Molo's story - in his own words
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Molo's story - in his own words

My mum was a courageous woman. When she was 5 months pregnant with me, her then boyfriend packed his bags, changed his cell phone number and moved away, never to be seen or heard from again. My mum, albeit unemployed and living semi-homeless without the support of her boyfriend decided to do everything possible to give me a chance in life.... and so I was born !
She continued to raise me for the first 14 months of my life. I was her absolute joy ! And then my mum fell in love once again. In South Africa, this doesn't always mean romantic love but she met a man who promised her financial stability after a long period of extreme poverty. Unfortunately, after just a few months of all 3 of us living together, the new man said that he loved my mother but that he didn't want anything to do with me, especially since I had been 'made' by another man, and I was a daily reminder of that.
My mum was heart broken because she only wanted the best for me. But she also needed to continue living. Hunger and extreme poverty can make you make tough choices. My mum actually went to the police and explained that she needed to find a safe place for me.
The nice officer connected her to Hotel Hope. And this is where we went. I was 17 months old and knew that something terrible was about to happen when she walked away from the home without turning around or saying good-bye or hugging me or saying I LOVE YOU one more time. I know she met with the Social Worker on several more occasions but nothing could persuade her to take me back. The fear of life on the street, hunger and having sex for money was too real and too big for her. 
I am not sure where my mum is now and whether she is still together with her boyfriend. But what I know is that after a short while I actually settled in, made many new friends and I started pre-school some months later. I enjoy my warm bed every night, the good food, great toys and above all I enjoy all the aunties and uncles saying I LOVE YOU, hugging me, laughing with me and loving me without stopping. I have bonded (that's a big word) beautifully and I know that my next family will be my forever family. Thank you for listening to my story.

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