A message on World Aids Day

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Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for being part of the Hotel Hope family. It is such a privilege to partner with you in saving orphaned and abandoned babies, finding them loving forever families, as well as caring for pregnant teenagers in one of South Africa's poorest townships.

As we often say: We love what we are doing but we couldn't do it without you.

At Hotel Hope Ministries we see daily the devastating effects of HIV and Aids. Currently, 2 of our 18 babies are HIV infected and our wonderful staff works tirelessly to give medication on time as well as spending countless hours with them in hospitals or doctor's rooms. The rooms in which these little ones live have to be especially disinfected until their immunity is restored and strengthened.

We recently received a 17 months old boy whose mother committed suicide upon learning about her recent HIV infection. The boy is healthy, but the dramatic circumstances of his arrival in our home are still visible and every new visitor unsettles him greatly. He is our youngest contender for play therapy in order to minimise the long-term effects of his abandonment.

South Africa has one of the highest known numbers of HIV infected people at 6.4 million. This is not an estimate but a figure based on people having tested positive for the virus. The figure of those who haven't tested yet due to fear of stigmatisation and rebuke will be far higher.

Currently, 2.7 million people are on anti-retroviral treatment (ARVs), which means that 3.7 million known HIV+ people are not.

In our Teenage Crisis Pregnancy Intervention at 5 High Schools in Alexandra we are confronted daily with the effects of multiple partners, poverty-born prostitution and incredibly low self-esteem.... One of the services we provide is counselling and confidential HIV testing so that the pregnant teenager can make an informed decision of how NOT to transmit her status onto the unborn child and for her to live a long and healthy life. 

Our resources, physically, emotionally and financially are stretched to the limit. Over the past 5 years we have helped nearly 3,000 pregnant teenagers make life-affirming decisions. We have cared for 49 babies and children under 5 and have found adoptive homes for 31 of them. This included 5 HIV positive children.

Please would you consider even more whole-heartedly than before to help us care for HIV positive infants and adults?

If you are a PAYPAL user, please donate by using as the beneficiary.

Alternatively, please make a transfer into our South African Bank Account (tax deductible):
Hotel Hope - First Rand Bank t/a FNB - Account 6219 400 3382 - Branch 256 505 (Melville) - SWIFT Code FIRNZAJJ

Donors from the UK can give tax-free via

Please also visit our website and view our youtube clip at

Thank you again - please pray with us as we try to get to zero new infections.

Love and very best wishes,

Oliver, team, kids and mums.

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