki Aikido of the Americas’ Team USA members from across the country assembled in Kawasaki, Japan for the opening ceremonies of the 10th International Aikido Tournament, hosted by the NPO Japan Aikido Association. We were over 20 strong, quite the achievement when you consider the many usual team members who were busy having babies or taking care of other life duties who didn’t make it to the Tournament. Our special thanks to the large group from Hyland Hills dojo which traveled to Japan in support of Tanaka sensei’s journey to the tournament and visit to Waseda University...Read more.

My Second Japanese Experience

This trip to Kawasaki for the 10th International Aikido Festival was my second time in Japan, after having participated in the 8th International Tournament in Kyoto in 2009.  As before, Japan is an enchanting country that is so incredibly different from the other places to which I normally travel that I sometimes felt like I was on a different planet. Unlike Kyoto, with its tranquil streets and a temple or shrine on nearly every corner, Kawasaki is pure city, with people hastening to work and always bustling action everywhere you look. Luckily, the hotel was ideally located near both the train station and the gym where the competition was held, which made navigating the busy streets simple. The tournament was, as always, loads of fun and, although the American team didn’t come away with any medals, we enjoyed the great camaraderie with the other competitors that I’ve come to expect from international aikido gatherings, and we all learned a lot from each other...Read more.

Aikido - Made to Fit Me

In three and half years of practicing Shodokan Aikido, I’ve learned to make Aikido fit me. What this means is I have had to change it to fit my smaller size and shape in order to make aikido effective or maximize aikido’s effectiveness against larger sized people. I’m five foot four and one hundred sixty pounds. A lot of my aikido classmates range anywhere from forty to one hundred twenty pounds more than me. I’m also not very strong compared to my aikido classmates and instructors. This means I have both a size and strength disadvantage to most of the people I work with in my dojo. In this paper, I’ll illustrate some of the changes I’ve made to the basic kata, Junanahon, in order to make aikido effective or maximize its effectiveness against larger sized and much stronger people...Read more.

Dealing With Body Build in Aikido

Starting Aikido at the age of 12, I have personally realized how body build really affects your work and how you practice kata. I’ve never been a big person size or muscle wise. Seeing that as a reality I knew that how some people did a technique was not going to be effective or even work in some cases. That leads me to talk about the different philosophies that people of varying builds have on how Aikido should be practiced. I’ve worked with many different people from small children to amateur athletes to some of the more elderly generation. I’ve used some of their methods according to how my body works and even tweaked them to help relate to people in my size group. This makes teaching people my size how to make their work better looking for them and adds some personal flare to their work...Read more.

A Reflection on My Experience

My proudest and most enjoyable experience at this year's international tournament was a garbage-time loss as our team was eliminated by Waseda A. Let me explain.
As I wrote in my blog (207aikido) I was on the fence about attending the tournament. I didn't really have the funds, and I wasn't sure I could justify the expense. I had a conversation with my tournament roommate Henry which really got to
the crux of my eventual decision to attend.
As I said to Henry, in my experience, the kinds of people who attend these kinds of events all have a healthy crazy streak. (Which always enlivens the afterparty…) In tournament randori there is always a certain risk of injury, but this is comparable to many other sports. What tournament attendance guarantees though, is a sharp blow to the ego...Read more.

Many People Have Asked Me “Why Do Aikido?”

My answer is simple…
If you like to fight then Aikido is not for you. If you want to be able to defend yourself against anyone, any number of people, at any time, then Aikido is what you are looking for.
In my teens, I studied different offensive styles of martial arts...Read more.

Additional Articles:

Q&A With Sensei Vargas

A Story of Jet Lag, Robotic Trains and A Lot Of Fun


A Word from Erik Townsend

TAA Board of Directors Updates

Promotion of Bob Dziubla to 8th dan
Promotion of Moe Stevens to Shihan and 7th Dan
New Directors – William Ball and Erik Townsend

Worldwide Sport Aikido Federation

As many of you know, the Shodokan Aikido Federation (the “SAF,” led by Nariyama Shihan) split from the Japan Aikido Association (the “JAA,” led by Shishida Shihan and Sato Shihan) in summer 2012. SAF then hosted its world championships in Osaka in July 2013, while JAA hosted its world championships in September 2013 in Kawasaki.
On August 11, the eleven members of the TAA Board of Directors discussed in detail and at length the issues involved with establishing a new world governing body for Tomiki Aikido, the Worldwide Sport Aikido Federation (“WSAF”). In conclusion, the Board voted 9 to 2 that...Read more.

Resignation by Seiji Tanaka Sensei 

It is with sadness that we announce Seiji Tanaka’s resignation from the Board of Directors of the TAA (Tomiki Aikido of the Americas). As a result of his decision, his friend and student Ron Abo Sensei has also resigned from the Board. Tanaka Sensei has stated that his immediate students also have asked to be disassociated from the TAA....Read more.

Moe Stevens Bio

Upcoming Events

Mansfield Mayhem - Feb 28 to Mar 2 in Mansfield, Ohio
May at the Mojo - May 2 &3 in Grove City, Ohio
2014 U.S. Nationals - late July or early Aug near Columbus, Ohio

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