A BIG Thank You - Charlene's story - Good bye !

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A BIG Thank You !

A BIG Thank You indeed from everyone one at your Hotel Hope family. We are because of you. Whether you have supported us in thought and prayers, financially, by volunteering or donating in kind - you enable us to do the work we love doing.
It is not always easy work. Particularly the work with young teenagers having made difficult life style choices, picking up unwanted children from hospitals or police stations and caring for them 24/7, sitting countless hours in hospitals and doctor's rooms, working with families who survive on less than 1 US$ per day and trying to teach them to fish through our Social Entrepreneurship programmes... it does take a toll on us all. And yet, the fulfilment when a child goes to their forever family, when a biological parent is helped and deemed fit to care for their off-spring, when the hopeless feel hope that they are able to feed, clothe and house themselves and their families, all these are amazing rewards of our work and of your support.

2015 has been a tough year on many fronts. Economically and politically, South Africa goes through a vastly challenging time. Inflation, poverty, inequality, unemployment and ill-health are far higher than the government would like us to believe. This year, we have reached a record number of people, making meaningful interventions in their lives, both adults and children. Donation income and income from our social enterprise divisions have stabilised while our expenses are going up every month. This creates its own challenges. Please do consider prayerfully to support Charlene and the many nameless children and adults in our care NOW. The good news for all our international donors is that your donation goes the extra mile due to the very weakened rand.
With much love and gratitude and very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, Oliver, team, kids and mums

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Alternatively, please make a transfer into our South African Bank Account (tax deductible):
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Thank you from my 55 friends and me at your Hotel Hope family since 2011! Some came before me and many after me but we all LOVE(D) it here !

(in her own words)
 I was 14 months old when my mother learned about her HIV status and decided to hang herself in the small room we occupied on the 21st floor of a highrise in Hillbrow. She had been sick for a long time and had not been able to care for me throughout my life. I couldn't crawl or walk, I could barely raise my head. It took neighbours 3 days to realise that something was wrong. I didn't cry in that time because I had already learned that crying would not bring any help. Once found, I was taken to Hotel Hope and from there immediately to a hospital. The doctor's gave me 5 - 7 days to live. They didn't know what a fighting spirit I had in me. They put me onto intravenous antibiotics and infant ARVs to bring down the level of HIV in my blood. I stayed for 4 weeks in hospital and had an auntie from Hotel Hope all to myself for 12 hours per day and 12 hours per night. And I grew and prospered. All this happened nearly 2 years ago. By now I have reached all my milestones. And even better, an adoptive family in Northern Europe is on the horizon ! (Name changed to protect identity)



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